Getting away with murder

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  1. Eciruam was in the middle of the scene police cars flashing their lights. "Oh good another case!" He said as he swung his hands in the air. He flopped down at the ground and pulled the sheet of the corpse but stepped back and laughed a little. "Oh good...finally a good one..." he smirked and laughed.
  2. Basil was a private investigator, no more, no less. Well, he would be, if he took customers for money. As it was, he just showed up at the crime scene sometimes, following the trail of whirling blue and red lights. The police never really bothered to chase him away. They knew his help was usually too valuable to refuse. On nights like these, he could practically smell the blood that lingered miles away from his apartment home. Arriving at the congregation of police cars, he ducked under the yellow tape and strode over to the figure lying on the ground covered in a white sheet. Someone moved the sheet backwards for a glimpse of the corpse, and Basil's nose wrinkled in disgust. Death had a very... potent smell. To Basil's surprise, the man who had drawn back the sheet threw his hands up and laughed.

    "Eciruam. We're not supposed to laugh at crime scenes," he arched an eyebrow, then broke out laughing as well. "Anyway, did you find the murder weapon? Cause of death?"

    OOC: I was kinda hoping that they could be colleagues or something :3
  3. Meanwhile...A young and inexperenced reporter by the name of X was recearching murders like this one. And honest to god, he was preety good at this. But the last time he done something like this, he led 3 freinds of his to an unsusual demise by a psyco but brilliant scientist that...turned them into something that nobody could understand. Something criminal and a thing against nature....
  4. X came unto the crime scene and saw the two reporters laughing.
    "B******s. This is not the appropriate time to laugh. I'm a rookie at this and I already know that!" He Said as he Grined at the two as he observed the body. " I can tell you one thing. This man was abused before he ended up like this. Look, rope-marks. Like the body we found 2 weeks earlier." He shivered.
    "Anybody got a Diet Pepsi? I'm thirsty as hell right now!"
  5. It's so much more interesting to watch in person at the front of the tape line than watching it on a screen. Even if a screen is so fancy and has so much HD, you still can't get the whole expirence on tv. The two men smiling and laughing over the body, people whispering to find out information, and men who scold one another for being so light on the subject. The lights colored the night making everything clear to see from many different lights and emotions. Looking to my watch it was ten o'clock. Zipping up my coat I walked away from his mess.
  6. (OOC: May I be your psycho killer? I swear I'll be psychotic enough!)

    He did such a mess, once again. Something was wrong with him. He was usually really neat and organised. He never left bodies behind, he just killed those bastards in a very safe way and made them disappear, so that the police can't even classify it as a murder. Anyways, two weeks ago, he made the mistake of letting himself be, and do things as his insticts told him. And it felt so good that he couldn't handle himself from doing it again. Anyways, it was too dangerous, so he was going to go back to his usual killings. He hid in the crowd, watching his crime scene being examinated. Poor bastards, they were never finding the murderer weapon or anything that would lead them to himself, he made sure of that.
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