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A pounding on the door. That was what had awoken the young guardswoman from her sleep at early summer morning. Clambring out of bed, she stumbled to the door as she pulled up her more appropriate trousers. Throwing the door open she tilted her head and tried blink the sleep out of her eyes. What did they want? SLowly her eyes opened and she scrambled to fill the pack as the words got to her mind and awoke her completely.

The princess was going on a quest and she was to be one of the guards in her party. Meilin Trival threw together her pack in a matter of moments due to her room already having been packed for a transfer she was supposed to complete the day after the next. So much for that, she thought with disgust. She found herself being led through the corridors of the barracks and into the courtyard where three horses were being prepared with saddles and packs stuffed with items.

Despite all this activity, the courtyard was surprisingly empty of people. There were no nobles to see Meilin pulling her grey-blonde hair back into a tight braid as she walked to the horse she knew was to be hers--it was not as 'royal' looking as the other two. She wasn't old--her mother had simply gone grey at the young age of thirty, and it seems that Meilin had gotten it even earlier at the young age of 24. Meilin just put it up to the stress of having to work in the palace since she was seventeen and had entered the army. Her black eyes contrasted greatly with the grey-blonde hair. She liked that it gave the people she disliked a reason to avoid her.

The princess stood next to her own mount, distant but determined looking. Meilin bowed to the princess before going to secure the last pack (the one with her clothes in it) to her horse after introducing herself. The princess she had only seen from far away-- at parades or over the castle walls as she rode to and fro from the palace on hunts or other rides. It unnerved the usually very solid young woman. But what unnerved her the most was that there was supposed to be only two protectors for the princess: herself and some noble relatives. That would just make Meilin's job a tiny bit worse seeing as her opinion on nobles were very .. low to say the lease.

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Elyaevin Palfile strode confidently out into the courtyard, enjoying the fresh sunshine of a new day. Behind him, servants led his black warhorse to the princess's side. Ely beamed at the royal girl, who was surprisingly young, but full of a grit and firmness of purpose in her mien that he immediately admired. "My lady," he said gallantly. The glance she shot him as he kissed her hand was a tad scornful, but he was used to this from city and farmer girls alike. Women.

He raised his head to assess the other guards, and found himself regarding only one. He was a little confused. Surely that tall, harsh-looking creature with the intimidating black eyes and ash-blonde hair wasn't to be his only co-protector. Surely his mother would have warned him about this.

He tore his gaze away before it turned to a rude stare and directed his attention back to the princess, pointedly ignoring the lone guard, who was obviously some kind of puppet of the state. "Well, now, is that all of us?" he asked courteously, a hopeful smile flickering across his face.


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The guardswoman turned her head to the man that joined them. Her face blanched and she choked as she swallowed some of her own saliva. He looked like an idiot! How was she supposed to protect two finicky nobles with no help, no offense meant to the princess but still? And then he kissed the princess' hand! Meilin turned away and closed her eyes as she tried to calm her disgust. If he tried that on her, he would find himself on his back in the mud at the first chance she got.

Inhaling to calm her raising temper, she turned after she finished securing her pack to her saddle before moving over, though she kept a respectful distance from both of the nobles. Just because she would have to spend the nights and days that were to follow protecting them, didn't mean she would not remember that they were nobles and could have her lashed if they thought her disrespectful. "I am sorry to interrupt, but from what I've been told, the sooner the we three leave, the sooner we may return, each to our own duties." she said, before frowning, "My name is guardswoman Meilin Trival, if it so pleases you."

"Well, yes, Ely, this is all of us," the princess said after the guard had introduced herself. "The less that knows of this the better."
(Shall we name the princess Isabella? It seems like a princessy name. ))
The princess replied, "Well, yes, Ely, this is all of us. The less that knows of this the better."

Ely was unhappy about this. His mother hadn't told him there would be so little company. Especially so little men. But he nodded grimly at the princess's request. "Of course," he said, earnestly. "Mother wouldn't have sent me if she knew I could not keep a secret." Was there a flicker in the princess's eyes? Scorn, recognition, curiosity? He would never know because the other haughty woman interrupted the moment.

The guardswoman with the creepy eyes approached with an air of reluctant courtesy. Ely sniffed to himself. "I am sorry to interrupt, but from what I've been told, the sooner we three leave, the sooner we may return, each to our own duties." Really? Goodness, what a work of intellectual art right there. Ely sighed and hoped she was at least somewhat competent with a sword. He didn't want to end up protecting two spoiled women. Especially if one of them was this disagreeable. "My name is guardswoman Meilin Trival, if it so pleases you."

Ely smiled broadly and, when she did not curtsey or incline her head in the slightly awkward pause that followed, stiffly straightened his back and declared, "I am Elyaevin Palfile, Duke-Scion to Hoblingtonshire, son of Oliandar, Duke to Hoblingtonshire, grandson of the great Ephbanon Palfile." Surely she would have heard of his grandfather! Anyone educated must. Ephbanon had done outstanding duty to this state, and yet all over the city, wherever he went, people seemed alarmingly unimpressed with his ancestry.

He adjusted the cock of his hat and nodded to the princess, humbly averting his eyes. "The guardswoman's words ring true," he said. "We should be off." He swung himself gallantly onto his great black warhorse and gripped the reins with his elbows pointing inwards, as noblemen did, ready to spur his steed onwards, but knowing it to be foolish and rude to ride off before the princess did.


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Meilin turned her dark eyes up to the noble that had just mounted after listening a bunch of stuff that she would give a piece of horse dung for. Afraid that her eyes would show just 'how impressed' she was with the noble, she bowed stiffly to him and then a little lower to the princess before turning to her own horse. Looking up at the sky, she mumbled a soft pray that the noble idiot wouldn't cost the princess's life. If he went and spouted that all the time he would surly attract more attention than a three headed dog!

Princess Isabella nodded and with the help of a stable hand, mounted the horse provided for her. When she was settled, she urged the horse forward towards the gate.

Meilin fidgeted in the saddle as she reached back to feel over her pack to make sure she had everything she needed. Bow, check. Sword, check. How to deal with idiots book, check. She couldn't help but let a small smile trickle onto her face as she thought about the book that was there to keep her company when she was 'off duty'--or more importantly when she had night watch. She was about to ride after the princess when she remembered that the other man with them was a noble and thus would be far more likely to get a knot in his breeches if a woman, and a guard at that, went before him. She made a disgusted sound at the thought, before looking away quickly, hoping that anyone that heard it had simply thought it was a horses sounds.

"After you, Your Grace" she said verbally when she really thought Your grace the idiot of the dung heap of nobles.


((I don't think there should, she seems more like the kind that wouldn't bother with one xD))
The guardswoman mounted as well, and, after the Princess set off, said icily, "After you, Your Grace." Her expression was unreadable and Ely was glad someone was finally giving him the respect a noble demanded, yet there was … something … about her mien that bothered him. As though she didn't quite mean it. He shook it off. Clearly he had become too suspicious of women of late. Especially … black-eyed ones.

He urged his steed on and fell into line behind the Princess as they left the courtyard. Around them, the city was a bustle, but they were close to the edge, and after several minutes of riding through narrow cobbled streets and beneath other people's strung, dripping laundry, the conurbation began to fall away as weeds and roots took over. Soon they were surrounded by bright, sweet-smelling countryside. Ely breathed in deeply with relief. This was what he was used to. This was what he loved. Not holed up in some dingy tavern with creaking floorboards. He sniffed in disgust.

The wind was blowing strong. Certain that the ride would be uneventful for the next few hours, Ely hummed an old sailor's ditty to himself under his breath. He thought his voice was rather nice, but knew it'd be horridly rude to burst into song. Also it would be a little inappropriate, considering the circumstances. His mother would not approve.

When the gale died down as evening swiftly approached, Ely produced the fine comb from the pouch on his belt and meticulously combed his hair with both hands, able to steer the horse fine with pressure from his thighs. The Princess hadn't turned around once this whole time. Ely wondered what she was thinking about. After cautiously patting his hair, he decided it was smooth enough for now, and pocketed the comb again, sighing deeply. This was turning out to be a disappointingly boring trip.


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((Her character sheet actually is in my blog ^^ Meilin))


Meilin followed the two nobles, her body relaxed, though her eyes were ever moving. She didn't seem to relax until they were out of the city and even then, she kept one full horse length behind the two until it was getting closer to evening in which she moved her horse to be just behind the princess. The noble, she thought, could disagree if he wished, but unless she was told to back up by the princess, she wasn't going to let her protection detail be ruined the first night. It was then that Ely took out a comb and begun to comb his hair! Meilin couldn't help but stare at the young man before she started to howl with laughter. This lasted only a moment though for Meilin realized who and what she was laughing at and she looked away, falling silent quickly.

"I am sorry, your grace, your highness," she said, her voice quivering with held in laughter. She just couldn't help it. What man of sense would bring a comb and comb his hair while he's riding a horse? It would just get disheveled again later. Inside she was reaming with laughter, though she was able to keep most in except for small twitches as she tried to keep from laughing. in order to help herself, she stared straight ahead, her eyes looking over the hills and the road they were taking rather than on her riding companions.
Ely was more than a little peeved when Meilin moved her steed before his own. While in the country the manners were more ribald, no one he knew would have dared to ever take a place in front of the Duke-Scion, except of course the Duke, who never went riding with any of his children anyway. When Meilin roared with laughter, he was slightly surprised, glancing at her, but her gaze was diverted from him* and the laughter soon died down. He grumbled to himself a bit, as he always did when people went off on their own private jokes. It wasn't uncommon from where he came from but it was still a tad rude and for a guardswoman she'd shown a remarkable lack of respect towards him.

He appreciated her mumbled apology and found that, in the end, her spirit bemused him. He was feeling more at home. She'd seemed chilly in the beginning and certainly she'd need some refinement and acceptance of her inferior status in society … but he liked people with soul, people who did things their own way. He figured it was good to keep a good opinion of her, as they'd be traveling together for months now, and it would be weird to strike up a conversation with Princess Isabella. He moved his warhorse closer to hers so that they almost rode beside each other. "So tell me," he said, "how did you end up being the only guard of the state chosen to protect the Princess?" It was a little curious. Obviously, since Elyaevin was a noble, he was an understandable choice. But surely there were more impressive, burly men who dominated the city's warrior caste?


* ((OOC: I know this isn't something you wrote but I don't think Meilin was staring at Ely while she laughed - or was she? Let me know if I'm wrong!))
((OOC: No you are right, ^^ but I have to say thank you for asking, I know so many people that would jsut assume something like that, and this was definitely a refreshing change. Happy Holidays My friend))


Meilin glanced at the young man that had come to ride next to her. What was he doing? Earlier did he not try to impress her with his nobility status? now he was lowering himself to speak with the likes of her? It was a valid question sure, but still! Quickly she turned her gaze away before she could be accused of staring at the nobility like a country bumpkin. "To tell you the truth, your grace, I am not all sure of the answer myself. I was awoke and ordered to get ready for a trip that might last a few months and that I would be one of two people assigned to protect her highness. Maybe it had something to do with me being transferred today and the other place simply did not want me, or it could also have been because I'm good with a bow and arrow and suitable with a sword." she offered as an answer though and tilted her head as her eyes ranged from in front to the sides in another sweep of the land. "It could also be that I more or less grew up in the palace and know to a certain extent how to deal with nobility." Though you I do not get what so ever sir what's your name, she added mentally.

As an afterthought she added, "Your grace."

Her eyes flicked over to him. She knew more than one noble that would have hit her silly for not approaching him with the due respect that she should have given that morning when she first spoke. It was nice to see a change in venue with nobles--though this was never a personal option for her. "If I may be so bold, why were you chosen to protect her highness besides the fact that you are the heir to a dukedom, your grace?"
Meilin's answer intrigued Elyaevin. He found it a shade odd, but perhaps the choosing was also a matter of trust. The guardswoman may be a tad rude, but she was resourceful and didn't seem at all like the traitor type. Her next question, though, bothered him. Not because it was too impertinent, though the Your grace seemed a little reluctantly added, but because he honestly didn't know how to reply. Besides the fact that he was heir to a dukedom? Besides that fact? That fact consumed him. That fact was him.

He decided to go along the lines of physical prowess as she did. That might as well be the answer to any query concerning his qualifications. "Well," he said, "my mother received a letter from the state on the matter, and she sent me as a guard once she received approval for it. I suppose I was a preferred choice because of my excellence in the field. I've had lots of prior training," he added, glancing at her from the corners of his eyes. Many city folks thought country nobles bathed in wine all day. When they learned he was actually tutored and understood the basics of swordcraft, they were most offensively flabbergasted. "And of course," he added, "my grandfather did a great duty to this country, bless his soul."

He drew his cloak closer around himself; it was getting a bit chilly. The wind hadn't picked up but a creeping frost lay all around. Hoblington was way farther to the south, and he wasn't used to this climate, but he supposed it was better than riding through a parched desert. Apparently the princess knew the way surer than he did, though he carried the party's map in his pack. (Or more precisely, the horse carried it.) She moved past an intersection sure-footedly, while even he had to think hard awhile to get his bearings and ascertain he wouldn't have to alert the princess that they might be on the wrong path. Just as well – that would be a pretty awkward conversation.


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"Your grandfather and your mother chose for you then? Did you not get an option in it, or were you like me, simply--" Meilin had started to ask before she shut her trap, her eyes widening as she looked over at the noble and then away, though she didn't flinch away like another person that had made the mistake would have. She would take the punishment for making such a grave mistake as compare herself to the noble, or even worse, compare the noble to her.

"Your grace, I'm sorry, I overstepped. It happens when a noble speaks to the likes of us sometimes. We forget they are of higher station and speak our minds. I promise, your grace, it won't happen again." She said. Meilin was starting to wish that she had taken her cloak out before they'd started riding. But as it was, the princess was so sure of her route that they didn't really have time to stop and still keep her within a safe distance. At least not for Meilin's peace of mind. She was in charge of taking care of a princess. She was not going to fail and never be allowed--she would be killed for treason most like before questions were even asked as to what had happened.


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The moment she uttered "like me", Ely's head snapped up and his eyes widened. The shock he felt was quickly mirrored in her own face. Apologies rushed out, but there was a desolate ring to them, and the noble knew well the mark that the guardswoman had overstepped. It seemed remarkable to him that it was so easy for her to lose her tongue – she must not have much experience with superiors. The true humiliation of being compared with a guard of all things began to dawn on him, and fury accumulated in his chest as the shock wore away.

He saw from her posture that she was awaiting a blow. His hands were shaking and he slid them into the warhorse's mane to keep her from seeing it. To keep himself from thinking of the punishment that was due. He'd never laid a finger on a servant at home, especially a woman. (Well, not an unwanted finger in any case.) The thought of beating the woman who rode beside him suddenly left an acrid taste in his mouth. His father, a drunkard, was infamous for his bad treatment of the family help, and Ely's younger brothers were sometimes exposed to harsh discipline – yelling, accusing, even beating, though his mother had intervened on his behalf always, being the heir, the hope, the future.

He couldn't do it. Heat began to rise up his neck and he stubbornly kept his gaze steadily directed at his horse's mane, beneath which his hands lay, motionless, quivering. His mind was somewhere else – the snickering of Ivan the stablehand on a rainy day as he passed an eleven-year-old Ely the reins for his steed. The fury Elyaevin felt, knowing that he was laughing at the sounds Ely fled from – the frightening mix of inexplicable violence and pleasure that would, nine months later, result in another little Palfile. It took ages for Ely to lie with a woman, far, far longer than his friends, a source of teasing always. It was his mother who finally arranged for the tryst to occur, lest rumors spread that the Duke-Scion favored men. Now anger, misdirected, was threatening to explode from him and rain down upon a salt-tongued guard. If he lost control. If he let himself.

The flush of embarrassment began to fade and Ely hoped the moment had passed for a beating. Still, he feared that he would be deemed weak and ineffectual if he let this go. He'd forgiven her her other faults – but this, this lawless, inconsiderate blabber, was intolerable. He lifted his head to glare at her, full of purpose, when suddenly the princess's horse before them stopped. The princess turned, seeing them both staring at each other, seeing the tension between them, reading the situation – and she was probably eavesdropping on their conversation as well. So she must know what was called for. But the steady gaze was not one of understanding or mediation, it was one of sharp disapproval.

"Elyaevin," she said, "please be so good as to check our progress on the map. I am hoping to reach the first haven before nightfall. It is labeled as 'Dormath Outpost', if memory serves me right." Without another word, she turned and spurred her steed on. Shooting a dirty look Meilin's way, Ely reached into his pack and took out the map, ascertaining Dormath to be about two hours of riding ahead. Night would fall just as they reached the place. He hoped the bedding would be comfortable. Returning the map to his pack, Ely moved in line behind the princess, avoiding Meilin's gaze and pointedly placing his horse several feet in front of hers. What a lousy trip this was turning out to be.


((OOC: Oh LOL, I love Meilin's spirit! This RP is so fun with you, I really like both our chars and the way they interact with the princess at the head of it all!))
((OOC: I like your character as well. i've never had a roleplay play out like this with such a good dynamic between two characters. ^^ ))


Meilin had come to an immediate stop when the princess had, should she make another deadly mistake by getting too close to the royalty. She still awaited the blow that she deserved for her misstep before. She had had trainers that waited hours before dueling out punishment to show that the guards might as well expect the damage to come at one time or another--even if they themselves had forgotten their transgression. When Princess Isabel requested that he look at the map, Meilin dismounted and pulled out her cloak before walking forward with her horse. She was glad for the size of the horse, it easily hid her from view of the other noble--unless she shouted, she would not be able to comfortably talk with the man.

How could she have been so stupid and loose tongued? It didn't matter that they were riding companions. He was a noble and their other companion the princess! They were nothing alike. As he made his way in front of her, Meilin nodded her approval. he would have been seen as weak had he not put the distance between her and him. She could not blame him, though it did not help her attitude towards nobility or royalty. As she walked her mount after the others, she thought back, trying to think of a time in which she had ever misspoken so badly. she had never been allowed around nobility that had asked her questions before. She knew how to speak to them. She had more or less from the age of seventeen grown up in the palace. She had seen the results of an angered noble on many women's faces, and sometimes even on a few of the guardsmen faces if the noble lady lost her important control.

It wasn't like Elyaevin's dirty looks offended her; in fact she thought logically, she deserved them. But there was, she figured, no way to take it back, even if she tried. And she was falling behind the rest. Was her duty not to worry what that stupid idiot thought of her but to protect the princess and the princess alone? Straightening her shoulders, the young woman swung into the saddle and rode up to where she had been earlier--a foot to the left and two feet behind the princess. She had pulled out a bow and put her quiver on her shoulders just in case. They also served to keep her hands busy and her mind on who she was. She did not--would not care if that noble that she had insulted was angry at her for getting near him again. He was not her concern. She would get her punishment sometime, someday. But until then she would not slacken in her duty to protect. Not if she wanted to return to the capital and finish her transfer to a more busy outpost.

"Your highness, your grace, may I ask a question about the outpost?" she finally asked after a moment of thinking over the plan. She would not dare make another mistake by talking so openly with these nobles. The princess did not even turn in her saddle to look at the guardswoman when she spoke. Meilin bit the inside of her lip to keep form persisting until she had gotten a response from both, since that would be rude to interrupt a noble.
Elyaevin was upset. The incident had dredged up unwanted memories from his childhood, and now that the tension had dissipated he just felt useless and stupid. He knew how his father would have reacted – a merciless beating. But he had the feeling Meilin wouldn't have much taken to Oliandar Palfile. He thought instead of how his mother would handle it. Unable to use force, she relied on other methods to get people to fear her and do what she demanded of them. What would she do if a servant crossed such a line? A sharp, stinging cuff, followed by a stern verbal reprimand. Then a simple but devastatingly effective punishment – no meals for a day, removal of bedding from the lodging, in a worst-case scenario even temporary expulsion from duty. But Meilin wasn't under his control like this. She was at the princess's mercy, and Isabella was turning out to have a lot more mercy and patience than anyone Ely'd ever met before.

Yet strangely he appreciated it when Meilin returned her steed to her usual position. It dissolved some of the awkwardness between them. Still, he stiffened when the guardswoman asked her question. Technically, she'd directed it at the Princess, but in the awkward silence that followed it became clear that the Princess didn't wish to. This meant it was Ely's job to give assent.

Yet Ely didn't want to give assent. Ely was in a foul mood. He looked away from both those pestilent women and directed his gaze at the pleasant countryside, which was permeated by an attractive evening glow. If he'd been looking at the princess he would have sensed her annoyed air and perhaps been cowed into responding after all, but as it was, he didn't even see the princess nod at Meilin, though he knew some form of communication between them had occurred because her question came soon after.
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Meilin waited for several moments until the princess nodded her head. She looked over at Elyaevin cautiously and when he did not interrupt, she posed her question in her mind to keep from misspeaking again. "Since this seems to be such a secret mission, as otherwise we would be accompanied by at least five more guards and up to a whole platoon of the army, would it be safe to assume that the outpost will not know your identites, or will you each be going in as your regular persons, Princess, your grace?" Meilin asked, frowning a small bit. It would be safer if the princess hid her face until she reached a safe inclosed area and no one knew who the strangers were, but at the same time the nobles would not be able to demand the same things as they normally would (the best beds, and whatnot).

Meilin knew where she would be staying--with the horses and the packs that were not taken to an inn's room. There was no question that a guardswoman would be told to sleep with them creatures that they traveled with, though it would take the protection away from their main target. Or she would find herself sitting outside the door to the princess' rooms with nothing but a wood wall to lean back against. She was fine with that too, but she would much rather sleep with the animals. At least there she would have straw and a blanket. The other way she'd be uncovered and have to stay armored the whole time.

"It isn't really my business what the nobles like yourselves do really, but I think as a matter of precaution and safety that you keep your identities hidden. You may not get the comforts you are used you, I understand, but we would not have to explain as well your traveling with so few escorts and guards, your highness. Nor would we have to explain why it is that you are alone and unsupervised with two young women--even if I am only a guard, your grace," she explained, forming each sentence in advance so that they were polite and respectful and nothing in them suggested that she knew anything more than the other two. She was still, after all, expecting a beating when they got to the outpost, or no meals, or worse. Meilin did not want to add to that list of punishments.

The princess turned her head and looked at her guardswoman and then turned to Ely, scowling at his silence, "And what do you have to say on the matter that Guardswoman Trival has brought up, cousin?" she asked.
The guardswoman's intelligent question diverted his attention from the landscape back to her. "Since this seems to be such a secret mission, as otherwise we would be accompanied by at least five more guards and up to a whole platoon of the army, would it be safe to assume that the outpost will know your identities, or will you each be going in as your regular persons, Princess, your grace?" Meilin Trival asked.

Ely's interest was piqued. This was not a bad question at all. He rotated his head slightly so he could watch the women out of the corners of his eyes. The Princess looked thoughtful, and Meilin continued: "It isn't really my business what the nobles like yourselves do really, but I think as a matter of precaution and safety that you keep your identities hidden. You may not get the comforts you are used to, I understand, but we would not have to explain as well your traveling with so few escorts and guards, your Highness. Nor would we have to explain why it is that you are alone and unsupervised with two young women – even if I am only a guard, your grace." Well, that guardswoman sure knew how to talk.

Personally, he agreed with her, but he was way too miffed to say that aloud now. He would keep a humble silence and leave the Princess to determine the outcome, though he hoped dearly she would decide in favor of Meilin's suggestion. But if they weren't themselves, what would they be? Elyaevin had to speak up. "Your Highness, do you think we should present ourselves as royalty and dukes, or disguise our wealthy clothing and seem lowly paupers instead?" He added no emphasis to the word "lowly" but he put it in there all right. It seemed that if he didn't teach that woman her place, no one else ever would, certainly not Princess Isabella, who, Ely was beginning to feel, suffered from a disproportionate amount of respect and mercy for mere servants. In his home, they were far better behaved than these city scoundrels.


((OOC: So sorry I didn't post sooner, but glad I finally got to it! I think it would be hilarious if Ely had to act like a pauper :D and the people in the outpost are all snobbish to him and he has a really hard time keeping his proud temper under control and not mentioning his grandfather… But if not that's fine too! Another time!))
((OOC: I would have to agree with you xD Pauper Ely and Pauper Isabelle will be most amusing))


Meilin looked over at Elyaevin cautiously and frowned. She made no mistake interpreting his words. He hadn't needed to say 'lowly' in front of paupers, even if he didn't stress it. She had been about to suggest that they go in as a sister and brother with their guard going back to their home from the capital, but if he thought that pauperhood was oh so lowly--Meilin was not going to correct him. She turned her gaze to the princess who seemed to be considering both of their proposals carefully.

"I had hoped to keep our travels secret as long as possible," Isabella stated before looking back at both of them, "What are your thoughts on the matter of disguises Guardswoman?"

Meilin's back straightened a little to be spoke to so directly by the princess and she smiled calmly. "I think Duke-Scion Elyaevin's idea about hiding your more expensive clothing away and pretending to be of a lower class would be the best way to keep from notice, your highness," the young woman replied, lowering her gaze so that she was looking at the rode at the princess's horses' feet. This spot helped her keep the smirk that she was trying greatly to hide. A smirk at knowing just where the princess and this Lord Elyaevin would have to sleep if they took the disguises of paupers. "However, I believe you should consult his grace, since he is far better equipped to create such a scenario as he has had a proper teaching no doubt about tactics and strategies and hidden identities. We guards people only get taught how to shoot and stab, begging your highness's pardon on the speeching of course."

Oh, if Ely wanted to tell her how 'lowly' she was with speech, she could definitely tell him how low she thought he was on the food chain in the same fashion--though she knew she'd regret it later. She didn't know how, but she knew she'd feel pain from this eventually. But she was determined to protect the princess--no one had said anything about him--that she remembered that was.
((OOC: nice! >:} Also, it would be a tad unrealistic for Ely, whose country home is often frequented by travelers, not to know that paupers sleep in the stables, so I made him be defensive about that, but in the text I've supplied a handy way to make him end up there anyway >:} with Meilin in a comfy bed by the Princess's side!!!! However, since it's the Princess's idea and we're supposed to share her and the plan involves your char Meilin, if you don't like it I'll change it immediately!))

"Actually," said Elyaevin, "since the guardswoman was so gracious as to ask me my opinion, I think Your Highness should appear as a trader instead. I can be your bodyguard, Your Highness. Your Highness would, as a trader, surely be treated more appropriately. And anyhow, it would be strange to see three lowly paupers wandering the lands without protection or money. People would be suspicious." At that he cast Meilin Trival a hot glare. How could she be so reckless as to suggest he sleep in horsedung like some common thief? If she thought he didn't know where wandering indigents spent the nights, clearly she had not been listening when he detailed that after all, he was a Duke-Scion and practically owned Hoblington. And if she didn't know the size of that shire, she was as ignorant as a serf.

"Also," he added, "We should split up for the night – the guardswoman should come in later, and Your Highness and I can go in before, so that we do not appear as a group." He nodded satisfactorily – the Trival woman was right when she said he knew about strategy that had obviously never been taught to mere city sentinels. He patted his horse's neck while shooting Meilin another dirty look, so she would know for sure he'd seen through her petty ruse. As if he would spend the night in the stables! A Palfile! A Duke-Scion! NEVER. Over his dead body. He straightened in his saddle and regarded the Princess expectantly, waiting for her to approve of his plan.

Princess Isabella nodded slowly. "Yes," she said, "yes, we should split up. That is an excellent idea; thank you, Elyaevin." She then turned to the guardswoman. "However," she added, "I would feel … safer … if a real guard acted as my bodyguard." As this sunk in, Ely couldn't keep the total shock out of his face. He struggled to regain his composure and ask her politely if she was joking or somehow out of her mind, but only a few hapless, strangled noises came out of his throat. He stared at the Princess, seeking some hint of mercy, trying to make sure at least that she wasn't making fun of him. But her face was totally impassive as ever. This was beginning to creep him out.

"Elyaevin," she said, and in light of her utterly neutral expression, the gentleness in her tone surprised him. "I realize that this is … unusual, even demeaning to you. Under other circumstances I would never ask this of you." Her tone grew grave. "But desperate times call for desperate measures. When you joined this party, you swore an oath that you would protect me to the best of your ability. Would you do this for me, Elyaevin? Can you make that sacrifice?"

Elyaevin was touched, but kept his face stoic. That bit about the oath seemed innocuous enough, but it was also a threat – not only to his manhood and reputation, but also to his competence and moral compass. Was he a weakling, like his father, who would run off from his responsibilities and get drunk and screw the barmaid? No. He took after his grandfather – brave, strong, manly, ready to make sacrifices for his country. "Of course, Your Majesty," he said gallantly, half-bowing a tad awkwardly on his horse. The night in the stables had taken on a whole new meaning for him. He smiled. "I would be honored to serve you."

Princess Isabella nodded curtly and quickly turned around again, spurring her horse back to the front and breaking the circle of intimacy that had surrounded the three as they plotted. Already, Ely could see the outpost in the distance. He saw a grove of trees not far away by the wayside, and decided that the Princess was waiting for them to change into their disguises there. Ely was suddenly glad he came from the country, where valuable cloths were scarce and wildly expensive. Therefore he owned several simple materials in his large pack that, when turned inside out, made for attire that would well suit a trader and his bodyguard.

((OOC: LOL, I love the way Isabella TOTALLY plays on his pride – sacrifice, psh – but he TOTALLY buys it!!! :D Also … ELY SHOULD HAVE TO BORROW SOME OF MEILIN'S NON-GUARD CLOTHES because his clothes are too fine :D :D :D :D :D XD XD XD XD just imagine Ely slipping into Meilin's clothes … oh my Lord. LOL. Of course if this is going too far, by all means, save my char's last scrap of dignity :D to kill it slowly and painfully another time >:} ))
(( xDDD I love Isa~ Isa is amazing~ Love the idea, absolutely love it))


Meilin was fighting a losing battle. Slowly a smirk and then full out grin slid over her face as the princess worked Ely over with her words. If she didn't have a scrap of self-respect she would have guffawed and laughed at Ely's poor position for that evening. But then she remembered that she was not in the position to do such things without terrible, terrible consequences. "Whatever your highness requires of me, I shall do," she mumbled graciously as she schooled her face to stone--or as best as she could get to with the laughter that was bubbling inside her.

The whole situation was completely hilarious to the guards-woman that had never seen such ploys among other ordinary guards. "Your grace, if you wish, or are in need, I have some extra blankets packed away, should you require them later for your own comfort," she suggested softly, her tone serious. "And they could be used to keep anything foul or any hay from getting onto any blankets you have brought that might be expensive to replace, your grace." She did, inside far back int he furthest part of her heart, feel sorry for him. She would not wish a night in the stables with scraps for food on anyone--not even a pauper. But if the princess insisted on making it so, then that was the way it was going to be. Meilin was already planning ways of softening the impact of such a night on the noble. After all, how often had he ever slept in a barn with noisy animals? No one could say that Meilin Trival was a completely heartless woman.

She just didn't show it to stuck up nobles who looked down their noses at her all that often. Why should she make their lives easier when they made people like her poorer and poorer every year? Or at least that was the impression she liked to give off to others that asked her why she was so cold.
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Elyaevin sniffed when the guardswoman offered him blankets. His pride was still wounded from her snide comments and blatant attempt to offend his person. Well, HAH! He had seen through that, hadn't he? And now who was serving the Princess – the guardswoman simply performing her same old state-assigned duty, or the nobleman, bravely taking to the stables at night to protect his honor and oath? With an air of triumph, he said, "Thank you, guardswoman. That would be much appreciated." He returned her smirk from before and rode proudly behind the Princess.

They reached the copse of trees and, as Ely had suspected, the Princess stopped there. "We shall change into our disguises out of sight of the road," she proclaimed, fluidly dropping from her horse in one elegant motion and turning her back to them once more as she led her steed towards the shade of the grove.

Elyaevin nodded and handed his reins towards Meilin's general direction, his attention distracted from looking at her as he did so since he was rummaging through his pack supplies for some of the clothing suitable for a trader and his bodyguard.
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