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Geth's Grimoire

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pirogeth, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. [align=center]Geth’s Grimoire[/align]

    For many years people have tried to understand the ravings of the lunatic mind that preaches about supernatural beings. Each time they met a dead end with personal experience or a blurry photo being the only proof. Slowly after the “proof” the skeptics developed preaching their words of how these things could just simply not exist and if they did reasons why they would have been discovered already.

    These skeptics were proven wrong in the year of 2069 when a werewolf was captured after a long series of murders. As they kept the creature in captivity they researched its weak points as well as figured just how widespread werewolves actually were. It came as a shock to the public fifteen years later when the research finally ended. With a new discovery under humanities belt and a secret exposed the two species found a way to coexist.

    The pact allowed werewolves to live in the cities around the world as citizens so long as they worked and lived like every day humans. It was a small sacrifice as they had been doing that for years. However, the original animosity still lingered and they remained quiet about a foe they had been fighting for centuries; a foe that still was considered pure mythology and largely popularized in the early twenty first century, The Vampire.

    There was a large amount of peace between the cities for a bit until a string of murders once again popped up, mostly in London. Unlike the one with the werewolf where the blood could be tracked, there was not a blood to be traced. It was then the World Government started to look into other species they might have overlooked. Upon finding it was a vampire, one of the most deadly and notorious of them all, they took action trying to find the leader. Their first questions, of course, were directed toward the werewolves.

    Simply smiling the whole time, the pack leader in London finally released the information they had on who the leader of the vampires was and where he was located. The whole time an epicenter of despicable creatures just located south of England. France and Berlin were two of the major vampire cities. The leader was located in the latter of the two. Fearing war once again the pack leader prepared for war.

    With technology now brimming to the point of science fiction the humans felt little fear when approaching the Lord of all Vampires. He introduced himself as Vestas. The meeting was secret to both species and eventually each came to an agreement. The killings in London stopped with the governments new capture of the first vampire. They labeled the project after the vampire’s name, Geth. Despite pleas from him that he was innocent they still brought him in and ran tests on him.

    Ten, that was all that was left after several years of experimentation on the original fifty vampires. Geth remained the focus of most of their experiments while others were tested for weak points and power manipulation. The humans thought they had everything under control, that was until a single red flashing light lit the security room.

    Geth, along with a few other vampires, escaped from the research facility. Looking back only for a second the words Stonewall, South Shore appeared over the door.

    Welcome to the year 2121. In this year werewolves live along side humans and vampires are being taken to research facilities. The vampires are still do not exist to the public and the government wants to keep it that way. The hunt begins for the vampires that have escaped, a war once again sees its flame lit between old enemies, and a race dependant on their knowledge again fights for their survival in all of this. Let the melee begin.

    Setting: Berlin 2121

    Level of Technology: The advances humans have made only peaked high enough to fight the supernatural beings that threaten their way of life. Enhanced strength through the use of mechanical add-ons is one of the more common uses of this technology. The mystery of nanites still elude the eye of scientists.

    Now for the character sheets now that we got the most commonly asked questions out of the way.





    Ultimate Enemy: (For this RP everyone has a single target they want to destroy. Commonly for werewolves it is Vestas leader of the vampires.)

    Equipment: (For this list your weapons and if you are human you can include enhancements here.)


  2. "...Is that how you felt about me when we were with the vampires?"
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  4. We'll start directly in Berlin so we can get the story more organized. I'll have a character up later today. (2am here right now XD).
  5. I'll go werewolf this time so we actually get some.

    Character to follow.

    Name: Jordan Hunt

    Age: 28

    Race: Werewolf

    Human form:
    Show Spoiler


    Werewolf form:
    Show Spoiler


    Ultimate Enemy: Vestas

    Equipment: He is wearing a tracing collar out there by Mi6 so they can keep track of him which he hides under the the collar of his jacket. It records heart rate, as well at the sounds around him and transmit then back to HQ via satellite. He prefers to fight in werewolf form and carries no weapons. This also helps him blend in better.

    Personality: Cool and calm its very rare to Jordan to be stress or angry over anything. He enjoys hunting vampires far more that is considered normal and is always the first to volunteer for retrieval missions and was one of the werewolves involved in the original collection for stonewall facility. In his personal life he is almost stoic, having few real friends but is loyal to the few he does have.

    History: As the human population saw advantage in using werewolves for fieldwork some of the younger ones where given special training in infiltration, assassination, or path finding/tracking. Jordan fell into the third category and is as highly trained as any other Hi6 agent, though his non-human status means he will never be considered their equal, even though in most ways he is better equipped for the job.

    He was involved in the collection of "samples" for stonewall and captured more than a few vampires during that time perhaps leaving some with a grudge.
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  7. Lost my character bio so I'm starting from scratch for Gunsight.
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