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  1. "He's mad at me too."
  2. i'm glad i kept some of her profile ^^; anyways will this be starting directly in berlin then after the escape or leading to them getting into berlin first?

    Name: Suvia

    Age: appears 24

    Race: Vampire

    Appearance: She stands about 5'5" with violet eyes, pale skin, and dark-red hair that is curled into two tendrils, which fall upon her shoulders. A black ribbon intertwines and acts as a sort of head band to keep her hair in place. She has a slim but lightly built figure, and pale skin; Some people claim she reminds them of a life-sized china doll. Clothing wise she wears an off the shoulder top with long sleeves that cover her hands, and a long black skirt with slits up either side.

    Ultimate Enemy: Vestas (secondary would be werewolves)

    -set of bo-shuriken (throwing needles) which are poison laced
    -special made gloves that when slipped on she is able to harness energy and shock her opponents with them or just release the energy at them
    -double bladed sword
    -vial of blood she always has around her neck

    Personality: She can be quite passionate and emotional when she wants, but usually she tries to keep a calm and calculating exterior. She doesn't speak much unless she really has something important to say or feels she must respond. Dependable and a hard worker, she is good at getting the job done. When the need calls for it, she can have a very sensual and alluring side come about, but she doesn't often exploit this unless it's necessary. However, under all this she holds a deep grudge and hatred toward the world and her creator. She is definitely one to perhaps tread lightly around and no provoke too much.

    History: She had a decently normal life up until her 24th year of existence. She had been lead away by some fanciful tale by a handsome stranger and spent the evening in his bed. Promising her things beyond her dreams her trust was gained and then broken when she found the man to be a vampire. Instead of killing her, though, he turned her into one of them. His name..was Vestas. For a while she was very angry with him, but eventually she forgave him and let him help her grow as a newly made vampire. It was rumored that the two were lovers for a while as well. Scorned even more by the world and people she'd grown up to be she went through ups and downs with whom she was. Eventually settling with a distant and independent personality.

    She did find, though, that unless she carried a vial of blood around her neck, which would have to be replenished at least every week or so. If the blood ran out or was low, she found she would be very weak. For a time things seemed good, but her and Vestas were growing apart. The final straw was when he purposefully gave her up to the government and set a trap for her to be captured. Stupidly she fell into the trap and was taken away knowing full well who the culprit was behind the act, even though he denied it. This set into motion her deep hatred and bitterness toward him, and the government just intensified her distaste for humans. When the escape was orchestrated, she was more than happy to assist and get out of there. Now she finds herself in Berlin with Geth and the others, biding her time until she can exact her revenge.
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    Zeroth grunted from the effort of jamming four stakes into four different vampires. When they finally stopped moving he panted heavily, feeling sore and...good. He'd saved that family. It wasn't exactly something he did every day, and he kind of liked it, knowing people were alive because of him.

    He didn't hear the first vamp sneak up on him. Without anything holding down his heart, the undead wretch was still alive. But he did hear the gunshot. He looked up to see agent Crossfire walking towards him, lowering his pistol. A thump on the ground behind him made him turn to see the dead vampire with a thin silver stake through the heart.

    "I suppose you want me to thank you," he snapped as he stood to stare him down. It was made easier when he grew by a few inches so he actually was taller than him.

    "Not expecting it," came the ever curt reply. "Although helping would be appreciated."

    Zeroth stormed up to him until he was right in his face, seeing only his reflection in those damn glasses. The man didn't flinch.

    "You want my help after locking me up for a decade?" he spat. "Fuck you. I didn't do it for you Hushcobb bastards." The mother and daughter slowly opened the door and looked at the scene. The girl hugged her mama's leg. "I did it for them."

    Cross spared one glance before replying. "I am too. So at least for the moment, we're on the same side."

    Zeroth thought about that. Then he groaned. "Damn it! I want to make it clear: I help, I get to walk, alright?"

    Crossfire reloaded his gun. "Can't hurt your chances."


    Bang! Bang! Bang! Click. Ruth tossed away her clip and snapped in a new one. This was becoming a rough night. The busty former secretary stayed near the church, hoping its natural holy shield would protect her.

    "Damn! Where the hell is Cross?" she cursed. She looked at the church. "And who opened the doors?!"

    A vampire zoomed into view and stopped in front of her. He gave a toothy grin. Ruth loaded one of the silver stake bullets and fired. His hand moved impossibly fast and caught it. The silver started to burn his fingers, but he acted as if nothing were wrong.

    "Sorry, Love, but we've been out long enough not to fall for that," he said. He tossed the stake away. "Why do you think they're saving us, anyway? Because as much as they say we're monsters, they want to be like us."

    "No. It's because Landel wants to figure out a cure for you demons," she retorted. She fitted in another stake. "You know, besides killing you."

    He chuckled, then stopped. He cocked his head, looking past her through the doors. An axe came swinging through in a flash. He split from breast to the tip of his skull, dropping on the ground. The axe turned and sped back.

    "Whoo! This is fun! That makes 28! Like to see Cross top that!" Erika skipped down the steps, a clear bottle in one hand and a red one in the other. She looked at Ruth and smiled. "Hey, I know you! You're my head-doc's lady friend. Nice tits!"

    "Um...thanks." Ruth kept her guard up. Eliza had told her some of the ins and outs of this girl's unstable psyche. She probably meant it as a genuine compliment. "You said something about Crossfire?"

    "Hm?" The girl paused while knocking back the red bottle. Ruth didn't dare point out that she was too young to drink. Besides, she was Irish. Like Erika wouldn't know her way around a bar! "Oh! Engel bet me he could kill more monsters than me. I say bring it. Wonder what I'll get when I win..."

    She trailed off, apparently fantasizing about fabulous prizes. Another hell spawn saw what she did to the vampire and rushed them. Erika just switched to the clear bottle and swigged, then sprayed right in the demon's face. It halted in its tracks and screamed agony as its flesh burned.

    "Are you drinking holy water?" Ruth asked offhand while a street sign impaled the monster, seemingly of its own accord.

    "What else would I wash down sacramental wine with?" Erika retorted, as if she were stupid.

    Ruth looked around, brushing away her sweat-damp hair. There was still a lot of trouble out here, but it looked like things were finally containable. She ripped the bottle out of Erika's grasp and chugged a quarter of it.

    "Long night," she gasped once she was done.
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    As Wyatt seemingly vanished into thin air and Zeroth grew another foot and covered himself in spikes (including an impressive pair of tusks), Erika looked at Crossfire - the all of a sudden man in charge.

    "What about me, tall, dark, and handsome?"

    "You?" Crossfire flicked his wrist faster than the human eye can follow and shot down another enemy. "We still have a game going on."

    She smiled and skipped down the stairs her axe twirling in her hand. She threw it at one, then used her telekinesis to make it jump to another. She grabbed it, chopped off an arm, and then a head. Then she skipped onward.

    "Might lose that game at this rate," he muttered to himself.

    "Really? You care about that?" Zeroth deadpanned.

    "No." He shot another one. "Just a matter of pride."


    As the sun started to come up the death toll was vast, and it was no longer a massacre, but containment. The vampires were the first to surrender. Of all the monsters that had escaped they were the smartest, and they knew they wouldn't win after daybreak. A few of the goblins and more impish creatures gave up, too. The hulking wild animals - such as the Jersey Devil - where kept sedated and relocated down below.

    The town was sealed off so no one would accidentally drive through and see the horror. Clean up was already underway.

    With everyone focused on the town, the three turncoat freaks were left alone. At least for a few minutes. They decided to have a seat at the old gas station. The windows were broken and the various snacks and such were burned near the entrance. The rest of the place, while messy, appeared undamaged. Wyatt and Zeroth sat around a table while Erika was shuffling through the refrigerated section.

    "Ugh! Can you believe it?! No Pitch Black! What is this, a prison?" she griped.

    "What's Pitch Black?" Wyatt asked the changeling.

    "A Mountain Dew flavor."

    "Mountain Dew has flavors?"

    Zeroth chuckled. "That's right. You missed a lot in that box, didn't you. They've all got weird names. Supposed to be edgy. Code Red is cherry, Livewire is orange, White Out...not really sure what that is. Pitch Black has a grape twist."

    "And it's the best one!" Erika snapped. Finally she sighed. "Oh well. Might as well make something of my own."

    She grabbed a bottle of water but three soda bottles floated up and followed her. Nonchalantly, she opened the water and dumped it all over the floor. Once that was empty she started opening the others - a Pepsi, a Sprite, and a Sunkist grape - and started mixing them together. The changeling just rolled his eyes and drank the chocolate milk he'd taken from the same fridge. Wyatt kept staring at her with a mix of amazement and disgust.

    "You really are a crazy person, aren't you?" he asked.

    Erika chugged back her concoction and sighed, apparently happy with it. "You know what they say about the crazy ones." She winked.


    "They're great in bed," Zeroth finished. He gave the boy a serious smile. "But you might not wake up in the morning."

    While the teen processed that he leaned back and turned his mismatched eyes on Erika, their psychic jailbird.

    "You made the announcement. You let us all out. You caused this massacre!" He pointed to her and scolded, but she just smiled.

    "Stop. You're making me blush. Or maybe that's the half bottle of wine I had before the grape Sprepsi," she chuckled.

    "Why? Why did you do this?" he asked.

    She shrugged. "I thought everyone could use some exercise. They were supposed to play nice. I asked them to."

    He stared at her incredulously and then slapped the table. "Oh my God. You really don't know what you did, do you?"

    "Why did you want to get out?" Wyatt asked.

    Erika thought about it and frowned. "Huh. I don't remember. Do you remember?"

    "How would we know -?"

    "Wasn't talking to you," she interrupted. Then there was a pause. Finally she giggled and shook her head. "And it's gone."
  6. Name: Sol Eros

    Age: 23

    Race: Human

    Show Spoiler

    Like the above picture except with short hair and in modern clothing, minus the sword but plus cybernetic wings coming out of his back.

    Ultimate Enemy: Vestas


    His enhancements are Cybernetic wings, which allow him to fly but are not easily hidden. His lungs were also enhanced so he could withstand air pressure from flying in high altitudes. He has no strength enhancements however and he cannot fly like say, over entire oceans or crazy long distances, he can't fly for more than an hour without having to take a break.

    His weapons are:

    1.Silver Blade: A small sword like blade that serves as his only close-combat weapon. Requires one hand.

    2.Flamethrower: A flamethrower weapon that Sol must hold. Best used when trying to kill vampires, not good for trying to capture them alive. Requires two hands.

    3.Electric Gun: A small tazer like gun with enough voltage to stun both Werewolves and Vampires for a few moments. Relatively useless for combat but good for capturing. Requires one hand.

    4.Vulcan: An advanced Vulcan gun. It fires many, many bullets rapidly. This is Sol's fastest weapon, the bullets may not be all that strong but they can add up if each hits the target. Requires two hands.

    Sol can only carry weapons with him into battle, so thus he has to choose the weapon before getting into combat. He can't carry both a flamethrower and a vulcan for instance. He has to bring weapons that'll fit in his hands, no more, no less.

    Personality: Sol is rather calm but he can get worked up at times. He also is not very loyal to the government, he works with them only to pay his debt and he constantly questions them. He is also rather quiet and does not talk much about his past. While it may seem he is 100% loyal to Pandora, he will not accept missions from them he doesn't feel are necessary or warranted. He's got a good sense of justice but because of his cybernetic wings, he finds they tend to frighten people thus making it hard for him to make friends outside the government.

    History: At the age of fifteen, Sol joined a criminal organization for reasons of his own. This organization consisted of both super natural beings and humans who intended to steal the latest technology from government buildings and places and then use these enhancements to sell on the black market.

    This organization was the group who implanted Sol with his enhancements but he felt their intentions were not good and he betrayed them and helped the government shut them down.

    At the age of eighteen he was allowed to join the secret government agency Pandora, a group that specializes in dealing with super-natural crime and incidents. He works not for pay but to redeem himself. Sol believes capturing dangerous super naturals is what he should be doing.

    Eventually, he became one the best at capturing super naturals and the best at dealing with vampires in aerial combat. His current mission is to capture the escaped vampires from Stonewall but he has concerns about why these vampires are so important and why the government wants them captured again....
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