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Get to Know Your Fellow Iwaku...ers

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Flaremon, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. So, basically, you post a question about something you are interested to know about the next poster, and the next poster answers it while posting another question, etc.

    So, do you enjoy high society?
  2. *slow, pink-eyed blink*

    The highest!

    What's your first memory?
  3. Skinning my knees when i was learning to ride a bike at age four.
  4. Thanks for posting a new question, Grandmaster. :P

    Here's one that I'm not ready to answer... yet:

    What are your first days in Iwaku like?
  5. (sorry brain fart)

    Well lets see...several people attempted to murder me, soldato got his robot carpace rusted beyond all functioning by a nurglite plague fart, Corvus was reduced to a dessicated skeleton, vay simply enjoyed the refreshing aroma (fucking heretic xeno) grumps ended up tied up by his balls between two buildings with a 72" LCD TV stuffed up his ass...

    ok my actual question.

    What was the most creative or moving scene you've ever done in a roleplay?