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    What do you make that may be a odd food combo? Or what food do you eat that is just plain ew to others!?
  2. Marmite and Peanut butter,

    Tobasco and honey creamcheese on crackers

    umm... i'll be back
  3. Apparently, Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a bowl of Cookies and Cream icecream is gross to others.

    Of course, it's got more calories than A KFC chicken bowl. >.> Gym time.
  4. ...take a piece of bologna…fry the sucker...make a fried egg: over medium...put the egg on top of the fried bologna...make cheesy mashed potatoes and put a scoop over the egg then top with more cheese adddd a bit of hot sauce

    YAY. I unno if its odd or not =D but its good. Usually make it without the egg though...
  5. Eggo waffle sandwiches.
  6. I'm on a seefood diet, I see food I eat food.
  7. Cottage cheese and pineapple!
  8. Kimchi!
  9. I use yoghurt instead of milk on my cereal. >:|

    FORUM: *gasp*

    Yeah that's right.

    FORUM: No wai!

    Yes way.
  10. I do that, too. x)
    Is that a British thing ? Daddy does it A LOT

    Sometimes we put ice cream in our tea instead of milk, too x3

    I put ketchup on my omelette and ketchup on my rice.

    I put carrots in my fruit salad.

    I put maple syrup on my celery
  11. Ritz crackers and reeses penutbuttercups. It's good, you make a little sandwich...

    Milkshake with fries.

    Tortilla chips, dip them in coke or moutain dew.

    I put coffee in my hot chocolate.

    And I do this thing.... with.... bananas... I call it BANANA SURPRISE!

    One banananana
    One container of yogurt
    Canister of whipped cream
    You can also add ceral or sprinkles

    What I do is I unwrap the banana and then put it on a plate, then I distribute yogurt on it until there's only an outline of what the banana looks like (Peach yogurt works best, or strawberry), at this point, you can put ceral on it at this point if you want, then grab the whipped cream and CREAM THAT FUCKER UNTIL YOU'VE MADE A FUCKING TANK OUT OF IT! ....Seriously, put cream on it until you can't see anything else but the white stuff. Then shoot the fucker with sprinkles.

    Then grab a spoon or fork and eat that damned thing. Half the fun is trying to keep it in yourmouth, and off your face...

    I have a tendency to be messy with it.... the cream just gets EVERYWHERE!
  12.'s the list:

    vanilla ice-cream with maple syrup (seriously, amazingly good! the only way I like maple syrup)

    orange juice (or cranberry juice) with ginger ale

    white rice with butter, soy sauce,'s the kicker....italian dressing!

    hot dogs with mustard, relish, onions, and saurkraut (no catsup! 'tis blasphemy!)
  13. Cheesesticks with Buffalo Wing Sauce.

    French fries dipped in applesauce.


    2 Slices of Genoa Salami

    2 Slices of Vermont White Cheddar

    Eensy bit of mustard

    To manufacture:

    Tiny bit of mustard between the two slices of cheese, then wrap the salami around the cheese into a mini-buttito like formation. Then put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds or however long it takes for the cheese to melt.

    Unhealthy but a YUMMY snack.
  14. Bologna and peanut butter...don't say shit till you try it!!!!! Its a stoner's treat! =)
  15. Tacos with xxxxtra hot sauce, I know it isn't that weird but they are soooo damn good.
  16. .... Watermelon and icecream?
  17. That actually sound quite delicious!
  18. Apple and bologna sandwich

    pop and popcorn, eaten like cereal


    peanut butter and potted meat sandwich

    Then there's tripe, kidneys, innards etc. But those aren't very weird. Well I guess they are to people who don't normally eat them =\

    I eat like a stoner though, which means anything goes when you got the munchies. Pretty much all I'll have in the cupboard is hardtack and a can of jalapeno tomatoes. It's pretty good.
  19. "My eyes aren't as strong as Melissa's or my father's. I need something of theirs of someone they've met."

  20. Specially if you use one of those special scoops for melons and then pop the round bits in the freezer for a while? YAY?

    Why do some people think putting salt on watermelon is odd? I got looked at funny for doing that at school ;-; My self esteem was never the same after that...all because of salt...and and and watermelons...-dramatic sigh-