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Is there ever anything from the long ago eras that you wish were still in place now? I know it might sound really lame, but I wish that there were still ballroom dances and things like that. I think it would be fun.
There are still ballroom dances :P You just gotta look for them!

As for me actually being able to trust people. Back in the early 1900's you could leave your car running and people wouldn't steal it for example.
I want to go back to the '80s. Also the Disco Era should come back.
I like the time period where everything was small tribes or villages. Life was uncomplicated then. >> You just worked for the good of the village and chilled with the family. Sure there was the occasional tribe-war, incurable disease, and whatnot... but life was simple. t____t
I have to agree with Kitti... I mean not just the whole ballroom dances bit but the epic parties where people would dress up nicely. There are things in that catergory that just are not done as often any more, like masquerades, that would be fun.
The Colossus of Rhodes.

The Baths of Caracalla, as it has been. That was one ginormous public bath.
Are we talking TRAIN TERMINAL-SIZED public baths here? Because, as far as I remember, the Baths of Caracalla was a fucking massive building.
Writing gushy hyperbole-strewn love letters to friends you don't want to have sex with. Of course now popular media and some historians are looking at those through the lens of today's mores to insist that they did always want to have sex with the people they sent those flowery, purplely-prosey love letters to.


On a less serious note, from the mid-nineties' rap videos, wearing a windbreaker/tracksuit and goggles for absolutely no reason. It amuses me to this day that it ever caught on.

I think I'd like to try a Regency era riding coat and breeches with tracksuit stripes up the side AND pointless goggles atop a powdered wig... and some Doc Marten slip-ons!

Of course that was, to my knowledge, never the fashion anywhere but it should have been. :(
I like the mindset of the 1800s... not realy the morals (regarding tolerance and equality) but the code of honor that existed among the gentlemantry.
Trust... optimism... perhaps like the 1950s Americas where everything was looking up, but then again there was also the red scare...

Mainly when there actually interaction with others. Where one could sit on the bus and get into a conversation with the stranger next to them and become friends. Now everyone is in their own little world with their ipods and texting...
I still speak to strangers, but not nearly as much as I used to.

Some people will surprise you by how positively they respond, even if they look pretty mean, but a lot of people nowadays are suspicious. They want to know what you want from them. Money? Sex? Their life?

It's sad.
I'd like a return to Victorian-era fashion.

I want chivalry, lady-likeness, and overall good manners to return.
and redcoat uniforms. musketry, swords. honor, valor, that sort of deal, as in when the world was less cynical and hardbitten.
Victorian era!

I love everything about it. The fashion, the romance of the period, when CHIVALRY was still alive...

Why do you think I re-enact? lol

I would absolutely LOVE a fully-attended Victorian style Masquerade. Someone take me to one?
Sodom and Ghomorrah.

Fictional cities but fuck yeah Las Vegas with less murder and more anal sex.
Han Dynastic, Chiner.

Economic prosperity and cultural and social diversity. Everyone's all into Confucianism and Taoism. And the Tao knows how to party!

But srsly, late 70's/early 80's, either USA or Britain. Heavy Metal AND drugs? YES PLEASE! Srs, 70's LSD. The one Alan Moore sold.