German Boundaries (A WWII RPG) - Sign ups!



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Yes, everyone. This RPG has to do with 'The Holocaust'. I don't want to offend anyone on here, but I thought that it would be an interesting storyline to work with. (I got an idea from someone yesterday...)

During the most horrific and depressing time in American, Jewish and German history, one Jewish girl fights for the lives of her family, her friends and her own self. She will have to avoid: concentration camps, the secret police and Hitler himself. How will she be able to do it, when she has to keep herself in hiding? With barely any food or water?

We're going to need a lot of different people!

Good Characters Needed:
Gadit (Main Character/Mother of Abira) - OPEN.
Micah (Main Character/Father of Abira) - OPEN.
Naam (Main Character/Brother of Abira) - OPEN.
Rephael (Main Character/Love interest of Abira) - OPEN.
Zuriya (Main Character/Wife of Naam) - OPEN.
Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) - OPEN.

Bad Characters Needed:
Joseph Goebbels (Main Character/Close follower of Hitler) - OPEN.
Benito Mussolini (Main Character/Prime Minister of Italy/Close friend of Hitler) - OPEN.

Good Characters Taken:
Abira (Main Character/Love interest of Rephael) - Fawna.
Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (Main Character/German army officer/Catholic aristocrat/One of the leading members of the failed 20 July plot of 1944 to assassinate Adolf Hitler and remove the Nazi Party from power) - Vay.
Franklin Roosevelt (President of the United States) - Meaz

Bad Characters Taken:
Joseph Stalin (Leader and dictator of the Soviet Union) - Kairoga.
Hitler (Main Character) - Sir Basil.
Heinrich Himmler (Main Character/Second in command of the Nazis) - Makene.
FYI: You can make your character your own, since they're not based off of real people... (minus Hitler, President Roosevelt, etc.) And if you want to add any, then please let me know. But, I would really appreciate it if you sent me a bio of them through messages and waited to send them until we filled up all of our needed spaces. THANK YOU!!!
Oh, most definitely, Vay!!
I'll put him under the good guys... Somewhat. Since he plotted to try and assassinate Hitler. :)
Spread the word around to your friends, that we need some people in here!
.......? wait, youve listed the leaders of the allied nations, what is their purpose in this? (give meh a good reason and i might play stalin :))
Well, I want it to be as much of the real thing as possible. I definitely want there to be actual parts involving both good and bad. I wanted to involve the main people that were involved in WWII, since that's what the whole RPG is about. Everything else, besides the made-up people, is going to be the same.
also one more thing, dam your fast at posting back! /me goes to bed
Haha you know it! I type pretty fast. :) Have a good sleep!
Out of curiosity, why is Stalin listed under Good Guys? He killed more people than Hitler.
Also, I'm tempted. I can't decide whether to play love interest or Hitler.
I mean, it's not like he killed between 15 and 17 million people.
With the famine, the gulag, the deportations.....
i would assume that even though he killed people indirectly, he was still on the allied side instead of the axis during the war. even if he had tried to avoid war also
Yeah, but that doesn't make him good. :\ And he killed people directly too.
Sorry, guys! I put him under the wrong category! Thanks, for letting me know. :)
Sir Basil, you can be anyone you want!
Well, I'm tempted to play Hitler simply because it's a novelty, and it's weird, and I'm both gay and Jewish. So, there's IRONY there....
But at the same time, I like the idea of playing a teen love-interest in the Holocaust. There's something darkly comic about that. Besides, I could practice my truly regrettable drama-skills...
Still, I think I'm gonna have to say, may I please have Hitler?
when i said indirectly killed people i meant he ordered their deaths, did not actually kill anyone himself
Hitler didn't exactly strangle 12 million people to death himself. Both Hitler and Stalin were bad people. I would say equally bad people.
Hitler and Stalin were ALLIES in the war against Poland. And both sides of the Bug River (where they agreed to split Poland between them) the exact same thing of deportation to forced labor camps was happening. It was only when Hitler attacked Russia that they joined the war on the Allied side. Also during the Warsaw uprising (anti-German rebellion in the Polish capitol) he ordered his armies not to advance into the city so that they would fail... so he could put his own people in power, his men fired at allied planes bringing the rebels supplies and after the war he tried and executed it's leaders for betraying their own people. Main difference in attitude between him and Hitler was Hitler wanted to conquer Europe. Stalin believed it was already his just in possession of unlawful owners.

Also Churchill hated him.
I'd like to play Roosevelt, if thats okay with everyone.