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  1. The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

    Time Travel

    Who doesn't love a good bit of time travel, complete with diverging timelines, grandfather paradoxes, infinite alternatives, and static inevitabilities? If you are a science fiction fan, chances are you've seen time travel played out in every conceivable way. Take that knowledge and move it to a totally new genre. Inject time travel into a non science fiction story. Will your elves find themselves stepping through a time portal, or will your caveman suddenly find himself in modern day Tokyo? Write a three or more paragraph short story involving non sci-fi time travel.

  2. This is actually a concept from my original story idea. Instead of only time travel he travels from a world without technology through time and space into an highly advanced world.


    Seriyan stared with golden eyes at the forest spreading out around him, trees stretching for the sky as if shielding its inhabitants from skyward sight, summer was on its way with flowers in bloom, birds sung their symphonies and a stream flowed nearby. This was his home and who knew when he could see it again, if ever. Once again Seriyan cursed the fact that despite his strong magic he was not a Rhemer, everything would have been easier if he had the ability to cross time and space into Shiyam that way but now he would have to use spells and his own magic to succeed.

    If not ordered by the Ilanad King, his father, he would never have gone to these lengths to save the soul of a single human girl, princess or not, but the Ilanad and the humans had been allies for thousands of years so his father did not want to break that bond. Despite his annoyance Seriyan was intrigued by this case, the princess lay still alive in the palace of Sky Megali, her soul gone, most likely drawn out by some dark magic, but the soul must have found a host as the princess body had not died.

    It was an unusual case but not unheard off, ever since the wizard Zhu Hien died many hundred years ago remaining swirls of dark magic could be found and people who came too close experienced many things worse than death. But this was the first time a persons soul was lost to Uriaah's twin world, mostly the soul stayed nearby or just wafted off into the wind leaving the empty shell to die. Now a days though escaped souls were unusual and only long lived races remembered about it.

    Without his familiar wooden staff Seriyan had only his leather bag and his magic to help him in the unfamiliar world, despite the rumours growing stronger of the Moon Council having a twin operation in Shiyam no one outside the council knew anything about the twin world except that it was supposed to be more advanced in technology than Uriaah. Feeling grouchy and in a bad mood the Ilanad ignored the excited feeling inside that he would finally see Uriaah's twin world that everybody new about but only a few Rhemer's had ever seen.

    Sighing once again Seriyan decided he couldn't just stand around and dawdle all day, it wouldn't change anything anyway. Raising his arms Seriyan placed himself in the centre of the intricate circle on the forest floor that he had previously drawn up with ochre based paint that would wash away in the next rain, it was the same pattern as the middle of his own tattoo. A wind picked up, rustling the leafs around him and played violently with his long silver hair, it caressed his dark skin and shielded his view at times. Uttering words of magic, old and almost forgotten, Seriyan felt a warm shiver down his back and the complicated tattoo seemed to come to life heating up so the young man could feel every line.

    The spell almost done Seriyan fell silent and he lowered his arms to hang by his sides, a piercing blue light had blossomed underneath him, from the magic circle itself it seemed. Slowly and shining strongly, mixing with the already existing light the circle from the ground seemed to rise up and surround him. Raising above his head the pattern then fell, glowing so brightly that it illuminated Seriyan and when it reached the ground again the Ilanad was gone. No trace of him left in Uriaah anymore.
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  3. ((not sure if you would consider this still sci-fi...i'd had more of a sort of fantasy intent when writing's an excerpt of an idea i had a while back...kudos if you know my inspiration behind this haha. Anyways...hope this works :D it's the basic information for the set-up of the idea so that's why it's formatted the way it is))

    In the world of Geminus, there are three different plains of existence:
    The world that was--Erat Primoris

    The world that is--Est Iam

    The world that will be--Ero Permaneo

    Each world, though a different plain, exists at the same time. How is that? Travel among the different worlds is permissible by special portals, which are monitored by an organization known as the Vicis Excolo. These watchers of time are known as Sentinels by some and VE's by others, and abide to the law with iron fists.

    Each of the worlds co-exists peacefully and travel/trade daily amongst each other, fully aware of the other's presence.

    The worlds are each governed by a large central government known as their: Grand Council. Each council consists of only the most elite and highly respected of the world. A council may consist of no more than 10 members (11 including the Council Leader), and usually they are of older age. A Council member may remain in power for as long as the Council Leader deems it so, popular vote, or death. Should a council member be removed, by any means, the remaining members vote in a candidate to replace them. The council also has a Council Leader who is appointed by the highest popularity rank among the other members. The Council Leader makes the final decisions, and may act independently of the Council as a whole if they deem it necessary. Great honor and power is bestowed upon the Council Leader. Despite the vast amounts of power given to the leaders, peace has remained for millennia.

    Not mentioned as an official plain of existence, a fourth world does, in fact, exist. It is known simply as the Wastes. It is a desolate world where only the darkest creatures live. In the heart of the Wastes a large factory stands with molten fire that spews from its chimneys. Usually, as punishment, criminals are locked away in this plain of existence and left to die horrible deaths by the untamed and darkened lands.

    Recently, a sickness has been spreading across the lands and slowly each world is dying. A man, dressed in all black with a dark hooded cloak, appearing as death almost, travels across the lands. He heads toward the Waste where it is believed the cure to the sickness can be found. His intentions are unknown to anyone, but where the dark-man goes, only death and plague follow.

    With the threat of the end of the world as anyone knows it, turmoil is striking as each world tries to bar off the other world, creating wars and chaos. The sickness slowly continues to spread...and nobody is brave enough to search for the answer...except one.

    A young hero by the name of Jack Cuther has stepped forward to a calling, and set out to do what no one else dares. He received a vision from the Gods of Geminus, and has been sent on a journey to find the cure in the Wastes and save the world of Gemnius as a whole. If he fails...the world is doomed to fade forever, forgotten. If he succeeds, the world may find itself finally whole.

    Plains of Existance

    Erat Primoris (meaning "was first" )

    Erat Primoris meaning "was first" is also known as the "Old World". It resembles greatly what we would call the 'old west'. Civilization is primitive, yet advancing, still holding its natural beauty/charm. The land spreads out for miles before the individual, and small establishments are quaint yet effective. The people are simple, and keep to tradition. Cattle trade, fishing, old fashioned liquor/tobacco, and precious minerals are the main form of trade for Erat Primoris. The main city is large, for their standards, and filled with only the best. Smaller settlements are scattered about, but a vast majority still remains uncharted/settled.

    Adventure is something you may always find once you travel past the last cities, including Alatvista and Parriet (outpost cities). If you're looking more for luxury and glamour, the main city where the High Council resides, Boulder City, is the place to be.

    Of the Council, the Council Leader is tycoon William Armstrong. A strong man of about 45 who built his wealth by happening to find gold in one of the many Gold Rushes near Mount Cyan. After finding the gold, he began a business in tobacco planting and weapon making. Both were huge success stories, and he soon soared through the social ranks, marrying a fine young woman by the name of Betsy Miller (They have 4 children). He was a man who shared his wealth and liked to watch out for people of all classes, making him very popular among the people. Some of his coworkers saw less of him, thinking he was weak, but his power/money keeps them in line. Of his council he has a strong 6 that support him and only 4 that seem to waver. Despite that, he has a strong hold on the Council and is a good man to lead it.

    Here, the remaining gunslingers are born and raised, but with the spread of the sickness, and the appearance of the dark man, the gunslingers are slowly dying out, as well as Erat as the population knows it. Being the oldest, and most primitive, of the worlds it was the first one hit by the plague. It is also the birthplace of Jack. Covered in uncharted desert area, hidden forests, and old western frontiers, it is a trip to the past that no one can forget.


    Est Iam (meaning "is now")

    Est Iam, meaning "is now", is also known as "The Current World". It is a time and place that we know of well. The cities have sprung out of the wilderness, suburbs and technology has flourished. For all known purposes it is our own world right now.

    Medicine, Technology, Entertainment, and living conditions, for the most part, have taken a great stride compared to Erat Primoris. Less of the natural land is seen in all its glory, but some of it is still preserved as the world expands. With the improvement of living quality, the population, of course, is larger and at more demand for living quarters. The cities vary from clean to the dredges, but that's also expected.

    Here, the main type of trade is in entertainment, information, food, and drugs. Since there is physically less space to adventure into video games, and night life have become the main attractions; luxury is highly sought after all. The larger cities house the High Council still; the main/largest being Havens Gate.

    The leader of Est Iam’s Council is 30 year old Millionare Anthony Barbonti. Anthony was fortunate enough to be born into a rich family. His father owned Barbonti Corp (a highly successful electronics company) and it opened many doors for him. He married a sharp, beautiful, woman, nearly half his age, by the name of Mary Warren. Her looks are to die for, and her personality is least what you expect.

    It's rumored that she is the REAL leader of the council, but that's kept under wraps (they have no children). Barbonti is a man of style and slight arrogance. He seeks wisdom, often, in Mary when he's at a loss. Of his Council Members, loyalty is split 50-50 for and against him. Rumors are spreading that there may be a vote to kick him out of position, but he's willing to flaunt his money to regain the voter's appreciation, his wife carefully guiding him along. But will it be enough?

    Here are born the 'modern day people' as they like to refer to themselves as. Some struggle to make ends meats, others fly buy on luxury and the glamorous life. Things aren't always as they seem, and the old traditions are seen clearly slipping away in this time and age. Some consider this the 'teenage' phase of the world. Either way it is the modern world, a cross between the past world and the future world.


    Ero Permaneo (meaning "will be last"

    Ero Permaneo meaning "will be last" is also known as the "Future World". As the second name suggests, it is the world of the future. Going beyond anyone's dreams, it is a seemingly flawless world of endless possibilities. Technology and entertainment have been advanced to almost unexplainable bounds, and civilization has flourished!

    Perhaps the only seeming flaw to the future world is that there is a lack of natural beauty. The 'natural beauty' as we know it ceases to exist except in holographic representations and highly realistic, but not the same, mimics. The one major thing going for Ero Permaneo is the fact that people are able to live very prolonged lives now, and live freely among robotic counterparts. However, there is a strict population control which is in effect due to the longevity of life.

    Here the chief trade is in almost anything and everything, though technologies seem to go the most, as well as medical treatment, if the money is obtainable. Despite the futuristic luxuries, a hidden peace is instilled in this futuristic world. Propaganda is the key tool, with all the technological advancements. The largest city, on all three worlds combined is located here on Ero Permaneo. It is the city of Metropolis: HQ to the Grand Council.

    The leader of the Council is Maximus Athos. Maximus is of the age of 66, but doesn't look like he's past the age of perhaps 35 by the Modern World standards. He's married to Annabella Statos, a beautiful young actress, but everyone knows that it's mostly an 'image' thing. Love does not exist in this marriage. He is one whose council members are "100%" behind him, but that is because he is ruthless and strikes fear into them to get his way.

    Not many know it, but the future isn't exactly 100% fair. Maximus has many enemies, and if he's not careful he may find himself dead soon, but he's a cleaver/sly man. Ero Permaneo is an intriguing world, propaganda ran or not. Broken into different sections, civilization is so advanced one can live on almost ANY terrain they wish, transportation providing. Surprise and amazement are around every corner of this future world.


    The Waste

    The waste is a barren plain of existence that stretches out for an unseen area. It is always dark and dreary in this land, and isn't run by any council or even seem to have any form of civilization. Wild beasts of unknown nature and brutal tendencies roam freely, and danger and death linger in the putrid air. Prisoners from all three worlds are often sent here for the worst of punishments. None have ever survived, that are known of. It seems with the appearance of the Dark Man, that he is drawn toward the Waste. Only a select few, including the leaders of the council, are granted access to the waste, so its true whereabouts remain unknown to the general mass.

    Within the heart of the Waste is a dark factory which looks like a large tower. Chimneys constantly spew out molten lava and death and destruction are etched into its walls. Every now and then the wind will carry forlorn wails which are assumed to come from its mysterious walls. No one knows what lies inside the factory, or who runs it, and no one dares venture in, or lives to.

    Some believe that it is within those forsaken walls that the cure to the spreading sickness will be found, but what horrors await anyone who is brave and lucky, or unlucky, enough to make it to the factory? And it is only a rumor. Perhaps it is a false one that will lead the adventurer to his/her untimely, brutal, doom.

    One thing is for sure, the factory isn't about to give away any of its deep, dark, secrets. Save to those who already have a trip to their grave.

    ((there you have it...that's as far as i've ever gotten with this :p perhaps i'll pick it up again one day...))
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