PROMPT Genre Bender Challenge - Wizardly Discovery!

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  1. The point of the genre bender is to take the given trope, something that is a staple of a given genre (whether it be fantasy, modern, futuristic, etc.) and think of a way to make them work in a completely different genre that you would not immediately think of when confronted with this trope.

    For example: if I were to suggest an outlaw as a challenge, you might think of the Old West, or even Space Pirates, or something like that. But what would an outlaw look like in, say, a faerie forest? Or Ancient Maya? Or even with sentient (talking) feral animals?

    So take a setting that you would not think of using for the given story idea, and USE IT!

    A Wizardly Discovery!

    He always thought he was different, somehow. Nobody could exactly figure out what, including him. Until one day. A possibility never before considered: wizard. And with that gift, comes abilities. A practical wizard makes use of his surroundings. What kind of abilities does he acquire, and how do they help him manipulate his surroundings?

    Choose your genre, and choose your powers! Create your wizard in a whole new way!
  2. I can just imagine an old west cowboy going,"This town ain't big 'nuff fer the two of us.",and a faerie just staring at him weirdly.
  3. He had been a normal boy at the time, in a world where magic was considered to be non-existent. Science ruled the world, and things that were non-scientific were ridiculed and possibly destroyed. When he found himself able to control magnetic force using his hand, finding he had a unique one compared to the norm of electric currents in one's skin and body, he had been at first excited and full of inspiration. However, there is much metal around, and it always comes to stick to him- and that's a problem when people start noticing you've always got a lot of strange things on your strongly magnetic hand. People slowly began to realize him as an outsider, until eventually, he was decided a wanted man because no one could scientifically explain the strange phenomenon.