Genre Bender Challenge: The Elven Forest

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The point of a genre-bender is to take a well known, genre related trope or story starter and transplant it into another genre.

The Elven Forest

You've all probably seen one representation or another of the lovely enchanted elven forest, with its many dangers and rewards. The elves themselves are long lived, perhaps immortal, and full of magic. Take this old standard of high fantasy and transplant it to another genre. Write a scene, description, planet profile, or whatever you need to get this going in a completely new genre.



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Okay, I could go on for so much longer but I decided to keep it short:)

About: Taeroul is an age old country, having history that spans back over thousands of years and a lot of the old history is unknown to many now, lost in the labyrinth of time. It used to be a country of woods and fields, a place where the elves ruled the lands with magic and lived in harmony and unison with the other races. The oldest legends tells of a race called humans that were the first inhabitants of Taeroul, they had little magic and dominated the land for hundreds of years. Then history just forgets the humans and with the help of a few scrolls and legends it is widely believed that the humans evolved accordingly to how they needed to survive and that eventually they became elves.

Climate: The continent is temperate, cold in the north and warmer in the south, there four seasons but the winter is colder in the north and shorter in the south, and the summer is far warmer in the south and cooler in the north. A large mountain chain divides the south west corner from the rest of Taeroul. In the south there is more forests, elves keep their agriculture there while in the north mines bury deep into the mountainous ground.

History: From the beginning Taeroul was a lush and magical world, and the elves were the most magical race except for the dragons. They cared for and spoke with nature. But then, slowly, science and knowledge took over and a large scale war between the elves and the dragons and the rest of the races broke out. The elves won and pushed back the other races' and started building their modern society.

Large cities with buildings touching the sky, floating vehicles powered by electricity and hot air took elves over every terrain, between the cities long glass tubes were built, housing the speedy trains, supported by enormous pillars and smog was effectively taken care of by building large filters.

As science and technology took over the magic drained from Taeroul, the dragons looked on with pain until their lives were in danger as the magic was woven into their hearts. Using their powers they altered their shapes to look like the rumoured humans of ancient times though traits of elves is there as well. The other races drew back into their homes, hiding from the technology that threatened to wipe them out and their numbers dwindled.

As of late there are some in the highly technological world that wishes for the old times of magic, when all races lived in harmony and the world itself were healthy. Though there exist only traces of lore and legends about the sacrifice and the guardians that could bring Taeroul back to its former glory a few elves and drak'lin work together to learn the truth and lead magic back into Taeroul.

Important Locations

- Ahiya: The large ocean to the south where mermaids and an assortment of underwater animals make their homes.

- Faeru: The capital city of the elves.

- Mnemet: The winding caves and tunnels underground housing the dark faye.

- Phan'ty: The ancient ruins that are rumoured to exists somewhere in Taeroul, the remnants of the humans and times of old, long lost to history.

- Qouy'ra: The home of the drak'lin, a secret valley with only one entrance through a treacherous mountain pass. A lush place with a city in the trees, built around and on the large trees without harming them.

- Shar'oule: The largest remaining forest, home to trolls, faye and vättar.

- Toul'ija:The river going between east and west, branching off into many smaller streams, this is the favoured spot for Nixies and smaller fish.

- Zhealot: The open cave city of the light faye, deep inside Shar'oule.


- Drak'lin: The remnants of the mighty dragons, as magic left the world the dragons got weaker and eventually, to manage to live on they used their last magic to shape shift into human like creatures. They have pointed ears, albeit shorter than the elves, their features are softer and more open than the elves as well though otherwise they are very similar. In their culture, women are priestesses and politicians while the men are hunters and warriors. Women can learn self defence but should mostly keep to their tasks.

The drak'lin however are fierce capable warriors that recent how the world have changed and recent the elves for ignoring it. They lack the power to change anything though as they have lost almost all their magic and no one knows quite how to get it back. They live secluded in the southeast corner of the land.

- Elves: The largest group inhabiting Taeroul, that are the dominating race and also rumoured to be the descendants of a race called humans. They are generally tall, graceful and live for hundreds of years, and with the science they know today many have lived thousands of years. The elves are a peaceful race but won't shy away from battle, they are masters with the bow and short blades even if it today is a mere hobby many elves take their heritage seriously.

They have pointed ears and acute hearing, rumoured to hear the gods speak, their long lives and acquired skill makes many of them arrogant and self assured. Their colours range from dark to light but they always own a serene grace matched by but a few others. Elves are mostly naturally level headed, calm and passionate about their homes and families, light their anger however and it will stay lit until revenge is dealt.

- Faye: The size of a small elf they resemble elves a lot but with sharper, slimmer and colder features. They are meaner and more treacherous than elves and is not to trust. Even if the light faye are more peaceful and lives in brighter places they are just as devious and dangerous as the dark faye.

Light: Pale skinned and light haired they have an otherworldly beauty, and it only intensifies in sunlight as light faye almost seem translucent. But their coal black eyes show their true nature, the eyes seems to suck in light and yet there is no light in their eyes at all. They live in caves with bright open fields outside, using their beauty to lure victims to their homes where they kill and eat them.

Dark: Ebony haired and white skinned, they have the same serene beauty as their cousins but their dead, black eyes stand out against their skin creating an eerie attractiveness. Their skin is as cold as ice and they shun the sun, living in deep, dark forests and underground caves, luring innocent victims to their lairs. They eat less than the light faye but are also more fierce and twisted minded than their light cousins.

- Nixie: The male counterpart to the mermaids, a water spirit that can change his shape depending on what is needed. One can see him as a beautiful man, sitting naked while playing his violin. When the music traps his victim the Nixie leads them into the river to eat them. However if he is approached correctly he may teach you to play but most who do slowly goes crazy under the ethereal sound of the music he can play.

Other times he is a magnificent white horse that tricks children into climbing onto his back. No matter how many children or people that climb upon him there is always space as he gets longer and longer, when you sit upon his back though you can never get off and the Nixie will jump into the river with his prey.
He can also take the shape of water itself. The Nixie prefers rivers and ponds as his home and as with the mermaids steel will protect against him, throw it at him and he will retreat into the water, and as a horse he wil buck off his riders.

- Mermaid: They have a woman's upper body and the tail of a fish, they are beautiful and alluring, with long flowing hair. Their scales glitter and shine in the sun when they sit on rocks combing their hair or entice men with the songs. They have all kinds of colours on hair, skin and tail but their eyes are often dark or white. However their backs are hollow and rotten which they hide with their long hair. Mermaids trick people, mostly men, into the sea with their song to drown and eat them but if you throw steel between a mermaid and her victim she will be forced to return to the sea lest her powers will vanish.

- Troll: Large or small, cute or ugly. Trolls come in many sizes and colours, their common trait is shaggy hair, long tails ending with a tuft of fur, large noses and kind brown eyes. Despite their size or lack there of trolls are peaceful and gentle, they would never purposefully harm anyone and they often help the animals near their homes. When the sun rises however the larger trolls will freeze to stone until the sun sets again and even the small trolls are mainly night living creatures. Neither of them are very smart and are easily tricked and are also often quite clumsy with things smaller than themselves.

- Vättar: Small, childlike beings that live under elven dwellings, they can make themselves invisible but when you can see them they are mostly clad in greys, browns or any earthy colour in general. They have a pointed chin, thin noses, tanned skin and small wings than can carry them short distances. Their sharp features are softened by a kind devious glint in their eyes. They are mostly friendly and can even help elves out unless they are badly treated or chased from their homes.

After the technological advancements of the elves vättarna have drawn back from the elven cities and live in the Shar'oule forest instead. They need earth beneath a house to live there and as the elves have steel, pavement and glass now vättarna mourns the loss of their homes and can they annoy or harm an elf they will do it.
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