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  1. The deserts of Arabia are very cruel to the poor, people die everyday in the streets for small thefts, or via starvation. Senal is one of those poor who struggles everyday fighting for his life in the desert lands of his kingdom. Everyone is a thief though right? The rich steal from the poor everyday. The boy see's a chance to get some money from some strange, and skittish man walking about as if looking for someone, or something. On his back is a fancy looking satchel... it has to have something well valued. The Arabian boy see's a chance to make a few coin nothing harmful the man looks well feed surely he wont miss a few coins right?

    The bazaar is filled with people selling their wares as the street performers dazzle the buyers with intense, and dangerous tricks. A lot of noise is made by both as the teen moves after his target switching between hiding spots well laced together. The columns, the boxes, the camels, and many other objects help hide the starving thief as he gets close to his target. He knows he has to act fast the palace guard could appear at any minute making their daily rounds around the city. All that's left is distance, and quick movement as his target laced in the attire of silk, and jewelry briefly admires a silk rug being shown off by a lowly merchant. The dash is quick as Senal pulls out a small dagger, and in one fell swoop he silently cuts off the satchel from its owner slithering it off in such a quick movement that the owner would not notice the theft until he reached for it.

    The thief Senal, however, would be long gone off with his prize well earned by the rules of the poor. As soon as he was safe, and well hidden in the back alleyways the boy would check his earnings... a few coins... and a map? It seemed the boys luck was short today though the coins would feed him a day or two. Looking over the strangely old map the teen is suddenly over taken by a clattering sound. Looking to his feet reveals a ring that had fallen out of the map. With wide desperate eyes he plops to the ground hiding it within his arms. Looking around to make sure none have notice his new reward he slowly opens his hands to observe his prize. A beautiful gold ring encrusted with a well rounded emerald rests in his palms. A fact that brings much joy to the thief... looking around again he gets a small silly idea. It wouldn't hurt to try it on right? With not as much as a thought to the silly notion he slips it upon his ring finger, and raises it to the sun... such beautiful craftsmanship shines gorgeously in the sunlight. Satisfied with his findings he lightly rubs the emerald, and then proceeds to... remove it?

    The boy has become frantic, scared even. Now within the confines of his own shambles hiding spot he fights the ring well rested upon his ring finger. It wont come off no matter how hard he tries. Neither water, or strength help to even make it budge from his finger. However, fatigue has quickly caught up with the street thief as he plops upon a few stolen pillows that make his bed. Looking a at his finger yet again he rubs the emerald, and suddenly feels a presence behind him... the sweet scent of fruit fills the air as a strange aura slowly clouds around him sending shivers down his back. Very slowly the teen turns around, and is met with something not entirely human.
  2. Out of a purple coloured flame an entity slowly started to take form behind Senal that humans would call an mythological creature known as a djinn. She was a cheerful female genie with a tanned skin and nice long blonde hair. Her name was Ailynn. The moment Ailynn opened her green eyes, that shockingly matched up perfectly to the shade of green the ring itself bore, she found herself inside of a run down house clearly abandoned by its original owners long age to let rot. Once she was done observing her surrounding her eye looked down to see a little boy standing right in front of her. Was this her new master? But what had happened to… She shook her head. It was so long ago since she was last released from this accursed ring. She couldn’t even remember her previous master.
    She now turned to the boy, looking at him she realized that this was her new master. At this new found fact her smile slowly turned into a seductive gaze. In all those years she was pretty sure she’d never had such a young master before and he looked pretty cute as well.
    “Thank you for releasing me!” she spoke. Those words had always been the first thing she would tell her new masters. “My name is Ailynn and I will grant you infinitive wishes.” She waited patiently as she was curious to how the boy would react to her presence.
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  3. Senal stood their completely frozen with the site of the mythical creature currently standing in front of him. At first he was pretty sure all the years of little nutriment had finally caught up with him starting to cause him to experience hallucinations. Though when it was clear she was disappearing after her introduction his mind finally started to wrap around one thought.

    "DEMON," he scream falling unto his back as he pushed himself as far away from her as possible before regaining his proper motor skill functions to stand back up, and start running away from what he was certain was a monster about to devour his soul no matter what she had said. Running with pure panic in his eyes he shot through numerous parts of the rundown house until he was certain he was safe from the Djinn. Currently hiding within a ran down crate the boy lightly lifted up the lid to observe his surroundings. Once he was sure he had lost her he hide back inside the crate trying to get his thoughts straight.

    "That wasn't real... that wasn't real... there is no such thing a Djinn," the Arabian boy told himself over, and over again as he calmed himself down tot he point that he finally crawled out of the box. Slowly, and carefully he traveled back to his own shambled hideout, and once he had searched the room down to each nook, and cranny he was satisfied that he was right.

    "See Senal... nothing is here... ugh," he suddenly felt his stomach growl due to all the activity he had just gone through. Rubbing his stomach he sighed. "Though if it was I wish I had some food," he chuckled weakly to himself.
  4. Ailynn let out a small sigh as she saw how the boy ran away. In all those years, with all the masters she had, the first expression any master would show to her was fear. Pure fear. Somehow they seemed to be afraid of Ailynn. Why? She would never do anything wrong, would she? She grinned a bit, not as a genie at least…
    She didn’t bother following the boy to tell him that it was all okay or to calm him down. No, he would come back eventually. Meanwhile Ailynn decided to hide behind a closet. Maybe she could play a little prank on the boy, scaring him when he would return.
    The boy did return and just when Ailynn was about to come out from her hiding place the boy made a wish. “Though if it was I wish I had some food,”
    “Consider it granted!” Ailynn said from her hiding place. The boy looked so weak and poor. As if he hadn’t eaten anything for days, maybe even for weeks. She felt sorry for him and decided to give him the best meal she could conjure. Ailynn moved her fingers up and down and pushed her hands forward to the empty floor before in front of the boy. Purple sparks flied from her fingers in the boy’s direction and a couple of seconds later a large plate appeared in front of him, with on the plate a delicious turkey on a layer of lettuce. More, smaller plates started appearing with large heaps of rice, plates with grapes and olives and a bowl with a delicious sauce matching well together with the taste of the turkey.
    Full of pride Ailynn looked to the result of her magic. “There you go, my little master” she said as she bow down to show respect to her master.
  5. Senal jumped at the sound of Ailynn's voice as for the first time he experienced the sight of magic at play as the female genie created a grand feast from nothing. The boy's eyes were full of shock at the display of such grand foods some of which he had never seen before. His mouth started to water in hunger almost for a moment completely forgetting about the fact he had a genie in the room with him as he immediately started to tear into the turkey first savoring every bite like it had been his first. It would only take five minutes into the meal for him to remember Ailynn as he halted eating a bit of a mess on his face. Looking away hesitantly for a moment he wiped his face before returning his sights to the Djinn.

    "... Thank you for the meal Ailynn was it," he asked now a bit more calm as she had shown she had no hostile intentions. He sat down, and started to tear into the meal again trying to figure out how best to handle all this. Once he started to devour some of the fruit he would finally speak again.

    "Sorry for my earlier reaction I have just heard so many horror stories about your kind that I wasn't sure what you would really do. Clearly I was wrong. Are you going to eat," he asked wondering if at all Genies required food.
  6. She hesitated as she repeated the boy’s words in her head: ‘Are you going to eat?’ He said it like an invitation to join the meal. Slowly she came closer and nodded. “Okay,” she said. “If you like me to do so, I will!” she bowed forward, grabbing an olive, dipping it in the sauce and quickly putting it in her mouth. She closely watched the boy, trying to figure out any sign of approval. Did he really allow her to eat or was this more like a test, trying to figure out if she actually would eat from her masters meal?

    It didn’t feed her: human food wouldn’t energize a djinn like it did for humans. She could absorb the olive however and as she did, a little spark of enjoyment went through her body. The taste of the olive was great. She never got to taste her own meals before. Such a shame! The olive was so delicious. As she enjoyed the taste, she felt again the urge to become a human. She wondered what it would be like to taste and actually eat things as a human being.

    She shook the thoughts away as she completely absorbed the olive. “Thank you, master” she whispered just loud enough for the boy to hear her.
  7. "Uh your welcome? My names Senal... I guess now that I know your not going to devour my soul I better apologize for running away," the boy hesitantly chuckled a bit embarrassed by the scene he had made only moments ago. Now with a spark of interest, and for the first time the energy to play on it he tilted his head at very curious about this "wishing" business. It wasn't everyday you had a magical being servicing you, and he wanted to know as much as he could before participating in any further wishes.

    "So do these wishes cost me anything, and you will grant anything I wish for? No rules whatsoever," he asked as he sat down completely full for the first time in his whole life... a feeling that for him was just to amazing to describe. Then that's when it dawned on him, her eyes matched the exact same color as the ring... had he summoned her with the ring?

    "I thought genie's came from lamps? Or is that something my kind made up?"
  8. “Yeah!” Ailyza responded indignantly after Senal had asked his second question. “I thought so as well!” she said a bit fiercely. After she calmed down a bit, she went on, trying to explain things more clearly to Senal:
    “Actually genies can come from any kind of jewellery, equipment, furniture… anything. Not just lamps, that’s a myth!” She sighed. “However somehow I’m the one bound to a ring. Why can’t I just have a lamp?” She raised her voice again. “Can you imagine how uncomfortable this is?” She bended a bit to the side, representing the upper part of an O-shape. Actually, she lied there. The shape of the ring had nothing to do with the shape of her ‘house’. The ring was just a portal to a small universe, where she lived at moments she wasn’t summoned.
    She calmed down again, realising she might have expressed her frustrations a bit too much.
    “I’m sorry my master… what was your first question again?”
  9. Senal flinched slightly at Ailyza's response clearly he had grind her gears a bit with his first meeting reactions, but thankfully for the poor Arabian boy it seemed Genie's were not capable of harming, or attacking their Masters. He would then listen in as she started to explain how the whole lamp thing was true it was just not as common as humans believed apparently as there were numerous types of items a Genie could be trapped in.

    "Oh um my first question was do these wishes have any costs, or... penalties perhaps," he asked being careful with his words since he didn't want to upset her more then she might have been at the moment a fact at the moment he could understand. So he was now the proud owner of a genie... wait a minute though her ring came with a map... if the guy who had her ring a moment ago new about possessing a genie why wasn't he wearing the ring?

    "Does this map mean anything," the boy asked as he quickly scoured the area to show the old map to the genie girl.
  10. “Right!” Ailynn said as he reminded her of the question he had asked before. She folded her hands together.
    “No costs and no penalties” she said triumphantly. “Your wishes will be absolutely free of charge!” She didn’t mention him of course that she would took his wishes very literally. Like her previous masters it was quite likely a wish would turn out ‘bad’, in which case the only option would be undoing the wish.
    “There are limits to the things I can do for you, however” Ailynn continued. “You can’t wish people death for example…”
    She now turned to the map which Senal showed her.
    “That’s quite an interesting thing you’ve got there” she said as she grabbed the map out of the boy’s hands. “It doesn’t belong to me, so I can’t tell you where it leads to, but the map seems to be quite old, probably it will have to do something with ancient history and…” Ailynn went with her fingers over the familiar markings on the map. “It might be related to my kind somehow.”
  11. "Well that's a good rule to have especially with something as a all powerful genie," Senal responded as she took the map from his hands. He titled his head as she seemed to glaze over the strange symbols over the map. Apparently it was possible that this map could lead to old knowledge lost by the people of the sands about the Djinn.

    "Would it be wise to investigate it, or would it be best to leave such things alone," he asked a he finally got the nerve to do what he had wanted to do when she had first met her. He lightly grasped her free roving hand. She felt soft, and very real almost as if it was the last sign he needed he know knew for sure she was real. Her skin however did feel unnaturally soft like silk so soothing to the touch that weirdly enough he was stopping.
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