Genetics can be Royal (OOC and Plot)

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  1. Alrighty. So back to plotting!
  2. alright so first lets post up character sheets
  3. Mhm. You may go first. I might take a while. I'm multitasking so hard at the moment.
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Zia Luego
    Gender: Female
    Species: Neko?
    Age: 20
    Fears: wolves and dogs.
    Good points: kind, generous.
    Relationships: knows nothing about relation ships
    Hobbies: playing with her pet cat and drawing.
    Talents: can speak to cats
    History: was adopted in a royal family after being let loose from the lab and remembers none of it.
    Personal Goal: To find out her made her who she is.
    Accent, if any. British
    Occupation: none.
  5. Ahh...To save time I might just use Zilo...If thats fine with you.
  6. that's okay!
  7. Ah, thank you. So, what do you wanna settle next on the list.
  8. Or shall we just begin?
  9. we should be able to begin now
  10. Alright. Making thread!
  11. Ah, its a bit short. Kinda distracted at the moment so it won't always be like that.
Thread Status:
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