Geneticka: Crimson crossroads (Megameg and Desaecula)

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It was an average day in an average place, but in far from average circumstancs. as the sun went down on the wrong side of the tracks, people brushed along the streets and went about their business. Cliche as it might be, the city never sleeps. by day the people roam around their peaceful lives....

But by night... the bloodsuckers feast, and the beasts crawl otu from their holes as rats feast upon their midnight meals scraps.

The world is a cruel place, And at night, it was even moreso. A lone figure watches the sdisipating crowds. scannign as he does every night for the perfect one. the perfect little sheep to end this game of predator and prey.

A lone man with tranquilizers and chloroform. He was going to change everything tonight.he knew it. and for one young woman, this would be true enough to encite nightmares for a good time to come.

What is light without darkness? what is joy without fear....