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  1. Scientists. Lack of ethics. Genetic awesomeness. Awesomeness backfire. Put these together in your head, and see what happens. In this RP, we focus less on superhuman mutation, rather on creation of something new based on a human or (insert animal here) template. These new things backfire on us and mankind in some way, and we all get screwed. What say you?
  2. I would love to join!
  3. Sounds good, I may have a few ideas to help out here.
  4. Go on. I had a little plot planned out, but shoot.
  5. Sometime in the future, where expansion into space is possible, a new soldier is needed to fight due to a lack of available candidates upon colony worlds. As a result, a scientist named Credalsis - a hermit at heart, preferring to stick to his research - gathers a team of genetics specialists to create a new form of weapon. A soldier than can be grown to fight in specialized roles. However, before the project is finished, he lays down what he calls the self-titled Credalsis Effect which states that as one attribute increases, others must be cut to compensate, and that this should be taken into effect for future generations of the "Chromes." Also within these laws state that they are, to all extents, human in nature and should be treated as such.

    Then, as you said, shit goes down once the laws are discarded as soon as the project is released to the public. No one follows it, wars are waged, etc.
  6. My thing could easily coincide with yours. Not as far in the future as in the present (if such a concept were to exist), several biologists (the most experience genetic engineers in the world, so your character can be from almost anywhere) are "recruited" by a mysterious man named Mr. S, who says he works for an organization interested in their particular skills (all of the researchers are highly able and capable of doing amazing things with life if given the resources). They agree, and their former lives end as effective stunt doubles pose as the researchers and end their lives, dying in such a way as to prevent anyone from knowing the truth. Taken to an isolated location away from the public eye, the researchers are given two options: Continue to work for their mysterious employers by producing various genetic marvels based on their interests and skills (enhancement, creation of life, etc.) or die, as no one can know about the place or the people. The rest of the story can be told from 2 perspectives: As journal entries detailing a day or as us writing together in conventional RP fashion. The RP would span several years (in story time). Of course, lots of things can happen in, say, 6 years. Especially with men and women willing to create hybrids, super-soldiers, and mutated animals under one roof. Therefore, you can do your thing with a solder maker, I can do something where I work with my hybrids, and if Kyo is still in, can do whatever she wants. We can continue to add more people by just having them shipped in as fresh meat. If you need anything, have your character talk to the supervisor, Mr. S, who will provide you with whatever you request, be it more funds, tinted windows, or assistants to be fed to the aggressive fish-people. Multiple mini-plots revolving and connected together by one main plot. If projects are actually finished, we can even write about the results (your wars, my clashes between rising races against the old, etc.). Still in?
  7. Absolutely, figured I'd offer what I could.
  8. I wanna be in possibly :0
  9. Always nice to have input.
  10. Great! We'll start soon.

    Still interested?
  11. I'm still interested yes
  12. Well, whenever you have the time, I sent out a mass PM for characters.
  13. When can you clarify the exact story/plot planned for me?

    Sorry for asking
  14. The whole thing between me and J wasn't enough?
  15. I'll join, if I can get a method of posting better than a kindle. Sounds interesting.
  16. Tell me when you do and I'll add you to the PM.
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