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  1. A battle between races, we've all heard of it before. Who's going to overpower the others? Who will lose against natural selection? Same old story. Same old concept. This time around, they decide to battle in the unknown world known to us as space. However, one accidental explosion causes a rift in the good ol' time space continuum which obviously sucks every ship in and launches them into a new world. Each ship is demolished, many of your kind dead, but surely not all of them. They each awaken one by one. To their surprise, they made it back on Earth...all the way back into the prehistoric ages. Ancient creatures now roam the land, exotic plants spotted within each and every corner. What will you do to survive?



    N a m e : Celina Nivosus
    A g e :
    G e n d e r :
    R a c e :
    Fairy - Winter Division
    B i o :
    Born in the artic, Celina grew up with a heart of ice, physically and metaphorically. She was only focused on her role as a fairy, causing her to snap at anyone who interfered. The fairy rarely goes out because of her physical condition. Because of this, her people and social skills are rather rusty.


    The Celina's deep blue eyes fluttered awake as she sat up. Her gaze scanned over the crashed ship, still engulfed in the burning flames which she magaged to get out of. This stupid war, though Celina. It was pointless in the first place and now look what happens. She looked around, hoping to see if there were any more of her kind. Unfortunatley, all she could find were towering trees and the exotic creatures which lived upon it. Well no use searching for anything here. Standing up from the dirted ground, the petite fairy shook off any dust from her pale skin and untangled that lengthened sky-blue hair of hers. Might as well find a cave or something.