Genesis Game: Reattempt #5

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  1. HELLOOOOOO THERE, lovely of you to stop by ^^ This is an advertisement for a roleplay that I am CONSTANTLY trying to get started (and hopefully finished) on this site and a few others. As it says above, this is the 5th attempt at the story on an established website and I am looking for a small group of dedicated RPers with a lot of time on their hands and a dedicated muse.


    Now onto what this is actually about :3

    The "Genesis Game" is a game only in name and is the ruination and salvation of humanity. It begins at the end of the world and ends at it's creation as it is designed to keep the spirit of humanity alive and the spirit of demonkind at bay, yes, demonkind. The world we live in is not the first earth, and it is not the last as it's sole purpose is to give us humans a place to live. Why are we so important to have alive and well?... You can find that out later.

    Time is nigh for the game to begin again as demons are flooding into the human world, threatening to take it over and destroy it. They're pouring in through static bursts in the atmosphere that are being called "fissures" by scientist as the areas seem to absorb the energy of anything around it as if something fell into a bottomless fissure. Areas around these fissures have the inhabitants slaughtered by unseen almost ghostly forces: inanimate objects coming to life and mutilating people, houses burning down over night, heart attacks, etc. After their deaths people are reanimating, skeletons or not, with little explanation as to how from any of the great scientific or religious sources.

    In the meantime, seven youths are being chosen by an unnamed force to "play" in the Genesis game and save humanity again. They're all drawn together by mysterious almost predetermined circumstances to discover their destiny as the earth's saviours... And destroyers.

    But first, they must all die.

    Spots are limited for the chosen youths, but there will be extra roles open up as the RP goes on, so stick around!

    Spots available (All spots must be filled)
    Males: 1/3 spots taken.
    Females: 0/4 spots taken.

    If you decide to be a member of this RP your character can NOT be killed off or randomly disappear. Someone will have to assume your character for the roleplay to continue.

    Game is Here
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  2. If you are still accepting applications, I'm willing to give this a try. :)

  3. I'm interested in joining if there are any slots still available. ​
  4. There are certainly still spots available!
  5. Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out shortly. ​
  6. When the site gives you no notifications.

  7. Yup, when the site doesn't give you any notification. I'll see what I can come up with. :)
  8. C'mon peeps ;-;
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