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Do you consider yourself picky?

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  1. Yes, we're a notable minority around here. The champions of food who stick to a specific kind of food(s), drink(s), what have you....while completely avoiding certain things for little to no reason. In the world of food, what are your triggers when it comes to food preferences and habits such as:

    ~Mixing two things together, conventional or not. Example being that a friend of mine puts mustard on his mac and cheese. [Literally why.]


    ~Cooked or not, and how. (Ex: I like raw carrots but refuse to eat them steamed)

    ~Cultural foods. (Can't stand mole, a mexican dish.)

    ~Style of food (Ex: I hate chicken as it is but love honey bbq wings)

    And what foods do you dislike that are generally something everyone else likes?
    Here is my list

    I dislike pumpkin spice lates.

    Avocados are my bane

    I refuse to eat tomatoes.

    I can't stand it when foods in my plate touch.

    I only eat honey bbq wings. I don't eat chicken as it is without something.

    Refried beans are my fave but I can't eat them unless they're smashed.
    [Come at me]
  2. I'm not picky at all. Because growing up it was eat what was cooked or be hungry.

    My wife on the other hand..
    • Has to eat two of the same color candy (m&ms, skittles, etc). If there are an odd number I get them.
    • Nothing with a bone in it.
    • Nothing under well done.
    • Plain burger. Maybe bacon. Mustard and ketchup only.
    • Will not touch something unless I show her what package it came out of.
    • Refuses to eat anything not from a store. (My dad is a big Hunter so I get literal freezer loads of venison, gator, etc)
    • If it's been out for more than fifteen minutes it's got to be spoiled. She won't touch it.
    • Can't mix peas and the mashed potatoes.
  3. The very smell the of eggs being made in the morning is enough to make me vomit.
  4. I don't like tomato's.
    Cheese burgers are cheese, bacon, ketchup and pickles (not relish).
    Sub's are tuna, bacon, cheese and pickles.
    I won't eat Vegetables unless if there's dip.
  5. I'm not picky at all. I like tons of condiments on my sandwiches, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers. The only things I will not take are relish and onions. Those are nasty.

    My brother, however, will have nothing but the meat and the bun on everything. I can't understand it.
  6. I'm not really picky, although I am lactose intolerant and generally hate cheese, so I tend to avoid food that's covered in it or try to remove the cheese. I also don't really like spicy foods that much because they play hell with my guts and nothing is appealing about having your nose start running when you're eating.

    However, if food is offered, or already made, I'll eat it. Waste not, want not. Life's too short to be prissy with food.
  7. Today I ate 1/3rd of a O'Henry bar that was teetering on the edge of a garbage can.

    However, if I get even a whiff of perogies I feel bile rise in my throat.
  8. If someone else made it for me (excluding restaurants) I'll choke down basically anything with a smile; even things that make me gag like blue cheese or soggy bread or overcooked pasta or sour pickles.

    I have preferences and things I dislike, but none so much that I'll refuse to eat or be whiny about it. Like, I'm not a fan of cooked tomatoes (love fresh/raw ones though) but if spaghetti with tomato sauce is what's available then that's what I'll eat.
  9. I'm generally not a picky person BUUUUUUUT:

    -I prefer not to eat mushrooms (I will still eat it if someone gives it to me directly)
    -Pumpkin soup tastes like creamy piss
    -Give me white radish/daikon and I will kill you

    Otherwise...I can sorta eat anything that's not spoilt :D
  10. Tomato (I'm talking pieces here, not paste, ketchup or flavoring)
    Onion (Only diced or powdered or fried)
    Greens (Collard, Mustard, Turnip)
    Peas (Other than snap)
    Beans (Other than green, but not fried green beans)
    Cranberry sauce
    Gravy (Only on biscuits or on mashed potatoes)
    Fried pickles

    There's probably more that I can't think of.
  11. I don't care for olives or mushrooms, but I'll eat them.

    Aside from that, I'm on a seafood diet... in if I see food, I'll eat it. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
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  12. Piiiiicky.

    A small list:

    No seafood (except calamari, when I'm in a good mood)
    No lamb, no venison, no rabbit
    No asparagus or green beans or kale or most greens (I like broccoli and peas though)
    No beans
    No mushrooms
    No raw tomato
    Not a fan of most soups (chicken is okay, and some others. No chowder)
    I also don't like most fruits (peaches and mangoes and kiwi and melon (watermelon is good) or cantaloupe or raspberries or blackberries--the list goes on)
    Stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce
    Most salads + every dressing (vinegar is naasty)
    Condiments (I hate ketchup and mustard and mayo and relish and you name it, I hate it)
    I eat most of my food rather plain, which is boring as hell, but there's nothing more creative than ketchup at home to decorate it with

    And I won't eat certain leftovers (it doesn't help that my dad will leave chicken out until the next morning...) and am picky about how well cooked my food is (I'm that asshole that sends a steak back like 5 times because it was undercooked by 2 minutes and then overcooked because I sent it back cut up to hell and expected the edges not to brown).

    I mean I'd probably try a lot of these things more often if they were in a more creative format but I definitely won't be eating any of these on their own (and beans and mushrooms will forever make me gag).
  13. I'm actually curious here now:

    Have you guys ever heard of someone who /likes/ putting mustard in their mac n' cheese? Or do /you/ do that? I'm unsure as to how common this is...

    It makes me cringe.
  14. I wouldn't consider myself picky (at least not in the sense that I would only stick to a small number of foods), but there are some things that I just don't like that are otherwise generally pretty popular:
    • Peanuts/peanut butter. I just don't like the taste. I tell people I don't like peanuts and they're like "Oh, are you allergic?" and I tell them "No, I just don't like them... as I just said..." Like, I feel like if I was actually allergic, it would be wise of me to be more clear about that. (In fact, I go out of my way to say "I don't like peanuts" instead of "I don't eat peanuts" just so that it's clear that I'm not allergic and that I will gladly eat any sort of chocolate candy that does not contain substantial amounts of peanuts but was produced in the same factory as peanut-containing candy and so people won't feel like they can't ever offer me M&M's or some shit out of fear that it'll kill me -- cuz it won't, and I'll gladly eat them.)
    • Soda, or anything else that's carbonated. I just can't stand the texture.
    • Coffee. Shit's gross. (And yes, I have tried adding cream and sugar. It's still gross.)
    • Tea's just as bad as coffee.
    • Anything spicy. It's painful and I don't understand the appeal. I might eat something that's only very mildly spicy, but... yeah. Anything spicy enough to produce that burning sensation in my mouth, I think I'll stay away from.
    • To a lesser extent, ground beef. I might still eat it depending on what it's in, and I'm not nearly as repulsed by it as I am by just about everything else on this list, but, I just don't think it tastes that great. Burgers in particular I pretty much never eat -- I'll substitute for a hot dog or chicken any day.
    But like, other than those things? Sure, I'll try anything.

    Edit: OH HEY, did I mention that one time that I accidentally took a bite out of a really spicy chicken wing, and then tried to douse my mouth with what I thought was water, but was actually soda?? Yeah, that wasn't a particularly fun day.
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  15. Tried it. Pretty good.
  16. I've not tried it. But it doesn't sound bad. I've put ketchup in before, which I liked.
  17. I may try it for the hell of it but the thought of mustard being in there disturbs me. Well, maybe I'm just solely imagining the generic mustard and not other types haha
  18. Lemme put it this way, I gave my boss a list of foods I will not and foods I cannot eat. that's all I'ma say on that. (it's only like two or three things I can't have)
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