General Supernatural-Hunting RP?

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  1. So, as I was browsing the modfan section, I was thinking: 'Wow, there sure are quite a few demon hunter roleplays.' (and by that I mean, like, 2, [maybe more I haven't seen...]); and, eventually I came to think, 'But what about all the other supernatural creatures, like vampires, werewolves, etc.?' (maybe there are active ones of those type, but heck if I know). Then I got this “wonderful” idea to interest check for a general supernatural hunting roleplay. I currently don't have a plot, but will surely think of one within a week. Also, I was thinking that, maybe as a twist, some of the hunters themselves could be supernaturals, or at least partially so (I'd restrict this to a limited number of people, though).

    So that it would make more sense for the hunters to be supernatural, the hunting would be restricted to focusing on the malevolent entities, and not be just “supernaturals must die” or something. This roleplay would probably rely heavily on use of the tropes mentioned in this: Our Monsters Are Different.

    But anyway, Iwaku inhabitants, what do you think?
  2. Well, I like it.
  3. (Maker of a ongoing demon hunter RP right here)

    So what time period would this be in?
  4. (I see.) Vaguely modern or slightly futuristic.
  5. What do you mean by vaguely modern or slightly futuristic?
  6. Unspecified time period, with modern or slightly futuristic technology.
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  7. Perhaps I'll join. Not sure yet.
  8. I'll join, why not. It sounds interesting.
  9. I have some semblance of a plot written that might just pass.

    "Myth, allegory, and even fairy tales. All often include legendary creatures, usually of the hostile variety. But of course, they're fake, right? Wrong. Their presence, often written off as delusion, has existed for centuries, although in many forms; from the humanoid to the beastly to the outright freakish; from the benevolent to the malevolent, and everything in between. Few choose to show themselves to human eyes, whether the reason be fear or malice. Despite this, some humans are still able to sense the hidden ones.

    These humans are one of the main forces of the
    Supernatural and Paranormal Threat Reduction Force, a barely spoken of organization dedicated to reducing the numbers of supernatural threats, along with the benevolent or neutral supernatural beings. They and their recruiting practices are shrouded in mystery to most, although they're theorized to be with the government in some way. Those who have been recruited are sworn to not give information out to the public, and retired agents have an eye kept on them."

    I was thinking of possibly changing the organization's name, as it sounds all kinds of silly right now. Anyone got any ideas for a title, or possibly add-ons to the plot?
  10. Alright, I'm definitely interested in this.

    I like the whole "secret organization, most humans don't know about supernaturals" which could be pretty common in these RPs but I've never looked into the ones we have honestly...
  11. I'm interested :)
  12. I'm in, should be fun I like the idea.
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