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  1. - - - - Flexible Plot Ideas - - - -

    A paranormal romance with historical setting. I prefer the historical setting to be either Victorian Era, Georgian Era, Regency Era, or Elizabethan Era. My character's name would be Luciana, she'd be 18, and she would be a human. My partner's character would be a vampire, at least a century old, or even older.

    Two coworkers in an urban setting. They don't know each other very well because they weren't in the same department, but just recently the male got fired for being an ass towards the boss, and strived to find a new job, landing a temporary one as a bartender at a strip club. The girl goes to this strip club every other Friday and is surprised to see him there one night. They chat up a little and get drunk, drowning their sorrows in something unpleasant that happened to them (i.e. losing job, losing boyfriend, losing a friend, etc.).

    My idea is that of a female human who goes by the name of Rhiannon and is 22 years old. She meets Jasper, a tall, athletic built man, who is 28 years old and has a dark secret- He's the Grim Reaper. Jasper's only luring Rhiannon in only to bring her closer to death without having to deal with it. She only has 10 days to live, so what happens when both, especially Jasper, develop an intimate attraction to each other, and the last day comes around?

    - - - - My Pairings - - - -

    President's Daughter x Male Secret Service Agent
    Shrine Maiden x God
    Ninja Princess x Ninja
    Female Civilian/Assassin x Male Assassin/Civilian
    Noble Princess x Bodyguard/Knight
    Teacher x Student
    Prestigious Student x Rebellious Student
    Band Member x Band Member
    Singer x Band Manager
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Best friend x Best friend
    Best friend x Best friend's older sibling
    Friends with Benefits
    Girlfriend x Lover's sibling
    Police Officer x Police Officer
    Boss x Employee

    Bold is the person I want to be.

    - - - - My Requirements - - - -

    I require at least two paragraphs (five sentences each) for every post. Absolutely no one-liners, please. Also, I would appreciate proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. I prefer quality over quantity and wish for there to be many details within a paragraph. The number of paragraphs would probably be limited to around five, because honestly, any farther than that, I would take forever to reply and I'm sure no one would want that. I also require that my partner is at least an adept writer, no lower than that.

    Also, since I've noticed a few people out there in Iwaku stating they're intermediate and/or advanced when they've done nothing but post one-liners and no details in their roleplay, I wish to see a few roleplay threads you've created and roleplayed with another person. One x one is preferred for this procedure, but I can read group roleplays too, as long as you bring me to where you're interacting with someone, so I can get a feel as to how you roleplay and your writing style. It would be best to show me a roleplay similar or the same as to what you want to roleplay with me.

    - - - - A Note - - - -

    I have many ideas/suggestions for a lot of these literary genres. Romance (esp. Paranormal Romance) is my teddy bear at the moment, so if you want to roleplay anything, just shoot me a private message and I'll share my ideas/suggestions, if you so wish to see them, considering I have an idea for that particular genre.​
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