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[size=+2]If you became a member of the opposite sex for a day, how would you spend that day?[/size]​


Honestly, what wouldn't I do?
I actually have a awesome bucket list set out for said occasion.
So I will now briefly instruct you on my doings.

Firstly, I will probably go to Hooters. Just for the hell of it.
I have a weird obsession with entering that place for no reason.... It intrigues me.

Secondly, I'd drop my pants.
Yup, I'd let them SAG--I wonder how it feels like walking with your pants like that. Does the air feel good on one self's ass, does the breeze feel good?
Thinking about it, I would also walk anywhere I could without a shirt. FEEL THE BREEZE.

I'd also drain so may stores dry. Some stores carry some wicked sexy clothing, I'd probably make myself a walking dress up KEN.
Speaking of dressing up, I'd also like to try cosplaying many male characters.

And who can forget the shoes?
Jordans, Nikes, Adidas?
I'm actually quite jealous of their footwear, I mean--Men's shoes are SICK.
To hell with heels, I'm dressing mad fly.

Lastly... I've always wondered if peeing was hard.
I mean, ahem, you probably need some good coordination or something, lol.

But yeah. I'd be a sexy guy.

Walk around topless and enjoy having no one throwing a bitch fit about it.

And then go have sex with Female Gibs and make HER play with my penis! 8D

...that's pretty much it. D: There's nothing else interesting about being a dude for me!
I would totally be exploring every nook and cranny of my newfound body... looking for all the sensitive spots and everything, then once I was over the first shock of seeing a naked female staring back at me in the mirror, I'd go sit behind the computer and do whatever I do NOW.
gibber in fear hiding behind a corner wondering why the fuck i'm a chick.
I would be a short bishounen, first of all, which I would take complete advantage of. I'd dress nicely and enjoy not having obnoxious boobs.

I'd go tell sad girls how pretty they are, because they believe it more when it's from a cute guy. So I'd go charm people and help them carry heavy crap. With my shirt off.

I would deeeefinitely ask my guy friends and other guys about junk I can't ask them as a girl. I want to be knowledgable about males when I'm a girl again.

Oh, I'd kiss a girl. I've heard we're better kissers than men, and I am prone to believing this rumor. I think girls think way more about how they're kissing.

I would definitely examine my penis like a lab project and then blush and put it away. It'd probably be little, based on stuff.

Then I would roll down hills and chest bump people and sleep on my stomach just for the gigglez and lack of inevitable titty-squashing that occurs when I'm female.
Go full weeaboo.

Touch self.

Take picture of self for posterity (I'm only a girl for a day, after all.)

And then live out the rest of my day doing what I imagine girls do. Shopping like crazy, for instance.
Not really give a shit. Assume it was a trippy ass dream and move on with my life.
Not show for work and get ozzie on webcam and see what she thinks/ask what she did to me.
After wondering if my grandmother voodoo'd me into a boy? Well, I'd:

PLAY WIF MAH PENIS! I've always wondered what sex feels like for the guy, so yeah.

Walk around shirtless, show off mah muscles [if I have them >.> ].

Lift heavy stuff and hang out with guys, try to work out their mind.

Talk a lot. Hopefully my voice would be sexy, and I'd love hearing it.

And do much freaking out trying to get used to not having boobs, which means I'd be running my hands over my chest often in wonder and confusion.

Ohohoh! And I'd go up to all my friends and mess with them. >:3
See how much I can get away with, just through flirting.
Give women compliments and smile a lot at them because it makes a lady sometimes feel all warm inside if a random guy smiles at them or holds a door. :D
I think I'd also just act how I act now.. -shrug.- VIDEOGAMES.<3 :D I'd eat whatever too, with a probably faster metabolism. AND BE LIKE YAAAAAH GUMMIS.
I would probably be enjoying myself quite happily being a man, and count down the time in which I turned back to a woman.
Lead a great crusade against the heretic who tried to pervert my body, slay them ruthlessly, and then kick back and have abeer.
Pee standing up and open every jar in the house with my own strength rather than resort to the witchery of using a spoon or rubber band.