Gender Bender Plot

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Well hello everyone and welcome to my plot request thread and thanks for reading it. I currently want to do a gender bender plot where my character who is a boy magical turns into a girl over night. Though before we get into my plot ideas let go over my exceptions and rules.

1.Post Speed: Okay when it comes to replying I don’t mind one post a day, bi-weekly or even a little longer. Though of course I won’t complain if I get more and will do my best to reply quickly.
2. Post Length: Honestly when it comes to post length I normally like one of two small paragraphs at the very least so I have something to work work with at the very least. Though if you give me more that's even better.
3. I will only use Anime face claims as I find roleplaying as real people to be weird and rather awkward.
4. I prefer to roleplay over PMs.
5. Please PM if interested and please state whether you want there relationship to be romantic or not.

A Sudden Change

Okay so the basic story is our characters have been close friends since childhood. Though on the night before my characters sixteenth birthday a strange event happens. You see my character goes to sleep as a boy and is startled the next day to find that he has waken up as a girl. To make matters worst my character made plans to hangout with your character all day and now as to open the door in his/her new form for you.

Okay so I’m looking for someone to play my character childhood friend which can be a boy or girl. The relationship can be be romantic or the two can just remain friends it’s really up to you, and what you want.


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This sound interesting. Please pm me if still looking to do this one.