LESSON CHARACTERS ROLEPLAY Gender Bender: It's not Drag, just a character!

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    Gender Bender: It's not Drag, just a character!

    A guy's guide to playing a girl...

    Playing a woman as a man shouldn't be a scary or daunting experience. It's really not that hard, and putting yourself in a "woman's mindset" isn't an emasculating experience! Here are some useful tips when roleplaying as a lady when you are a guy.

    1. Your friends.

    Look at your female friends, look at how they interact with one another, their patterns of speech, how they act in general. Paying attention to how the opposite sex works can really help you roleplay as a female successfully. But that's not all! Look at how they aren't. Make sure you're not putting clunky and strange traits onto your characters that wouldn't fit the mold.

    2. Chick-Flicks

    Now don't groan, this really will help! It might be a over-romanticized and feminine movie but it helps give you good insight into what girls dream and think about, it's not a perfect representation but neither are the gun-totin' half-naked women in masculine action movies. It's easy to make your ladies gruff and masculine but if you want something a bit more feminine, chick-flicks are a really simple way to get a feeling for how ladies think.

    3. Your dream girl!

    Think about the woman you hope to someday marry, what would she be like? I'm sure she's a lovely woman but that's not the point. Think about the traits you would like to have in a wife, how would she act and react. Remember she's a good example of what you'd want to roleplay as because you already have an idea of what she'd be like.

    4. When all else fails...

    Ask yourself, would I be able to see a woman in real life do this? If you can't picture a woman doing what you are trying to type, it probably won't be right. Not all girls are lipstick and lace, and they don't have to be but unless they're a marine fighting an alien swarm, odds are they're not as tough as the guy you're trying to interchange them with.

    Finally, I know that women can be anything (doubly so for a roleplay character) and I do love a strong woman lead, but when it comes to playing a feminine lady, don't be afraid to giggle and coo, and scream at scary things, but that doesn't mean you can't make her kick a little ass along the way.

    A girl's guide to playing a guy...

    Some women say they don't play male characters because they'll make them too feminine. That's a perfectly fine personality and fashion to give a guy, but understandably, that isn't what everyone is looking to roleplay as. All right, girls. Here are some tips and ideas for playing men.

    1. Look Into Your Daydreams

    I'm positive that we all have our 'dream guy' and even though he may not exist, he is real enough in our minds. Luckily for us, this is Iwaku, where anything is possible! When comes the opportunity, turn your 'dream guy' into a roleplay character. Surely, he'll be compatible with a lovely woman. Now, not every trait of your fella has to be in a single character sheet. You can divide the characteristics to make more than one, if you try. For example, you may have always wanted to marry an economics professor or a biologist. Well, make one of each! Complete with a personality, image and age you think would be most suitable. When it's game time, roleplay him the way you've envisioned him.

    2. Movies and Books: Wonderful Inspirations

    For every novel and movie, there's at least one character we admire, be it for their personality, good looks, heroic (or villainous) deeds, or accent. These characteristics can spark the best ideas for a male character. A prince, a cashier, a demon--whatever it may be, he could be the start of a wonderful character development. Your RP fella doesn't have to be exact clones of these fictional idols. Simply, use their mannerisms and morals as guidance. It's extremely helpful when first trying your hand at a male character, ladies.

    3. The People You Love and Hate

    If not someone fictional, a character can be based off of a guy you know in real life. Parent, sibling, friend, enemy, boyfriend, husband, teammate... Being familiar enough with their individuality can be the start of something awesome. This allows exploration in what types of men you like to play as, too. Someone fatherly, someone cocky, someone shy? I'm sure whoever you use as inspiration will be complimented, too. Even if it's someone you're not a fan of. ;)

    4. The Opposite You

    Have you ever wondered what you'd be like as a male? Being the opposite sex, a lot of other traits might be opposite, too. A fun way to play a man for a roleplay is to insert the totally opposite you. If not totally, then somewhat. A good exercise for giving such a character a try is to type up an introduction post for him. See what you like so far about him, or dislike, and make changes as you see fit.
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