Gems of the Rivine

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The story starts in a village, that's off the radar. The residents of this village are the Rivine. A species, that resemble, that of a human being, in almost every way, except for their eyes, strength, and ability to control the elements. Humans also inhabit this village, but are treated like peasants, and are mostly slaves to the Rivine. It has been like this for years. So long that, the humans grew use to the abuse and dominance of the Rivine.

One night, a neighboring group of Rivine, came to visit the village, but it wasn't just a simple one. Full on genocide, as the group mercilessly killed both human and Rivine alike. Prior to the attack, a group of human children, discovered gems hidden in an old haunted house, that had a secret room. These gems grant the holder, power to control an element. The children didn't know at the time that these gems had powers until the night of the village raid.

The children knew they stood no chance against the Rivine so they escaped the village, which wasn't easy, but now they are being hunted by the Rivine. Who are the Rivine?

There's more to it, so if you are interested send me a post, and we can discuss it.
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