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  1. So I had this idea in mind of creating a really intricate rp that would involve a lot of plot weaving and mystery. This won't be so much a Thriller/Suspense/Horror at all, but really a Drama in base with some aspects of a psychologically pressing approach. So basically a Modern Slice of Life with a really dark feel and undertone.

    The reason for the Rp being called Gemini is because it will be focused around a young lady 18 years old who's been away from her hometown for sometime. The reason for her absence is because she has MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder, where the real persona that everyone knows her as her entire life is so sweet and quiet, and rather reserved, but another side of her was very dark and brooding, not necessarily maniacal, but indeed passive-aggressive and nefarious. My character or course would be the young lady, returning to her hometown after being released of about a year and a half of being institutionalized, and must begin to grasp her life once more coping with the surreality of her disorder.

    I want this to be a group rp for extremes of major character development for my character as well as anyone wanting to join, obviously having been affected in some way by my character's past condition. Best friends, ex boyfriends, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, teachers, what have you. You may choose your character and their history accordingly, I just want a group to be involved with this rp to add more story and interaction, and potentially create their own drama and plot to further add and advance the story.

    I'm willing to take characters of any or all types. And if anyone has any ideas/concepts to further advance this rp then by all means feel free to voice it!

    If anyone is interested, please respond or PM me, whichever you're comfortable with.
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  2. I'm most definitely interested! Would it be fine if my character was her best friend or something?
  3. Sure, if you want feel free.
  4. @ch0sen1 Can my char be her younger brother? Do we have a CS or we just put a pic or something lol. I got some idea of what I would like him to be like and how he reacts to her returning.
  5. Give me 15. I'll have the CS template up :]
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  6. ~CS~

    Name: Atlanta Harriet Peters aka "Lannie"
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Job/Occupation: N/A. Just released from institution.

    Hobbies: Reading, working out, outdoors, cooking, video games, romance and action movies, road trips, romance, jogging, meditating, yoga.

    Pros: Loyal/Intelligent/Honest/Patient/Generous
    Cons: Paranoid/Aloof/Reserved/Self-Absorbed/Cold


    Name: "Lannie aka Harriet"
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Job/Occupation: ???

    Hoobbies: ???

    Pros: Outgoing/Ambitious/Clever/Open-Minded/Humorous
    Cons: Deceptive/Melodramatic/Cold/Spiteful



    Atlanta was born in the quiet and peaceful suburbs of rural Arizona. She was raised by her parents with a primarily comfortable lifestyle, with her mother spoiling her from everything from tea parties to loads of dolls and toys. Her father taught her to be tough and disciplined, and also the other side of childhood like camping trips, fishing, bike riding, etc. Atlanta was raised with the typical kid things. Imaginary friends, nightmares, cuts and boo boos...but hers was a bit different from the rest. At first it all seemed normal, until her imaginary friend lasted until she was about 13 years old, and her nightmares ended up as sleepwalking and even major blackouts that landed her in random places throughout the house and even the neighborhood. Her cuts and scrapes were more like gashes and bruises. Social Service intervened when she was about 11 years old, only to find that it was Atlanta that was the cause of these things, and that her blackouts should be treated as minor lapses. Until middle school, when she started to exhibit altering behavior. Again, the family and friends chalked it up to puberty and hormonal changes like mood swings, but when they started more and more, and began to become distinct, she was accused by many of the hometown as bipolar. The small circle of friends that she did have didn't really judge her, but often worried about her periodically. And then high school came. She was a popular girl, cheerleading and running track and even on the honor society, and in line to grab many scholarships, until her blackouts caused severe behavior. Acts of aggression such as shouting and provocation on students occurred, and even acts of violence and vandalism, almost charged with counts of assault, larceny, disorderly, and theft. She was evaluated by her physician and consulted a psychiatrist and her life changed was like hearing she had cancer. She was diagnosed with MPD at 17 a little into her senior year of high school. She was highly recommended that the state take care of her in an institution. She was admitted to Warren State Hospital due to her parents making the call, and was visited by family and friends while seeking counsel from a doctor of psychology. After 11 months, she was cleared as mentally healthy and controlled by taking medication for her blackouts and outbursts of behavior. Many know Atlanta as a sweetheart, kind and loving. But....there are a few that have seen the other side, the chaotic, dark, and malevolent part of Lannie that has caused trouble and fear among many in the past years. The day is approaching where she comes home, and life will continue in a new light for her as she gets used to the world around her with everything different. But who will be the one adapting to the world?
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  7. That bio doe xD. I will have cs of her brother up tomorrow, going to make him 16 if that's ok with you^^. So he was around, but he didn't really pay attention to much, but he knows his sister is a total wacko xD.
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  8. Ok haha
  9. ___________________________________________________________
    Name: Fredrick Harvey Peters "Fred"
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 190LBS.(All Muscle)
    Job/Occupation: Part Time Cashier At A Candy Store/Sophomore In High School
    Hobbies: Partying | Listening To Music | Hanging With Friends | Rebelling | Playing His Guitar | Ignoring His Family
    Pros: Smart | Creative | Brave | Outgoing | Funny | Caring(When He Wants To Be)
    Cons: Impulsive | Rebellious | Annoying | Negative | Untrusting | Aggressive
    Bio: When Fred was younger, he was a regular little boy. He liked to go out and play in the dirt, find bugs and other critters. He use to play pranks on his older sister, he was like any younger brother. He wanted his sister to be his friend. Fred didn't start to change his attitude, until he saw how his sister was acting.
    One minute she was her normal self and the next, she was a wacko. Fred stopped hanging around her, he started to hang with the wrong crowd. He resents his sister and his whole family, he thinks they only care about his sister. He could catch on fire, but if Atlanta needed his parents, they would pick her over him in a heartbeat. He was glad to see her leave, he wishes she stays wherever she is.
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  10. ouch. Lol. Here I thought the opening post would be hugs and smiles xD
  11. Yeah I thought about the brother who loves her no matter what...then I thought...nah Boring! xD
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  12. True lol, hopefully we get more people.
  13. Yeah, need some of that HiPer luck xD. Maybe some of them might want to do this rp too, just like me^^.
  14. Idk lol, HiPer is a top-tier Rp. That'll be hard to beat, I just want a few people. If a large number comes, then the more the merrier!
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  15. Need more characters
  16. Any more takers?
  17. Still looking
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