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    The Plot: For years, rumors have circulated on the continent of Ka of a priceless gem. It is said that this stone would make any five men wealthy enough to buy their way into nobility and all the land and comfort they could ever need. Though there are maps that supposedly lead to its location-- nestled in the heart of the Swamp of Carnage-- not one adventurer or group has managed to retrieve it. Those who have tried have never returned, and no one knows why.

    Rumors of this gem have reached you and other adventurers like you. You've heard tales of a local minstrel who has acquired a map to help you reach the gem and return. The minstrel has agreed to meet with you, if you are up to the task

    The Setting: The continent of Ka, on the world of the same name, is a world of superstition and brutality. Currently in a dark age, the inhabitants struggle to survive, while King Hanar and the Court of Nobles eat well. Exploration is frowned upon, and yet a few hearty adventurers hold out hope of finding something extraordinary. The gem of the Swamp of Courage is one such extraordinary treasure.


    1. No magical characters or items.
    2. Your character is a normal adventurer with little money to his or her name, so this should show in their training and gear.
    3. Weapons are limited to melee, with the exception of bows, slings, and thrown weapons.
    4. Characters should be of moderate strength and skill, nothing excessive.
    5. Anyone who does not post for more than a week is subject to mild GM hijacking until they return. If you have to leave the game, please let me know.
    6. This is a survival game. Though there won't be much room for diplomacy, you may still have to work together and think things through to survive.
    7. All new characters. Please don't reuse a character, I want to see new creations!
    8. Have fun!

    Character Sheet:

    Combat experience:
    Skills of note:
    Character Quirks:

  2. Name: Qwentessa
    Age: 22
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: A run a way slave, Qwentessa is on the hunt for riches and glory. She no longer wants to work for someone else and would probably end up killing her master if she ended up back in slavery. Her life up until this point has been hectic, grim and full of danger.
    Weapons: A dagger and a vial filled with poison from a rattlesnake,
    Equipment: Other than her clothes, Qwentessa does not have much in the way of equipment. She carries with her some food (mostly bread and cheese) in a large brown sack.
    Combat experience: Lots of experience - Qwentessa knows how to throw a person to the ground in seconds flat. Her body is lean and fit, perfect for hand to hand combat.
    Skills of note: Thievery, Sneaking, Hand to hand combat
    Alignment: Selfish and Greedy
    Character Quirks: She hates using utensils, and instead prefers to eat with her hands.
  3. What kind of clothes are appropriate for this area and time period? Because I found a picture of a girl with a warrior-esque type outfit with chain mail and and leather, would that be fine?
  4. That should be fine, just remember that if she has good armor, she probably has money for little else, since it is a time of poverty.
  5. Name: Zeke Renaldo
    Age: 16
    History: Zeke is a native to the Swamp of Carnage. His village is poor and struggling with trespassers on their land. In order to launch his village out of poverty, he decided to go on an adventure for the Sacred Gem. nestled in the swamp.
    Weapons: Gazelle Bone Sword
    Equipment: Gazelle Skull Mask, Torch, Bone Hatchet
    Combat experience: Experience with fighting adventurers and trespassers to the swamp. Best at swordplay.
    Skills of note: Tree Climbing, Hunting ability.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Character Quirks: All animals he kills must be entirely used, leaving no remains behind. Does not like any adventurers not native to his swamp. He knows some English, but is fluent in his native language (Germanic).
  6. OverCast, a couple things, but otherwise it looks good. What do you mean 8/10? Is that from a system or something? Please also list what sort of combat he is experienced in. Also, him being able to navigate the swamp is a game breaker, so I will ask you to change that. I'm sorry for not making that clear from the get go. Otherwise, looks good. Does he have no weapons?
  7. ​Decided on a different picture, the other was too model-esque and revealing.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Jezabella Toli
    Age: Twenty-two

    Jezabella had lived near the swamp her whole life. Her father had told her stories on the swamp and made it seem like a dangerous place, hoping she'd never venture there. Her whole life she had stayed away, working for her father and learning how to hunt. She was capable of weaving and sewing by the age of six, her mother teaching her how. Her mother soon passed away of a fatal blood disease. This event had scarred Jezabella and she soon found that there was no need to put love into people, they would soon fade away and leave you there in pain. She needed an adventure to keep her father's remarks off her back and to learn something new about herself.

    A bow with a few arrows that were her father's, she stole them for the adventure.

    Jezabella has nothing but the clothes on her back, her bow and arrows, along with a necklace of her mother's that she allows no one to see, fearing it is worth a large amount.

    Combat experience:
    She has been in few combatant trainings in her life, only two, and she learnt a few simplified movements but to put it bluntly: she's not very skilled.

    Skills of note:
    Hunting, sneaking, shelter building.
    Alignment: Regretfully selfless.
    Character Quirks: Reserved unless spoken too. Tends to impulsively act.
  8. Name: Hallvard (of clan) Úlfr
    Raised as the son of a warchief he was trained and lived among warriors from a young age, but when he was 14 his father rebelled against the king, and where slaughtered for their attempt. Hallvard escaped and lived on the street and has spent most of his live as a thug or warrior for whoever would pay, but now he is heard of this gem and is hoping to find it and rebuild his clan. Most of his possessions are stolen of the corpses of his killed.
    Greatsword, Dagger
    Leather Sack (filled with food), Flint and Steel, Fur Cloak, clothing on his back
    Combat Experience:
    Has fought in one or two skirmishes, and quite a few duals
    Skills of Note:
    Physical Strength and Endurance, Competent Swordsmanship
    Chaotic Good
    Character Quirks:
    Adrenalin Junky, loves good conflict in all forms, always Hungry, loves to drink and needs to drink lots to actually have it effect it, hardly serious
  9. Hunter, you are going to have to tone your character down some. He's a bit overpowered for the party. Remember, you are making characters of average strength and skill. Lemme know as soon as you get him redone!
  10. Bee and Zen, your characters are approved!
  11. I was trying to aim for just average celtic warrior from a warband, is it ok now?
  12. Yes, that is much better. Thank you! Approved, Hunter!
  13. I fixed Up My character! Added a bit more utility equipment.
  14. Approved, OverCast. Okay, we are waiting on one more person before we can start. I will talk to said person ASAP.
  15. Alrighty :D
  16. 423px-federico_da_montefeltro.jpg

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Sheridan Radolfo Pilkington Esq.
    Age: 33
    Appearance: Dark, short, tonsured hair crowns the middle aged scholar's parchment-pale head. His eyes are likewise dark and heavy-lidded, crows feet forming in their corners. He is of mildly overweight build, mildly endomorphic set to his bones, and pudgy of limb. He stand a mere 5'5" give or take his current preference for shoes. He dresses as a wealthy (beyond his means) scholar, his robes and hat leaving nothing of his status to the imagination.
    History: Sheridan is the last son of a very minor noble house. His keen intellect and negligible status earned him the privilege of attending a prestigious school, where he still spends his time to this day. He has been employed as a scribe and researcher by many of his betters and is generally well paid. However, his expensive tastes have left him with little beyond a closet full of outdated clothes and a room filled with useless baubles that he rarely takes notice of any more. Despite his obviously wasteful nature, he still harbors dreams of making his own scholarly institute, filled with libraries, laboratories, and chambers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.
    Weapons: Sheridan owns a foil, but is utterly useless at fencing and he rarely takes the thing out of his room. Beyond this he has a collection of stout and sturdy staves and walking sticks, both decorative and functional, that he can employ with some skill upon the heads of petulant students.
    Equipment: For this mission, Sheridan was provided a generous stipend from the interested parties employing him, but his wasteful and ostentatious nature has provided him with only marginally functional 'expensive' gear. He has a pair of waders, though he insists upon wearing his scholar's robes over them. He also wears his mortarboard wherever he goes. He has a pair of spectacles in a case in a pocket for close inspections and carries a journal with ink and quill, a stout walking stick that can double as a weapon, a scroll tube full of scholarly notes about jungles, and is heavily doused in smelly unguents that he claims will repel insects, filth, and swamp faeries. Beyond this, he is penniless, having spent his last hard coin on a 'farewell' toast with his friends at the school.
    Combat experience: Sheridan has never been one for violence. As a noble he was allowed to practice fencing, but is miserable at it. He is much better off with a staff, walking stick, or cudgel. His hours spent hunched over tomes and parchment have robbed him of any keenness of eye, rendering him useless at range.
    Skills of note: Literacy, Penmanship, 'book learning' regarding nature and several other topics,
    Alignment: LN, Sheridan prefers order, neatness, for things to go his way, and instructions to be followed. He is unconcerned for the struggle of goodness and evil, considering himself "good and moral enough".
    Character Quirks: Speaks in a high nasal voice. Talks quite a lot. Often bores others. condescending.
  17. Approved, Iskari.
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  20. I'm not sure where OC is. I am willing to continue this, but others need to post.