Gangsters Paradise

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Would you be interested and join this type of roleplay?

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  1. Gangster Paradise
    Ventura Bay

    6-8 role players
    Underground Lifestyle
    Urban Playground

    The story line will most probably go along the life of members of a specific crew. A group of friends trying to make it threw life, with different motives, and lifestyle.

    I'm not too interested in the Sandbox concept FOR THIS role play. I feel like it needs a bit more structure or else it becomes really weird and everyone ends up dropping one. Which is why I think it's better to narrow it down to one crew as the MAIN crew, and the rest are like supporting characters.

    What do you guys think?
    It's pretty simple and not too complicated,
    Yet leaves tons to be role played :3

  2. I'd like to snag a spot if you get around to starting it
  3. yeah sure! Ill tag if i ever create this, but id probs wont have reservation :)
    any suggestions for the roleplay?
  4. Maybe center it around some kind of conflict? Just to have a driving force since you don't want it to be sandbox.
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  5. Yeah, definitely a must. Ill think about something really cool for that... Maybe have like an annual tournament of some sort... Like gang conflicts... hmmm
  6. I'd be interested!
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  7. Awesome :)
  8. You had me at no sandbox.
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  9. Awesome :D
  10. As @Justaddnutts mentioned, a driving force is pretty important.

    eh, since it's about crimes and gangs and such territory tensions can be part of that, along with the tournament idea. Though, perhaps it should be more like an unorganized event rather than an annual tournament? I dunno, like... like the zoolander walk-off... >_> in the sense that it was spontaneous, word spread out, stuff happened, everyone ran when the cops got wind or somethin'

    Just throwing in ideas.
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  11. Hahaha what I meant by tournament, is more like.... Gang fights. Like maybe they can get sponsors by some dudes or like....

    I'm still brainstorming but yeah, catch my drift? (The pun!) XD

    But that unexpected competition due to tensions is a must!
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  12. This seems pretty cool, I'm in^^
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  13. Consider me on the Hype train for this one. I'm in like Flinn, baby!


    I'll see myself out.
  14. Definitely in on this one!
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