Gangster roleplay?

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  1. Is anyone interested in a monster, motor Cycle gang, maybe street gang role play? Maybe even mobster hitmen?
  2. Yes for the mob or biker gang ones.
  3. Mobsters and Biker gangs would interest me if you get a good plot c:
  4. I'd be totally interested in these
  5. Well I can work out a plot for neither one. I have a series of novels that I'm working on related to the mob, so I could turn those into plots. Do we want to do a group roleplay or should I do three seperate 1x1 RPS?
  6. I'm interested in the mobster and biker gang idea and if you decide to to group roleplay send me a tell.
  7. I say go with a group.
  8. Group it is! All in agreement with monsters?
  9. Do we roleplay as monsters or are monsters an addition to the plot?
  10. Oh fuck, that's my bad. I meant Mobsters. The plot could be better if we add monsters in it, though.
  11. I'd have no objections to monster mobsters or human mobsters, it depends on what setting you had in mind!
  12. I'm good with that.

    That'd be a interesting RP.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.