INTEREST CHECK Gangs, Street Fights, Thieves, Etc?

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  1. I love the idea of gangs, street fights, thieves, misfits, etc. One of my favorite stories is "The Outsiders" because it deals with gangs and it shows how close they are. How they are so protective and loving of each other, yet they also tease and are sarcastic to each other.

    I love the idea of having different gangs in one town and they are fighting for property, bragging rights, girls, boys, and anything else you can fight about. I think this would be a fun group role play and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in it before I went and tried to make a plot a little different then the cliche, "One town, two gangs" kind of thing. (:

    Ideas are welcomed!
  2. Sounds like west side story a bit.
    I'd be in for it :p
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  3. Awesome!

    Yeah, I'm trying to think of a twist I can add so it's not like every gang story out there. Like West Side Story.
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