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  1. I'm looking for an rp in a world I have made with a character named Dave Lich. It is an Rp about oppression, crime, gangs, and maybe even rising to change things. The world is split into two class's. Upper and lower. Dave Lich is the head of a gang in the Lower. He Wishes a better life for his gang where they can survive, try to live. Its a delicate balance but he will fight for it, even if he has to be the villain. The world also has special people with powers. Think of it kind of like X-men, a gene, an evolution. No one is sure why there are these people but they just exist. They are feared but also respected. One with powers isn't belittled and is not lower then other citizens. However, how they are treated as an individual depends on how they act with such powers.

    Information of the world and specific characters in it are below. If you have ideas please throw them at me. If you want to correct me on something I'm ok with that. Please take note, i type fast so sometimes I will misspell. Im trying harder at catching myself.

    Dave Lich:
    White Hair
    Reddish eyes (diagonal scar underneath left eye, knife wound.)
    Pale Skin
    Seen walking around wearing a wife beater, jeans, combat boots, and a Leather Jacket with the Hellraisers symbol on the back his name right below It. Carries an army duffel bag with what reports say are dog bones.
    Power: Controlling the dead
    Leader of the Hellraisers Gang
    Affiliations Include:
    Johnny (John) "Hells Fire"-Leuitenet
    Hope-Sister?-Head of man Prostitute houses
    Entire Hellraisers gang

    The Division of the people:
    This RP will take place in a city who's civilians class's are different just like night and day. One above the normal streets are whats considered "Normal". Shinny buildings and trains, large malls and business'. Everything you could hope to get in your daily life. Below the Elevated railways are the streets, the gutters, the round level. This is where the so called "Lower Class" live.

    These people are considered trash, their lives not even worth mentioning. On the street crime is rampant and hardly monitored. If you cause a big enough disturbance to effect the world above however the "People's Police" will come to quite down the situation. Usually hard and professionally.

    Now you know the difference between the two worlds. Now how is it all structured. Well int he beginning the city was just like any other. Streets, buildings, just like any other modern city we know. As the city grew it hit borders. Issues came up on who owned what, about taking over the farm land, and much more. The City soon came up with an idea. To build up. All buildings soon became multi-storied. All at least 5 stories tall. As the city grew buildings became connected with walkways. Elevated railways got set up above street level so people could go across town faster with the streets being so crowded. Walkways were added, soon the railway level seemed like the true ground level. Grass and trees and more were added. People on the ground level once fought due to the conditions but where quickly silenced. No one on the upper area cares why nothing was addressed. They are happy where they were.

    The people on the ground had to fight to survive. Resources wern't plentiful and things would break. Usually the most honest folk, well as honest as you could be on the ground level. Worked the pipes and the infrastructures to keep the upper levels from coming down. Beams were added to support the upper levels if the buildings below fell apart. Everyone else? Shopkeepers, criminals, gangs, prostitutes, you name it its there. Sometimes someone gets gutsy and trys to attack the upper area, but no one succeeds.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.