Ganged Violence

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  1. I S S A C


    History was only fun when they were learning about war. And currently, they were learning about one of the presidents and Isaac was bored. He sat with his head on his hand as he scribbled on the page. Granted Isaac didn't really care about school anymore, he had plans to shoot it up. It wasn't until Matt created this sort of 'gang' that Isaac scrapped that idea.

    Well, he pushed it to the back of his mind. As he almost fell asleep, somebody chucked a ball of paper at the back of his head. Laughter followed. Isaac sighed, great. He forgot some of those jocks were in his class. Isaac never really understood why he was so hilarious to laugh at. But apparently he was the biggest joke going.

    He looked over at Matt, irritation all over his face. Hopefully soon the class would end and Isaac could escape this hell.

  2. Issac could see the irritation in Matthew's eyes as he glared at the jocks. He huffed, and looked away, now staring out of the window. The classroom couldn't have been placed better from the glorious view he got from outside. He could see the garden the school had been growing for years, perfectly clear. Sometimes he'd space out just staring at the masterpeice. The school sucks, no doubt, but hot damn, they really know how to make a garden. It contained various flowers like roses, lillies, and even moonflowers.
  3. I S S A C


    One day, Isaac thought. He'd get his revenge one day. He damn well deserved it. All the bullying was making him more and more angry. It was like they wanted to be killed.

    The bell went for end of class, and Isaac stood up quickly, making his way over to Matt, "Ugh, kill me." He mumbled as they made their way out of the classroom quickly. He couldn't deal with this. Once they were out of the way, Isaac sighed, "So, wanna catch me up with what this, uh, gang is?" Isaac held onto his backpack straps. He was fairly new to the whole group of people and didn't really know what it was. But Matt befriended him and invited him to join. The offer of friendship wasn't something Isaac took lightly, so he jumped at the chance. The two made their way down the stairs as they spoke.
  4. "It's not exactly what'd I call a 'gang' persay, but more of a group- even though we've known to commit petty crimes like theft and marijuana possession. But basically it's to help out those who are considered 'outcasts' of society, or can't make a living due to whatever kind of condition they're in. We have two group meet-ups, because we had made a few enemies. The first meet-up place is the backyard of my house, and the other I can show you if you're more interested in joining. The second meet-up place was purposely hidden from everyone, so we don't have to worry about police coming to arrest us, rivals trying to kill us, or even those just wanting to mess with us. One friend I have who is part of the group lives there" he smiled softly as he explained "Is their anything specifc you want to know?"
  5. I S S A C


    "Nah, I got it. We're basically the social outcast secret club." Isaac mocked with a wicked grin before he sighed, "Well, I got maths now so, see ya'. Catch you at lunch?" He said before hopping off.

    It wasn't like Isaac was totally free of crime. He owned a lot of illegally possessed guns and smoked more than enough weed to call himself a pothead. But now he had a collective of possible friends to share that with. Since he was going nowhere in life, this collective of crime could be the best shot he had.

    Maths finished with the jocks from before attempting to beat the shit out of him. It was kind of his fault for retaliating when they mocked him, it was only by chance the gym teacher managed to separate them. The bruised and bleeding boy made his way to the canteen, looking around for his new friend.

    M O N I C A


    The earlier in the day it was, the less likely Monica felt like working. She walked into the offices with a coffee and a tired look on her face. The department was mainly investigating a couple of gangs which were making nuisance in the city. She took off her leather and rested it on the back of her chair in her office. Well it was the forensics office, but she was the only forensics officer currently on duty, so she called it hers. Around the room were several weapons in need of analysis, she'd get to it eventually.

    In the meantime, one of the officers was handing out donuts. She made her way into the cubicles and picked up a donut before bumping into another officer. "Whoops, shit. Sorry." She moved back to see Rick. Officer Reid was a cool guy. She could call him a friend, but Mon didn't do that often, "Did you end up with any leads on the school gang?" She asked, biting into her donut.​
  6. Matthew giggled at the mocking Isaac had did, and replied with "Meet me in front of the school library if you want to hang today!" then skipped off to his next class.
    Rick smiled friendly, forgiving her. He then went on to answer her question with, "We discovered the leader of the gang 'Scripiant', named Anthony Mauz. We also found a few addresses that may lead to where he lives. We have one of the gang members in custody for attempted robbery at a conviniance store, but he's not sayin' much"
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