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    Nioko Satoshi (open)

    Name: Nioko "Niko" Satoshi
    Age: 17
    School: Shinokawa High
    Occupation: Student/Gang Leader
    Personality: Sweet, Nice, Caring and Loyal. If angered she would not hesitate to get physical. Loves animals and sweets. Has abnormal strength.
    Dislikes: Arrogant people, bad gangs and people who talk about her height.

    The sweet looking girl walked down the street. She just got out of school and was heading towards the "Meeting". She was running a bit late but she wasn't preoccupied since it wasn't a first and she was the leader anyways. Besides, helping little kids when they get lost or senior people cross the street, was something she enjoy doing. Yet, if people were to ask where she was going, they would just stare in shock, disbelief and fear, when she told them. But that is not something new to her, she has to admit that most people don't like gangs and no less, leaders of gangs. And that is what she was, a gang leader.

    As she got closer to her destination, Nioko couldn't help but smile. Being a gang leader was fun and hilarious, mostly when people would underestimate her because of her looks. She was short for her age and due to her porcelain skin, long black hair that frame her big blue eyes, most people see her as cute. However, just because she looks cute doesn't mean she isn't strong. To be more precise, she is, currently, the strongest person in Shinokawa; making her gang the strongest in their District.

    At first being leader was exhausting since she would get challenged to fight almost every day, at anytime and anywhere. However, as the time passed the challenges decreased and to be honest, she was starting to miss the adrenaline that a fight would give her. Also, whenever she was hanging with the other members and they spotted trouble, the other wouldn't let her fight. They are starting to treat her like a girl who needs protection and it is starting to piss her off. Though, most would understand, since she is the ONLY girl in the gang.

    With sigh, she kept walking towards a little cafe that belongs to the parents of one of the members. Her long,dark chestnut hair moving with the breeze. Her blue eyes glazed over as she was lost in her thoughts. She was a bit intrigued about this so called "Meeting", since she was not the one that called it. It was her second in command. "Hm...I wonder what is it about?"

  2. [​IMG]
    Height ~ 5'5"
    Weight ~ 136 lbs.

    .:N A M E:.
    Jasper "Jas" Rowe

    .:A G E:.

    .:G E N D E R:.

    .:P E R S O N A L I T Y:.
    Spontaneous - Jasper is known for doing things on impulse. His whole life is just one spontaneous thing after the other. He doesn't waste time thinking, letting his emotions take over and his urges. If he wants to do something, then he will. All logical possibilities and outcomes go out of the window. That being said, the blonde is also very unpredictable. Even when you think that you figured him out, he'll do something to throw you off guard and set you back at Square One.
    Moody - A trait that all, friend, stranger, or foe, can pinpoint is that Jasper is extremely moody. He has no control over his emotions and that's quite obvious when he goes from 'bouncing off the walls' happy to 'someone's going to lose a life today' angry. His mood is inconsistent and the swings are quick. In a snap of a finger, he can be in a corner somewhere, crying, even though he was probably just cheerfully chatting with someone. The smallest things can set him off as well. After a while though, everyone just got used to it.
    Affectionate - The teenager is no stranger to cuddles and other affectionate actions. In fact, he's the one who initiates them majority of the time. He is always up for a bear hug or a quick snuggle with someone close to him. Even strangers can expect a hug or nuzzle from the blonde. There are no boundaries when it comes to Jasper spreading physical, loving contact. Although, if it happens to be with someone who is considered an enemy, he'd do it in secret. Like, Romeo and Juliet kind of secret.

    .:S C H O O L:.
    Kazukazi High

    .:O C C U P A T I O N:.
    Student Gang Member (Second in Command) Barista

    .:L I K E S & D I S L I K E S:.
    - Being Underestimated
    + Affection
    - Storms
    + Cats
    - Stuck-Ups
    + Ferrets
    - His Mood Swings
    + Dogs
    - Losing
    + Rainbows
    - Too Hot/Too Cold
    + His Gang
    - Cheese
    + Fighting
    - Apples
    + Meetings
    - Being Ignored
    + Sweets
    - Horror Movies
    + Reading

    .:O T H E R:.
    • Swift and agile in combat
    • Likes to use weapons (a lot)
    • Tries not to start fights, but will definitely finish them
    • Is a bit of a tsundere and a himedere

    "Will she ever get here?"

    "How late is she now?"

    "Why are we here anyways?"

    Jasper inhaled deeply as the many voices echoed in the café that they were currently using as a meeting place. He exhaled slowly, trying to keep his impatience under control. Not impatience with Nioko, no, not at all, even though she was running late. But she was the leader and probably had things to do, so Jasper gave her a pass. The blonde had impatience with everyone else. He wished that they would just sit and wait for Nioko to show up without complaining. He doesn't mind them talking amongst themselves, but their constant whining and complaining and questions were starting to grate on the teenager's nerves. Biting the inside of his cheek, he lifted his gaze to rest on the males before him. That's all that there was. Just a bunch of testosterone. The only member that was a girl was their leader, shockingly, but they had all gotten used to it.

    "Can you all just please shut up and wait for her? I promise that I'll explain everything once she gets here, which is what I've been saying from the beginning," Jasper announced in a deadly calm voice, shutting everyone up while sending shivers down their backs. They were all well aware of the blonde's mood swings. They were also aware of his fighting ability. I mean, he wasn't second in command for nothing. Noticing how everyone stopped their complaining, a smile graced Jas's features. "Thank you!" He piped up in a chipper tone, making some people shake their head at the sudden change in his attitude.

    Now that the café was silent, Jasper was able to let his mind wander and think about the reason that he had called this meeting out of nowhere. Recently, there had been talk that someone was threatening to overthrow Niko and take her spot as Gang Leader. Not having that much information with him, Jasper was hesitant to call a meeting. In the end, it could be some miniscule that might end up going away later on. After an internal battle, the blonde thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. He planned to gain more information on the rumor floating around and see what he could do about. Hopefully, I won't have to get the entire gang involved...
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  3. Show Spoiler

    N A M E
    R y u j i S a k u r a

    A G E
    1 7

    S C H O O L
    S h i n o k a w a H i g h

    O C C U P A T I O N
    S t u d e n t / P a r t - t i m e F l o r i s t

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Ryuji has a cheerful and energetic personality. He is a natutal schmoozer making it easier for him to win someone over. Ryuji gets excited easily and often talks loudly. He is friendly and can easily befriend anybody--even the hard to deal kind of people.

    Despite his easy going personality, Ryuji is quite a mystery, no one actually knows who he really is and where he came from. All his classmates know about him is that he works part-time at a flower shop. Other information about him is unknown.

    You should never sacrific three things: your family, your heart, your dignity...

    A heavy yawn escaped Ryuji mouth as he was finishing up unloading crates of freshly picked flowers from the loading truck into the flower shop, Golden Ribbon. It was another ordinary day at the shop--customers coming and going buying bouquets of flowers for their love ones, fresh flowers and fertilizers get delivered every other day, his boss nagging at him to stop daydreaming and to do his work properly. Another boring and uneventful day. Not that the seventeen year old was complaining or anything, in fact, he enjoys days such as this; it was nice and peaceful. But sometimes when things get too routine-like, he'd craved for some excitement, any form of excitement really, just something to break the routine. Spice things up a little, y'know?

    "Ryuji! Stop day-dreaming and start arranging those flowers already. I don't pay you to stand there and look pretty." the manager--his boss--demanded which got Ryuji's attention. Funny, he didn't realized when did he stopped moving?

    "Uh... Yeah! Sure. Sorry, boss." he replied.

    As Ryuji continued his work unpacking the flowers from the crates and arranging them carefully inside a large bucket for the outside display he noticed a group of guys--a lot of guys--entering the cafè just across the street in front of them. They were wearing uniforms from Kazukazi high--well, most of them anyway. For a brief moment he wondered why would a group of guys from Kazukazi go hangout in a cafè of all places then realize it was none of his business. But still, the arcade or karaoke was much more of a better place to hangout with friends then a small cafè, right?

    "Maybe they're there for the girls, I guess."

    Was Ryuji's answer to his own question and resumed to his duties. He hadn't noticed or seen Jasper--who he had seen but never talked to on a daily basis--go inside with the group.
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  4. Nioko kept walking, her bag swinging with each step she took. Her mind kept trying to figure out, why would Jas call a meeting without letting her know what it was about. However, once she spotted the small cafe, she stopped thinking about it and started to run towards it. Yet, before she could make it inside her foot decided to betray her, by making her trip for no reason whatsoever.

    "Ahh! Ow!! Stupid concrete sidewalk!" It was on those situations that Nioko hated her school uniform. "Why couldn't we have pants as our uniforms, like the boys." She said this while looking at her scraped knee. If the boys were to see her in that state they would all sweatdroped. The stronger person in Shinokawa brought down by a scraped knee. Hilarious.

    Suddenly remembering where she was, she quickly stood up and looked around to see if anyone saw the little scene she just made. She looked towards the flower shop across, and saw a boy unpacking some flowers. 'I don't think he saw me. Thank God, how embarrassing that would have been. By the way I have never seen that guy before. Who cares anyways..' Thinking that no one saw her, she dusted herself from any dirt and quickly went inside the small building. Yet, her little 'show' did not went unnoticed.

    "Good Afternoon guys." Nioko's voice was sweet as she greeted the males in the room as she entered. "Sorry if you have been waiting long, I got sidetracked...Hello, Jas!" Making her way towards the slightly taller boy, she greeted him with a huge grin on her face. Apparently Nioko was the only brave one, who actually call him by his nickname, though she didn't understand why.

    Once at his side, she dropped her school bag and sat down. "Anyways, lets start this. I want to know what this meeting is about." However, it seem that she had forgotten her small slip up outside, so she was oblivious of all the eyes staring at her bleeding knee.
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  5. "Pfft..."

    Never in a million years that Ryuji thought that it was actually possible to trip on your own self but after seeing someone actually trip and fall flat on her face was somewhat hilarious. Although he did kinda feel bad for her afterwards and hoped she was okay since it really was quite a fall, but still thanks to her he had a good laugh when she blamed the poor concrete pavement for her own clumsiness. And when she spoke about her uniform he did take noticed that it was from Shinokawa High School--the same school where he also goes to. But not only that, she also looked quite familiar to him as well.

    'What was her name again? I remember her name sounding like a cat. Ni... Nio... Nioko Satoshi from class 2-b?' he wondered. He had heard rumors about her at school, something about her being a badass or something like being a leader of a gang and having super human strenght. Other rumors also include her being a gangsters wife which was pretty unbelievable really. But to Ryuji, he thinks that all of it wasn't true. Like come on! Just look at her! For something so small and fragile looking to be freakishly strong wasn't something normal. But then again, in this day and age you'll never know what to expect.

    His suspicions were thdn confirmed when Niko had suddenly realized what had just happened to her and began looking around to check if anyone had seen her not-so-graceful-fall. He quickly began to continue to unpack flowers--pretending to not see anything but inside his thoughts were: Pretend you didn't see. Pretend you didn't see. He glanced to her way but quickly returned his gaze to the flowers when he saw her starring his way. 'Oh no, did she noticed that I saw her?' he asked himself. He was about to confessed that he saw her but she was quick to get inside the cafè before he got a chance to.

    He breathed a sign of relief. Good.

    Well, its not like it matters anyway. Even if they're from the same school its not like their paths would cross again. Their classes are different and they hardly even seen each other there anyway. Which is better that way. Once Ryuji was done working outside he went back inside the flower shop to continue doing odd work for the slave driving manager.
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  6. The familiar jingle of someone entering the café pulled Jasper from her thoughts. He focused his gaze on the entrance and was relieved to see that it was Nioko walking through. Watching her with a smile as she greeted everyone, he playfully rolled his eyes at her excuse, knowing that he had been doing things. Hearing his nickname, his smile widened. "Hello, Niko. Nice of you to finally join us," he responded, mock-exasperated. Once their leader was seated, the blonde began to get down to business.

    "Right. Now that Niko has arrived, I'll explain why we're all here," Jasper announced in a slightly projected tone, wanting everyone to be able to hear him. "Recently-," he began before he took notice of where everyone's eyes were looking, which, just for the record, wasn't at him. You've got to be kidding me. They complain about being here without knowing why and right when I'm about to explain, they don't pay attention! It better be for a good reason, or, I swear on everything I own, I'll punch someone, he ranted inside of his mind. Green eyes followed the direction of everyone else's to be met with Nioko's scraped and bleeding knee. Upon seeing it, he guessed that it was a good enough reason to not pay attention to him. But, honestly, they make it seem like she had a large gash going across it, instead of a small scrape.

    "See you've had quite a fall, huh?" Jasper said, gesturing to her injured knee. No doubt it was from something trivial, like tripping on air or her own feet. It was funny to think that something so miniscule could take down the strongest person in Shinokawa. The thought made the teenager's lips curve into an amused smile. Having had his fun, he returned to what he was saying before. "Alright, as I was saying," he started, clapping his hands to get everyone's attention. "Guys, she's fine. It's just a small bruise." He watched as everyone reluctantly paid attention to him. "So, recently, there's been a rumor going around that someone is threatening to take Nioko's spot as Gang Leader. I have no clue who, but I plan on figuring that out," Jas informed everyone, eyes scanning the sea of males before him and Nioko herself, registering their reactions. "It's only a small rumor right now, so, please, let's not make a big deal out of it. I just wanted everyone to be aware of it," he finished.

    [I don't think I've ever written so much (twice)~ ^^]
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  7. Spoiler

    Name: Kibo Ferrum
    Age: 17
    School: Shinokawa High
    Occupation: Student
    Personality: Kibo is a very blunt person when it comes to emotions. He is one to speak his mind, not really minding what others think. However there is one thin he tries to hide, that is his bloodlust. Kibo seems to have an unnatural pull towards fighting, loving it more than anything else. It is good thing he was born into a martial arts family, or he would have moved schools a lot more.
    Dislikes: Gangs, cocky people and school work
    likes: Martial arts, food and cats
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Kibo was new in town. His family had moved recently, when he says family he means him and his dad. The boys mother died during child birth. His father had sent the boy to look around the town, as he would be starting at the local school tomorrow. Kibo was kinda annoyed at first, but soon felt the area was interesting. His house was just outside city, but it wasn't to much of a walk away.​
    He looked ordinary enough, the only thing that stood out were his vivid blue eyes. However people still stared at the Kibo as he walked down the street. This was because of his bandages. It seemed that every, inch of his body that was visible was covered in bandages, apart from his face. His hands, wrists, arms and neck were covered. It even seemed that the body under the clothes was covered. His face however was not, but he did have a plaster across the bridge of his nose. The boy didn't really pay attention to those looking at him, as he made his way down the street.

    Kibo heard his stomach growl slightly. He was hungry, like usual. The boy would eat unimaginable amounts a day, but would never gain any weight. People at his old school were so confused by this fact, but there was a simple reason. His training, but that's something for another day. The boy noticed a cafe across the road and made his way to it. As he opened the door he saw a large group of people inside, it was a bit strange. Kibo made his way to the counter, on his way he bumped into one of the guys from the group. However he paid no attention to the guy, and just seemed to shrug it off. Once at the counter Kibo ordered a sandwich and some milk.​
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  8. Nioko looked down and turned a light shade of red due to embarrassment. It seem they noticed the evidence of her clumsiness. Raising a hand and placing it behind her head, she let out a nervous chuckle. Quickly she looked towards Jasper and the others. "Hehe, Yeah...but like you said Jas, I'm totally fine." With a quick dismissive gesture of her hand, she told the other's to listen to Jasper. "But, lets forget about me and listen to Jas..."

    After her face went to its original tone, she directed her attention towards Jasper just like the others. It was silent during Jasper's little speech, yet when he finished delivering the news most of the guys frowned and they were about to start complaining when Jasper, told them to not make a big deal of it. Not wanting to make Jasper mad, since a mad Jasper was not a good thing, they decided to converse more quietly.

    On the other hand, Nioko's reactions was as calm as it could be. As soon as she heard the news, she couldn't help but smile in amusement. 'Interesting...' It wasn't like she was arrogant or anything, however she still had yet to encounter someone who could really pose much of a challenge against her strength. Yet, she couldn't deny that she was excited at the prospect of a fight. She really was starting to miss that adrenaline rush that her body would feel during one.

    Shaking her head, she noticed that the meeting was basically dismissed after the guys started to talk among themselves. Placing her gaze on Jasper, she couldn't help but send a smile in his direction. Jasper was a year younger than her and he didn't go to the same school as her, and yet she couldn't think about any other person she could trust with her life. She couldn't deny that he was unpredictable but she had known him since she started high school; it was a very funny story how they met which made Nioko chuckle as she thought about that day. However, she shook the memories away and focused on the boy again. "Was it really a good idea telling the others? You know how they are. They will try and find out who the person is on their own and I really don't want them to get involve in meaningless fights..."

    As soon as she said those words, it seem she had jinxed it. She watched as a unknown male -who's body was covered in bandages- entered the cafe and while walking towards the counter to order something, he had bumped against one of the guys. She noticed how he ignored it and kept walking, yet her guys were a bit more impulsive. The member of her gang turned towards the boy and began yelling that he should watch where he is going. Yet, when the member got a really good look at him, his eyes narrowed. "Hey you! I haven't seen you before...Who are you!!?"

    She watched as the gang member walked towards the strange boy with an angry scowl and ready to start something. "Me and my big mouth...Come on Jas, lets stop this before it gets to messy, I really like this place." It seemed that she would have to intervene before it got physical. They were in her favorite cafe and if Nioko was to get banned from coming over to eat her favorite sweets at her favorite place, due to a fight friend started, she would get extremely annoyed and angry. And an angry Nioko was worse than an angry Jasper.
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  9. Kibo had just finished ordering his food before he heard someone shouting behing him. The boy turned around to see one of the guys, from what seemed to be a large group, walk towards him. He was shouting about how Kibo should watch where he was going. At first Kibo had no idea what he meant, but then he realised he had accidentally bumped into him.

    "Hey, I'm Kibo. Sorry about bumping into you" he apologized, holding out his bandaged hand for a greeting. The boys illuminating blue eyes moved to see other walking over. One was a girl, she was rather small but she had an authoritative feel around her. Kibo didn't realise that these people were part of a gang, if he did the situation might have unfolded differently.
  10. Fujiko Minagawa

    Fujiko Minagawa


    Shinokawa High


    Fujiko is a very open-minded girl who always thinks of others before herself. She is very innocent but very kind.
    She is a social butterfly who has no problem making friends and remains confident whenever she is unlucky or having a bad day.

    "Hmm... Where is it?" Fujiko asked to herself, looking back and forth from the piece of paper in her hand as she search through the streets.

    As soon as she got off from school and work, she went through all the shops just to look for a special gift. She was going to have a special dinner party for her father's birthday and yet, she can't find the most important part of the surprise: The wisteria flowers.

    The last flower shop she went to sold its last bouquet to an old lady for its husband's grave. Of course, Fujiko let the old lady have the flowers for she knew that it’s for someone special. The nice florist said it’s hard to find wisterias around flower shops due to its high demand and yet seeing the desperation in Fujiko's eyes, the florist gave her an address that could have the said flowers.

    Looking through rows and rows of shops and cafes, she finally found the flower shop she's looking for and with a smile, she entered the shop.

    Ah... the alluring smell of flowers suddenly filled her senses and made her smile grew even sweeter. Bushels of roses, peonies, lilies and roses of different colors are such an eye candy to her that she never wanted to take her gaze off of them. Shaking her head, Fujiko tried to concentrate at the task at hand, trying her best not to get distracted by the pretty flowers.

    "Uhm... excuse me." she called out to the florist, gasping at seeing that her classmate, Ryuji Sakura, who was always so cheerful and energetic, is the florist of the shop. "Ah, Ryuji-kun...gomene, I didn't know you work here" she apologized, bowing a little before asking "Do you have a bouquet of Wisteria flowers??" she asked hopefully, her smile turning even sweeter.

  11. Jasper had sighed as he heard the gang start to converse amongst themselves. No doubt they were complaining about the information that the blonde had just announced to them. He only watched them silently as his mind wandered. He would have to find the rumored person fast. For their and the gang's sake. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Nioko's voice, which was directed towards him.

    "Was it really a good idea telling the others? You know how they are. They will try and find out who the person is on their own and I really don't want them to get involve in meaningless fights..."

    He was always amazed about how well Niko and him knew the gang. But that's because they were more than a gang, they were a family, in some ways. They all shared a strong bond between each other and the gang as a whole, even if they do fight over pointless things at times. This only serves to make them even more of a family because majority of families squabble over dumb things. It was just what they do. Remembering that Nioko had said something, Jasper responded with narrowed eyes that resembled that of a cat who was preying.

    "If they know what's good for them, they'd listen and leave it to me," the blonde said as he continued to stare out in front of him. Some people caught his gaze and turned away from it. The action made him laugh internally. After another moment of glaring, the teenager relaxed, resting his eyes from their narrowed expression. Everything was peaceful as everyone just sat there. It was quite nice, actually.

    Until one of the members got bumped into, of course. Jasper could only roll his eyes as the member began to yell at the other boy. They got angry so quickly! Yeah, he was one to talk. The one who changes moods at the drop of a dime. Hearing Nioko's suggestion, the teen said, "If they didn't get so upset, we wouldn't be doing this right now."

    As he made his way over to the scene that was unfolding, it seemed like the bandaged boy - Kibo was his name - wasn't looking for a fight, which made things a lot easier. When Jasper was near, he stopped next to the gang member. He was quiet as he waited for Nioko to do whatever she was going to do. Although, he did place a warning hand on top of the male's shoulder, giving him a warning squeeze, just to make sure he didn't do anything drastic. Last thing they needed was a furious Nioko cause they got kicked out of the café.

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  12. "...And when you're one there the roses needs some trimming and watering."

    "Uhm... Excuse me."

    "He'll be with you in a moment, miss." the strict looking store manager turn his attention towards Fujiko giving her a quick business smile before turning his attention back towards poor Ryuji who had done nothing but doing work after work all afternoon. "Ryuji! A customer! Do that after you tend to her." the shop manager ordered before he went back inside his office.

    "Yeah... Yeah... Ya slave driver." Ryuji mumbled before he presented himself to Fujiko--though his attention was at the door to the managers office he had no idea she was his customer. "Welcome to Golden Ribbons, I'm R---" "Ah, Ryuji-kun..." Ryuji's attention was now fully towards Fujiko Minagawa whom he had recognize to be his classmate at school. He was really surprised to see her in this part of town. Usually no one ever comes to this part of the district because of the fact that it was dangerous due to multiple gangs hanging around. And for an innocent girl like Fujiko he was wondering how did she even came here.

    "Gomene, I didn't know you work here." the kind girl apologized and giving him a quick bow. This girl was sweet, all the more reason why she shouldn't be here.

    "Oh. Minagawa-san. Hello." he greeted her, obviously surprised to see her here. "No worries. Yeah, I do work here. But I didn't expect to see you here. What do ya need?" Ryuji thought he'd get right down to business since you'll never know when a gang fight will start. The sooner she leaves the better.

    "Do you have a bouquet of Wisteria flowers???" she asked in a hopeful tone. Eyes sparkle and with a sweet smile.

    Wisteria, huh? No wonder she came here. The shop was known for having an abundant variety of Wisteria--other flower shop owners come here to buy bulks for their small shop as well as other exotic flowers. One would say Golden Ribbon is the one that supplies flowers to other shops.

    "Yeah, we have them. You're in luck though. We just had some newly picked ones that just arrived today. Come with me." Ryuji said as he led Fujiko towards the back where the newly arrived Wisteria vines were stocked. And boy... There was really alot of them with different colors and sizes too. "Take your pick." Ryuji said to Fujiko handing her a basket to put her flowers in.
  13. Fujiko let out a huge sigh of relief, glad that she finally found the sweet smelling flowers. "You have no idea how many flower shops I went to just to find these" she stated, giggling a little and following Ryuji.

    The fragrance similar to grapes made her smile as soon as Ryuji opened the door, revealing great trails of clustered white, pink, violet and blue flowers. Their fragrance is like a drug to her. It gives her a high, her brain buzzes happy, serene.

    Taking the basket gratefully, she started to fill it with different colors and sizes of the flower, making sure everything is perfect before putting it in the basket. "Papa's been sad these couple of days and I thought these flowers could cheer him up. It's also his birthday today so I think these flowers are perfect, don't you think?" she asked happily at Ryuji, now finally finished picking out the flowers and handing it to him.

    As she was paying for the flowers, she can't help but ask Ryuji about something, something that's been bothering her since she entered the shop. "Uhm... it true that gangs likes to stay at the cafe across the street?" she asked nervously, fidgeting a little. Her father's favorite pudding can only be bought in that cafe and her mother greatly warned her about the gangs hanging out there. If the rumors were true, she had no idea how she'll be able to enter the cafe and buy the pudding her father really likes.
  14. "Well, I hope these would help cheer yer old man up." Ryuji encouraged her as he took the Wisteria filedl basket from her. They then headed back to the counter where Ryuji prepared to wrap the flowers up into a pretty bouquet. Carefully and delicately arranging them together into a pretty bundle.

    "Uhm... Ryuji-kun..."

    Ryuji's concentration was suddenly interrupted when Fujiko spoke. "Yeah? Is there something wrong?" he dared asked still his gaze were focus on the bouquet he was currently making--which is to his opinion was looking really good.

    "Is it true that gangs like to stay at the cafè across the street?"

    By her question Ryuji had finally finished putting the wisteria bouquet together, tying them all together in a pretty golden ribbon. He then looked up to Fujiko with a worried expression then his gaze shifted towards the cafè across the street. There was a minute of momentery silence before Ryuji decided to burst out laughing in hysteria. He can understand gang members hanging around outside video arcades and convenient store but never does he heard of gangs hanging around café. He laughed at the mere thought of a "feared" gang member sipping tea or sweet coffee with their pinkies up with having dainty delicious cake at the side--Hilarious.

    "Ahahahahaha!!!" Ryuji laughed until he choked then after he had his fill he composed himself. "Ah-ha ha... Thanks for that." he said wiping a stray tear in his eye. "Well, I not really sure despite the fact I've been working here for a long time now. But then again we'll never know, right? Although if I was a so-called gang member I wouldn't be caught dead being seen waltzing inside a café even dreamed of hanging around it. I'll probably be the laughing stock amoung other gangs, ya'know?" Ryuji added which was his way of reassuring her that there probably no gangs--well, no gangs in the right mind atleast--hang around in cafés.

    "But just to be safe, you'd want me to come with you?" he offered. Although she didn't exactly told him she wanted to go in but from the way she was acting he could tell that she wanted to go inside.