Gang Members Have Lives Too!

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  1. Gang Members Have Lives Too!
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    Finally, the sound of the school bell rang for school to be over. Not that Natsume ever paid attention in class, the truth was she never needed to, she had taught herself a lot when she had been stuck in her room alone for punishment when she was younger. But, finally, she could leave and head for the gangs hide out. The hide out was an abandoned house, well, not so abandoned anymore after the gang decided to take it for themselves. It became like a second home or for some of them their real home because it was where everyone in the gang fit in. They had made it quite nice too, decking out the inside with everything they wanted because they practically lived there all the time.

    Natsume got up out of her seat that was in the back corner where she always looked out the window if she actually went to class. Other times, she wouldn’t go at all and would be found hiding out at the roof of the school which technically wasn’t allowed but no one was ever going to stop Natsume and her gang members from doing what they wanted. The same went for their hide out. It was an abandoned house, they were technically not supposed to be there but no one ever forced them out. Either the gang had connections that were preventing it or everyone was just too afraid to kick them out.

    Natsume stung her bag over her shoulder and began to walk out of the classroom, automatically having her classmates move out of the way so they wouldn’t run into her; they never knew what she would do to them. Sometimes, she could have just brushed something off but other times she just might hit someone. She left the classroom, heading down the hallway towards the exit of the school. She would most likely start meeting up with the other members of the gang while they all made their way towards the hide out which was where they spent most of their time if they weren’t out making trouble for everyone. While school bored her all the time, hanging out with the gang members was something she really enjoyed, people who she considered as her friends. She walked out of the school, heading for where the house was located.

    Remi had been trying to explain to the teachers for the thousand time about her outfit when the bell rang. They just couldn’t understand that the outfit was what “Mad Prism” was supposed to wear. With the sudden sound of the bell, without any okay from the teachers that were disciplining her, Remi posed and then began to speak. “Mad Prism must be going now, she has work to do!” She stated, trying to act cool, well, what she thought was cool. With that, she suddenly began to run off which left the teachers standing there, staring at the back of Remi which was trailed by a large bow and its two fabric long tails that had the crescent symbol on it.

    The cosplaying girl ran for the door so she could get to the hide out as fast as she could. She always liked getting there before most. She had an office in the house; it was one of the many rooms that were in the house. The house was quite large after all. It was where she did her business and most would come to ask her for something, unless she magically showed up which happened quite often because she found it fun.

    While she didn’t actually have any magic or special abilities, she pretended she did and somehow it was almost like she really did considering she would always show up with the things the gang needed and would appear out of nowhere. She was the person who would suddenly come out from the shadows posing and saying mad prism is here, which made you wonder if she really did just suddenly appear or had been standing there the whole entire time waiting for the right moment to come for her to speak. Either way, she was quite interesting and she did satisfy any need for comic relief in the gang.

    Remi continued to rush out of the school, almost running into one of the door because she thought it was already open but it wasn’t and she needed to open it up herself suddenly before she smacked directly into it. Then, she ran outside with the wind blowing around her hair and costume as she went through the front entrance of the school and down the street for the house.


  2. [​IMG]
    "Urgh..." A displeased groan escaped Luca as he stared up at the blackboard. He was sitting in the back of his classroom, far away from the window as to draw the least attention. Not that he could help but draw attention. The tattoos on his body and contrast of red and black made him stand out in the otherwise dully colored classroom. At first they had tried to reprimand him of his gas mask, telling him not to wear it, but they realized he was part of that gang, and when he didn't obey orders, they gave it up. Because of the gang, they didn't bother him at all. It made him quite happy to be part of the gang. Not that "happy" was a good adjective to use for him, at all. "Grumpy" or "intimidating" seemed to fit him much better. Despite his short stature, there was no one who really tried to pick fights with him. Everyone knew that if they picked a fight with Luca, they were not going to win and not going to come out of it unscathed.

    Honestly, Luca preferred it that way. If people were scared of him, then they'd leave him alone. That is... if it just worked on everyone. School was just ending, and he hurried out of the classroom when they were done, walking down the halls hidden in the shadows. Despite his appearance that pretty much stood out, he was good at blending in with the background. The second he stepped outside, he heard a voice that made his eyebrow twitch; he was annoyed.


    The voice was excited and bubbly, already making Luca's blood boil. And only one person on this planet had the guts to call him "Lulu". He hated that nickname above everything else. Yeah, he knew this guy. All too well. When he turned around, his slightly taller, blue-haired friend was grinning at him, looking way too happy for someone who was going to get sacked in the face for silly nicknames.

    Well... perhaps Cas wasn't really his "friend". As they walked together in the back streets to get to their hideout, a hand wrapped around his own and pulled him backwards. Cas' arms wrapped around his waist and while he would've usually pushed him off, something compelled him to stay still. Yeah, that's right.

    The two of them were going out. Since when or why or how was something he wasn't really sure of, it had just happened all naturally. It was a strange feeling to look at someone and know that they were special to you. At least, that's what Luca felt. On the inside, that is. If he ever showed this weakness to Cas he wouldn't hear the end of it. This guy was an exceptional tease in all ways, and usually messed with everyone he knew. Luca was one of his primary victims. Not that he minded it (or would ever say that). At this rate, he was even going to treasure that annoying nickname.

    "Bastard." He mumbled as he got out of Cas' grip. "We need to hurry the fuck up and get to the hideout. Don't drag me down with you, slowpoke." While his words were harsh, if looking closer, one would be able to see the slight blush on his cheeks that he was trying so desperately to hide. Fuck this guy and his effective tactics. He needed to calm down. Everyone back at the hideout knew about them - it was too obvious to hide it, but when they looked at him with that look that just said everything, he felt like burying himself in a hole and never coming out again.
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  3. *~Faith Terik~*

    Faith sat in the front of the class taking notes. Even though she was in a gang, she wanted to keep straight A's. After all, you can't be useful to a gang if you know nothing. Therefore, Faith sat there intently listening to what the teacher was saying, writing down all the essential points. Fortunately, the teacher started blabbing about something off topic, so she sat back and counted down the seconds until the class was dismissed.

    Finally the bell rang, and as usual, Faith casually got up from her seat and excited the class. She could feel the stares of others, engraving her as the outcast, but she no longer cared. She was tired of being worried about her reputation and only stuck her middle finger at those who couldn't take a hint. As she walked by the principal, he gave her a once over before shaking his head at her. Rolling her eyes, she ignored him and walked outside.

    Taking the remainder of her stuff and stuffing it into her bag, she looped it around her body and she put her helmet on. Being that she could drive, she didn't really need to be in any rush to get places. She had taught herself how to ride a motorcycle a few years ago and just recently get her license. Even though she had to track down her drunken father in order to get some papers signed, it was all worth it in the end. She left him alone and hadn't seen him since.

    Throwing one leg over the right side of the bike, she kicks it twice and the engine roars to life. Backing out of her parking space, she sees someone trying to get her attention in her side mirror. Looking over, Raine is trying to talk to her but Faith holds onto the heated grip and rides away in a hurried attempt to get away.


    Fatih walks into the cold store in search of something sweet. She knew that no one else was going to bring her favorite food but her, and despite their full refrigerator, she had a sweet tooth. Putting her sunglasses on the top of her head, she went to the frozen foods section and grabbed three frozen pies. "Someones hungry." She heard. Turning her head, a girl with fiery red curls stands behind her. Lifting her eyebrow, Faith turns her head, looking both left and right.

    "Are you talking to me?" Faith asks as she crosses her arms.

    "Well duh, who else silly." She girl starts to laugh and people walk by, giving the girl a worried look. "Im new in town and I go to your school now."

    "Mhm...well good for you." Faith says as she dismisses her. Turning around, Fatih grips her pies and walks away.

    "Wait, i've heard people talk about you. You don't seem all that bad. I'm Celeste." She presses.

    "Cool." Faith says indifferently, trying to signal for the girl to go away.

    "You're not going to tell me your name?" She questions.

    Fed up, Faith turns around and stares the girl in her face. "I'm sorry but since when was anything about me any of your business. If you've seen me around school, you'd know that i'm either walking alone, or with the same people each time. I'm bad at making new friends, i don't easily trust people, and i don't like being bothered in the grocery store when i'm trying to buy some damn pies. Hello, my name is the goddess of isolation, so leave me the hell alone." Pretty sure the girl understands, Faith walks away.

    "Okay, sorry i asked. See you tomorrow in lit." She girls says cheerily and walks away. Rolling her eyes, Fath buys the pies and walks towards her bike. Finally sitting down on her motorcycle, she contemplates about what she said.

    "Damn, I'm mean as hell." She sighs and rides away.​
  4. [​IMG]

    Maa, when does this class end? I'm practically falling asleep.

    Cassius Sterling, a young boy that just turned sixteen, was sitting in his History class, trying to not let his teacher's voice bore him to death. The man had been droning on about something that he had forgotten in a monotone voice. The only thing that was making him keep focus is the fact that he was going to the hideout after school let out. Sighing, he glanced at the clock. Only a minute left. It was going to be the longest minute of his life. He could already tell.

    And it was. When the shrill noise of the bell sounded, Cas practically booked it out of class, saying good-bye to his classmates and teacher. As he made his way down the hall, he continued to say farewell to other people. Despite him being in a gang, most people weren't afraid of him. He happened to have a lot of friends outside the gang. It was only because they didn't know what he was capable of, and he wanted things to stay that way. He wasn't necessarily ashamed of his upbringing and skills, but he also wasn't proud of them. He was neutral towards them.

    His thoughts were interrupted as he stepped out of the school building. He moved out of the way to let other kids exit and jog down the stairs that led up to the double doors of the high school. He was quiet and his eyes analyzed the crowd, narrowed and calculating. It was obvious that he was looking for a certain someone. When he set eyes on said person, he beamed as bright as the sun above.


    Cas bounded towards "Lulu", or Luca as everyone else calls him, still beaming brightly. When the blonde turned to face him, he couldn't stop the soft laughter that escaped his lips. He knew how much Luca hated the nickname he gave him, or that's what he says. In his opinion, he believed that he actually liked the nickname, but just didn't want to admit it. He continued to keep quiet as he walked with the other to the hideout. It was a comfortable silence among them, one that Cas liked to bask in. He liked how their silences were never uncomfortable. It only proved how close they were to each other.

    Slowing down a bit so he was behind Luca, he reached out a hand to grip the other's. He didn't have to use much strength to pull him into his chest since he was caught off guard. He let his arms wrap around his waist, nuzzling his face into his blonde hair, which was pretty soft. They stayed like that, with Cas cuddling his boyfriend. The word "boyfriend" reminded Cas why Luca hadn't pulled away. It was because they were together, and Cas wouldn't have it any other way. And it wasn't only because Luca had a special place in his heart. It was also because he could be extra affectionate without worrying about rejection. Ah, the perks of being boyfriends.

    The hug was cut short as Luca managed to wiggle out of Cas's arms. It wasn't like he was hugging him extremely tight anyway. A pout formed on his lips as the shorter of the two urged them to get moving. It wasn't like there was a certain time that they had to be there or anything, but Cas kept his mouth shut. He knew that Luca was trying to change the subject so he could hide his embarrassment. Feeling generous, he opted to complain instead of tease.

    "Ne, why are so mean to me, Luca-chan~?" He whined, walking beside Luca as they got closer and closer to the hideout. He wondered if any of the others were already there yet. He had a feeling that the Leader was. Then again, maybe not.


    [I shall color the dialogue later on~]
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  5. Hildegarde Berfalk

    Hilda blinked, and suddenly the faint buzz and hummings that she thought came from a distance exploded, mummers and mutters were quick to give way to actual words and that was when the green haired senior realized that she had once again, inevitably, zoned out in the middle of the lesson. Frustrated with her short span of attention, the green haired girl groaned quietly, not loud enough to actually cut through the lecture, but just loud enough for those who were close enough to hear, close enough for Hilda to actually see them jolt just the tiniest bit when they heard her. Not that the green haired girl responded to their reaction though. It was her fourth and last year attending the school, and while the idea of inciting fear had been dull back then, it was now almost a bore, something that was out of season, something that she was honestly more annoyed at more than anything. Although, some people within her little family would definitely disagree with her there ... some were just more ... turned on, by the fearful reactions, if she could politely put it in a word.

    Ah. She did again, sadly this time she didn't bother scolding herself for her lack of attention. Fascinated with her train of thought, the green haired girl tuned the world out once more. The notebook she had in front of her was completely forgotten as she turned to stare out the window instead, and though she had a pencil to twirl and toy with in her hand, not once did it touch the papers again before the bell rang. She had a one track mind, and while some would look down on her for it, none could deny the results that she could bring back with the tunnel vision like mindset she possessed when she truly needed something done. Like every gift, there was a debate on whether it was a truly a blessing, or undeniably a curse.

    And so, the class continued on without further responses from Hilda. The only thing that managed to startle the girl from her trance was when the bell rang. The loud, horn like bell tore through her thoughts easily, shredding every root and every possibility that she had come up with within the last few minutes. Unfortunately, she could already sense the loss of something great, that whatever she had come up with before had slipped through the cracks between her fingers, never to be retrieved or rediscovered again ... especially since she would forget and ignore the very next day. A shame.

    Looking down at the half completed notes in her notebook, the green haired girl shrugged, closing the book and tucking it into her messenger bag, she slid out from her seat, letting a hand run through her long locks before heading towards the back door of the classroom. Which only encouraged the majority of the students to head for the other door instead. How rude.

    Stepping out of the classroom, Hilda hummed to herself as she continued her way down the slightly crowded halls. Many headed straight for the front doors, eager to get the day done with already, and very few remained behind. Perhaps they had some club that had a meeting today, but the less people there were, the better it was for the green haired girl. Crowds aggravated her to no end, especially the one's that didn't move, and when there wasn't some good music, drinks and fine looking dancers. On that train of thought, Hilda deflated just a bit, her shoulders sagging as she glared at the rays of sunlight that penetrated the windows. After all, most of her more fun activities ever only took place at night, rarely ever in broad daylight. That time was usually reserved for the rest of her family.

    Speaking of, she knew that she ought to really make her way there soon ... but then she frowned, as thoughts came barrelling into mind. Was there a purpose in the meeting that was called for today? The last thing Hilda remembered from their last meeting was when they had finished cleaning up the aftermath of a small scuffle on their own turf, putting some of the more obnoxious and ambitious 'rival groups' to a rest for the summer - I mean, they didn't look like the kind to just roll over and die off like that, no. Nothing in life ended that easily, the conclusion would have to end off in a bang. Much like the activation of turbo and nitro tanks that the many racers used on her scene.

    Bzzt! Bzzt!

    Feeling a familiar buzz against the side of her thigh, the green haired girl easily fished her phone from the pocket of her pants and tapped the screen awake, reading the notification on the screen before she decided to actually read the entire text. Just seeing who it was from elicited a smile on her face, there wasn't much that she looked forward to in her mostly boring life, but receiving these messages were definitely one of the highlights of most her days. On a second thought, receiving a message in general was pretty nice ... mostly assuring that the others were around and well. Alive, that is.

    As Hilda made her way down the stairs, her hums quieted, now only allowing the sound of her steps to echo in the stairwell. Every now and then, the green haired girl huffed, all while smiling at the screen. She received these messages on a monthly basis, and she never bored of reading them. They were funny to read, and to this day, she - among many others - still struggled to properly separate the mysterious TK apart from the equally mysterious, though slightly more witty from the hints others had revealed, Jack. The two of them were trustworthy informants, people that Hilda had no shame in calling friends on the streets. Besides, when she had been introduced to the two briefly a few years back, the two had definitely taken a liking to her, which had brought upon some perks when she stepped onto the proper racing stage.

    Rereading the message once more, memorizing some of the more important details, Hilda tucked her phone away. It was definitely an invitation, and like it had reminded her at the end, the previous one had to be revoked thanks to someone's ingenious plan to set off fireworks, at the south sectors busy downtown like setting, in the middle of the day, which had alerted the officials and thus had the entire area - not to mention the other more popular areas - under a careful eye for the entire summer. Whoever found that dumbass was definitely going to be presented with an award. Tonight perhaps, if they managed to get hold of him.

    Nearing the parking lot, Hilda noticed that one of the two motorcycles that were there in the morning were gone. Which meant that Creepy-Crawly, or Faith many knew her as, had already left. Rude. Not even a word of warning, or spray painted message on the floor or something. What if she decided to leave an invisible message, where she had to have the ground be subjected to UV light in order to read it? Nah. Nobody had that time, and besides, last she checked the convenience stores didn't have any more - and what a tragedy that was. Opening up the back compartment of the seat, Hilda dumped her messenger bag in unceremoniously before shutting it firmly. Reaching up, the green haired pulled off the sunglasses that rested there and tucked one of the sides into her shirt while her other hand fetched the helmet that hung on one of the handles.

    Life and death were NOT fun games when it could be avoided altogether. As badass as she was, she was not chancing a pitiful and pathetic death when she could have gone out guns blazing, or with a big boom. Yeah, explosions. Badass. With her head tucked firmly under the safety of the helmet, Hilda swung her leg over the body of the bike, settling herself on the seat and checking for any abnormalities before turning the igniting the engine and pulling the handles back roughly - triggering a roar from its engines. Her fingers reached forward and she pulled the brakes once, twice ... three times before she nodded to herself and was ready to roll. It wasn't a long process, and while she doubted that the pansies in the school would dare touch her shit, one could never be sure when a particularly vindictive victim from way back when would decide to strike every now and then.

    Lowering herself to lean over the tank cover, Hilda kept one leg outstretched and on the ground while spinning the motorcycle right around, tucking her leg back in as she straightened herself and headed away from the parking lot. While the tonight held unspoken promises, she still had the rest of the day to tend to, which would undoubtedly be just as exciting.
  6. *Quentin Connels*
    Quentin was fully absorbed in the lesson.

    Then again, he always was. Learning new things excited him, even if he had already read all of Shakespeare's works when he was younger. He had already learned many of the things they did in high school, which would make one think that it would be twice as boring learning it once more.

    Not for Quentin. School was the only thing he had had when he was younger, the one thing he was aloud to do. He had worked hard, really hard, since he had started school in third grade. He had spent nights, long, long hours studying alone. It wasn't like he had anything else to do besides play with his brother. And he would rather die than play with him, so that was out too.

    As they finished up the page, the sound of the dismissal bell cut through the air. Quen gathered his supplies and proceeded to walk out of class. Little did he know, a surprise was waiting for him at the front door.

    "Heyyyyy, Q-ey."

    The voice was soft spoken, but somehow incredibly annoying at the same time. Add in the fact that he had used the nickname Quen had hidden from his friends since birth, it could only be one person. He ignored him and continued on his way to his locker, hearing scampering steps behind him.

    "You can't just ignore me, you know. No matter how much you wish I wasn't here, I still am. And I'm here to stay," the boy taunted.

    Queen continued to ignore him, putting his stuff in his locker and taking his bag out. He then filled it with the books he needed to take home, finally closing it and turning to his brother. "Alex, what the hell do you want now?" He asks gruffly as he shifts his bag to his right shoulder.

    "Mom said you need to take me home today."

    "Ride the bus," Quen answers as he turns and begins to walk the other way.

    "But I hate the bus," Alex protests.

    "And I hate you, so we're even."

    Quen didn't know where to start with Alexander, he hated the boy in too many ways to count. In his whole gang career, he had only ever killed one person by himself. When ever Alex was around, though, he considered just one more.

    But no, killing his own brother? That was cold, not to mention all the legal issues that would hound him.

    "Then let me come with you!" Alex suggests with excitement. "I promise I won't-"

    "No," Quen says sharply. He didn't know why Alex always wanted to come with him to the gang hideout, but he sure as hell wasn't going to let his brother ruin the last thing he had.

    "But why?"

    "Because I hate you!" Quen says menacingly, yet in a whisper. It was his signature thing that he did when he was starting to get angry or annoyed, and that's when Alex knew to back off.

    "Fine. Whatever. I'll just ride the bus. I didn't want to go with you,
    he says angrily as he stomps off towards the buses.

    Quen blows a piece of curly blonde hair from his eyes as he continues on his way. Good. At least that's one problem taken care of for today.

    He nodded once to his teacher as they passed in they halls, and got a wave in return. It wasn't well known that Quen was a part of the gang. He was more the behind the scenes worker in the gang, never really physically on the scene, and compared to most of the members, his clothes were completely normal. Not everybody knowing that he was part of the gang made it easier for him, especially in school. The teachers all liked him, and nobody ever picked on him anymore anyways because of the one time he had knocked two seniors for shoving him up against a locker.

    He exits the school building, smiling slightly as the warm air hit his skin, and the sun lit up his face. He always had enjoyed the warm weather, not being much of a fan for the cold. He continued on his way, making his way casually towards the hideout. Not that he had to be secretive about where he was going, it was crazy, really. The amount of people who knew about their hideout, but did nothing about it was simply mind boggling to him. Better for us, I guess. He stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for the signal to give him the okay. He crossed the street when it did so, getting closer and closer to the hideout. He wondered how many people were already there.
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  7. "Kobato, you'll need to perform this stance, then move forward."

    Kojiro was teaching Tachibana how to use a katana to its fullest potential. She picked it up rather fast.

    "You're getting the hang of it, Kobato. Now you just need to move faster and we're good."

    Kobato points to a large clock.

    "You're right. We can always continue some other time. So, see you around?"

    Kobato smiles and nods.

    Tachibana sighs as another round of class passes. Looking out through the window, she twirls her pen and writes notes down.

    It was always that way for many eons. With her studying, she had few friends she could count on, that was, until now. Kojiro was just a mere tip of the iceberg. Her other friends, on the other hand...
  8. There was a ton of chatter and all that good stuff, as the bell was like, this close to ringing!

    Couldn't it ring any quicker? I mean, we have clocks. Why can't that damn second hand move a twice as fast? Ughhh...

    For a moment, Avalon almost face decked, letting out a groan as she couldn't take it, she had to get out of this class, the teacher's monotoned voice would probably put her to sleep for the rest of the day. Oh how she hated having his teacher last period, or first period, or any period of the day. A couple of people were passing around notes while the teacher was writing on the white board, and a couple were playing on their phones from under their desks. Avalon would love to play on her phone, but she made the horrid mistake of leaving it at home. She regrets it now, as she is forced to pay attention in class. She just draws on her note book, a little blob that resembled her, face desking until there was a bump. Finally, someone rose their hand up.

    "Teacher! Class is almost over!" One kid said, and the teacher turned around, adjusting his glasses and looking up at the time. He shot a glare at Avalon, and she can say 100% hat he hates her. ".. Alright. Class, remember to do pages 206-210 for homework. It'll be due in three days. You can thank yourselves for not paying attention to the lesson." He said, and the entire class let out a groan.

    The teacher gave them 5 minutes to pack up, and Avalon was surrounded by a few friends of hers, smiling and giddy. "Hey, hey Avalon! Lets go to a mixer this weekend! There are a couple of cute boys there~" One of her friends chimed, looking down at Avalon as though expecting something. "Aha... I would love to, seriously, I would. But I'm busy this weekend, sorry." She smiled, and her friend seemed to calm down. "Oh.. Alright.."

    "Don't worry! I'll do your hair and make up for the mixer, alright?" Avalon asked, and her friend's eyes lit up, nodding and happily leaving Avalon. Well, time for another day after class.
  9. ♥︎ Naomi and Maddie


    ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

    It was only three minutes before school let out and the only thing Naomi Miles was doing was playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo 3DSXL. The students of English and Literature Arts have just finished what they were doing for the day and we're allowed to talk for the remainder of the period. During this time Naomi just usually sat at her desk and played video games or read whatever Manga she was currently reading. She didn't have anyone to talk to much during the last hour of class. Not that it truly matters, no one didn't want to talk to her anyways. And she knew exactly why as well. She was in Natsume Tanaka's gang, The Most Ruthless, Dangerous, and Most Terrifying gang around. But it's not like she was completely friendless, she did in fact had a few friends. Since she had joined the gang during her middle school years, she did still have a few friends that stayed loyal to their friendship. The only thing is two of them went to another school (which was probably the best as Naomi never explained to her friends about being in a gang), and the other one attended the same school but was being pulled away from her by a blonde popular girl. Now, Naomi could do what her sister said—which was "get rid" of her, but Naomi was one to do those things like her sister. The only time she exterminated anyone is if they were a problem to Natsume Tanaka, or The gang in general. The popular blonde wasn't a threat in her eyes. And even if the girl was being pulled into the popular clique they were still friends, to which Naomi was thankful for.

    The bell rung and the students cleared out bit by bit. Naomi set down her 3DSXL and put on her Sailor Moon Black Luna Oversized Hoodie she had taken off during the class period and gathered her things. She said farewell to the teacher and continued playing Animal Crossing upon leaving the classroom. She was thankful that at least the teachers and a few students weren't afraid of her. Mainly because they didn't know what she was capable of. True she looked cute and innocent, but in reality she was capable of making the toughest men beg and cry for mercy. Oh how that was music to her ears, not to mention the sight of the threat she was taking out in tears and nearly on the verge of insanity was thrilling. She pushed the sadistic thoughts aside and continued playing her game, navigating her way to the front doors of the school to meet up with her sister.

    ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

    Maddie sat outside leaning against her motorcycle waiting for her younger sister as the last few minutes of class wined down. She was "allowed" to leave early from her Advanced Physics class for the last five minutes of class. Yeah..Allowed..if that's even the right word. It would be a lie if Maddie didn't blackmail her Physics teacher just to get out of class early everyday. While it might seem she was doing this just to get out of class, in reality it was to make sure her sister was alright. Unlike her, her younger sister Naomi was Naive and Innocent..Easy target to be picked on by popular students. In the past Maddie would sit outside her last class and walk with her to her motorcycle, acting as a bodyguard and harming any person who came in a distance to Naomi. However since then Naomi had asked her politely to stop after she harmed a polite British boy who was trying to ask Naomi on a date. Not my fault...she doesn't need to date anyways.. Maddie thought, grumbling at how her sister scolded her and then went to give candy as an apology for her behavior. Her thoughts were sidetracked when the bell rang and students flooded out of the school, keeping a distance from her. She couldn't help but smirk, seeing how terrified they were of her. They knew who she was, and they'd better if they dared to piss her off. She might as well carve her name into their skulls if they dared to mess with her. She looked towards the front doors to the school to see her sister, once again glued to her 3DSXL like always. Maddie sighed, praying one day her sister would at least come out of the school not focused of a game. As Naomi made if off the last step of the stairs leading up to the school Maddie halted her by lightly pushing her sister with one hand, getting her attention for once.

    “Took you long enough.” A she said as the brunette looked up to see her sister smiling at her. Naomi couldn't help but smile as well and put away her 3DSXL. “Sorry for making you wait.” She apologized as her sister brushed off the apology. “Don't worry about it. C'mon.” Maddie gestured her sister to get on the back of the motorcycle. Naomi did so and Maddie got in the front, starting her Motorcycle and revving it a few times to scare a few students. “ about we go to the convenience store nearby? I'll buy you something sweet.” Maddie offered as Naomi nodded. “Sounds good to me!” She exclaimed as the motorcycle headed off to the nearby convenience store. Naomi rarely shouted or yelled. The only times she did was when one of the gang members teased her (preferably one name Yoichi), someone released her into Berserk mode, or when her sister did something reckless and rude. One example would be hurting a boy who came up out of nowhere, about to ask her out only for Maddie to shove him against a locker. Since then she asked her sister to wait outside for her rather than next to her classroom and apologized for Maddie's behavior to the boy (since then to to have kept in touch afterwards, much to Maddie's dismay).

    The two made it to the Convenience store, got off the motorcycle and walked inside, heading to Naomi's favorite place—the candy aisle. “You can pick out anything you want..but your budget is twenty-five it?” Maddie told her, Naomi nodding at her sister and “Naruto” sprinted out of the aisle and into another one. Don't get Maddie wrong, she loved her sister dearly and would buy her anything, it's just she did have a budget and couldn't spend it all on her little sister. After browsing for a bit and picking her own little snacks her sister returned with a few small bags of Candy, some pudding cups, ice cream, and tree kinds of cold drinks—one vanilla, once chocolate, and one strawberry.

    “You're really getting hooked on those drinks huh?” Maddie joked with a chuckle as Naomi nodded. “Got a problem with that?” She asked, her voice low and almost serious. Maddie shook her head with a smile, taking the things she intended to buy and buying them, handing her the bag of her sweets. “Right. Now let's go meet up with the others.” Maddie said with Naomi nodding, the two heading off to the gang's hideout.
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  10. Natsume
    It didn’t take much longer for Natsume to arrive at the gang’s house. She slipped the key from their hiding spot that all of them knew of but no one else, and placed it into the slightly rusted keyhole in the knob. It still worked like usual, and the door was unlocked. She placed the key back, and headed inside so she could await the arrival of her friends and gang members.

    Once inside, the girl flipped on a few of the lights and made her way into the living room where there was a large couch. She took a seat on it. It was the main room that the members stayed in all together but it was a house, so there obviously was a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms and a few other rooms that would be present in a house. For an abandoned house, the place was kept nice but that was because Natsume wanted the place where her gang members meant up all the time to be worthy of them all. It was kept clean and was given quite a lot of furniture that the members all contributed to (mostly by stealing them from somewhere, but none of them cared) or the usual strange Remi somehow magically appeared with the furniture…however she got them. They even had electricity, water, gas, whatever a normal house would because they were able to get it somehow. It was a bit of a mystery, perhaps they were stealing it, perhaps they were blackmailing to get it, whatever the case was, they had it all and they were happy.

    Natsume was sitting, waiting for the others to arrive. She had important business to discuss with them, so hopefully they would all be arriving shortly. She had heard of another, a bit newer, gang trying to take some of Natsume Tanaka’s area and that didn’t sit well with her. Everyone know that this was the Tanaka gang’s territory and Natsume wasn’t going to let some flies come in and take it from her. They were going to be dealt with, either through the easy way or the other easy way…sending a few members to do their usual jobs.

    Meanwhile, ‘Mad Prism’ as she always liked to be called as just about to arrive at the house. Though, the girl usually loved a dramatic entrance and there was no way she could do that without a few of the others already there. So, the girl decided to hide in the bushes that were around the house, waiting for the others to arrive. At least she wouldn’t be seen, she was pretty good at hiding somehow since she always just showed up to all of them. Though, there were a few who were able to realize she was there, after all, they were a gang and they all had great talents.

    She watched carefully, trying to see if anyone would be coming soon. They were sure to be there shortly, but Remi didn’t carry any watch with her, it would clash with her outfit, so the thought of actually knowing what time it was now was not even a possibility. She couldn’t even see any clock through the window that was by. So, waiting was the only opinion in her case. Unless she wanted to just go inside like a normal person. But, Remi wasn’t a normal person, she refused to be a boring normal person.

    “Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.” She muttered to herself, trying to waste the time an distract herself because it was boring just waiting to make an entrance. Why did she always have to get there before everyone? She looked around, figuring that she should see someone walking towards the house soon, or coming to it through some kind of transportation.

    A squirrel decided to come near Remi and stare at her. The strange girl looked at it and strange back. “What? Haven’t you even seen a girl hiding in the bushes waiting for her fellow gang members before?” She said to it, it puffed out its cheeks. “Rawr.” She added and the squirrel decided to slowly leave the area.

  11. [​IMG]
    "Idiot... bastard... moron..." Luca muttered under his breath, sounding rather displeased. A heavy blush colored his otherwise pale cheeks red as he dragged Cas off by the wrist. They were going to the hideout now before Cas got any other... good ideas. He was already embarrassed from suddenly being embraced in public in broad daylight. Perhaps he was a bit mad at Cas, as well. Or perhaps, he was just a little disappointed that he'd only gotten a hug. These doubts were cast away when he looked at Cas, who bore this confident, annoying expression on his face. When Luca saw that face, he suddenly didn't want to be honest with the guy. They'd been dating for what felt like ages now, it didn't matter much. Cas understood him better than most and he really felt it in moments like these. Because Cas just let Luca drag him off without complaining about it once.

    Angered by all of these things, he suddenly stopped up in the middle of one of the small back roads; there were practically no one there. Before Cas could react, or even notice, Luca had spun around, removing his gas mask from his face. And again, in the blink of an eye, he pressed their lips together, if only shortly. Before Cas could say anything, he pulled back, sliding the gas mask on once more. He turned around, not wanting to meet Cas' eyes.

    "F-fine. T-there. That's what you wanted me to d-do, isn't it?" He was referring to Cas' earlier complaining about Luca being mean to him. Yeah, he'd taken that way too seriously and now he'd probably made a fool of himself. His face was even hotter than before, and he stomped off before he could hear Cas trying to hold back laughter with that cute expression of his that Luca hated and loved at the same time. He loved it because his face looked so bright, but he wanted to stab Cas in the face because the laughter was because of him. He covered his face.

    When they arrived at the hideout, Luca was still dragging Cas by the hand, feeling his heart pounding. Being with Cas always made him like this, and everyone at the hideout knew about them. At least he thought they did. It wasn't like he and Cas had ever gone out of their way to announce it, but it was obvious to every passer-by that they weren't just friends with each other. So they were also used to seeing Luca with a red face as he tried not to let himself be wavered by Cas. Cas loved to be physical with him, always hugging him and clinging onto him at any time. Of course, if it was important work, Cas would back off, but in meetings and whatnot Cas would sit down and drag Luca into his lap. Luca knew that while he had more physical strength than Cas, he couldn't get himself to actually be violent with the guy.

    Cas was way more important to him than he let on, after all...
  12. *Quentin Connels*

    Quentin continued on his way to the hideout, only pausing to stop and wait at crosswalks, like the Good Samaritan he is. Being in a gang should enable him to do whatever he liked, right? So why didn't he just walk across random roads? Honestly, he wasn't too sure himself. He had a slight inkling that it reminded him too much of his asshole brother, and how he thought he could do anything he wanted. Quentin didn't want to be anything like that snotty little brat.

    He came to another cross walk, once again pausing and waiting for his turn to cross. He watched the cars go by in a blur, a silver Chevy who's bumper was mangled. A black Honda in pristine condition, probably owned by someone with OCD. The cross walk light finally gave him his signal, and as the cars came to a halt, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and strolled across.

    The hideout was only a few blocks away now, and he found himself slowly picking up his pace. He always looked forward to meeting with his gang, they were practically family to him. No, they were family. All of them were special to him, and although he blatantly refused to kill anyone for them, he'd definitely for protecting them.

    Ah, the killing. His absolute least favorite part of the gang. He never voiced his opinion on this, but he figured at least a few of them have seen his discomfort with the topic. Killing anyone who looked at you the wrong way just seemed so... brutal to him. I mean, they weren't the Vikings, they were kids.

    Biting his lip, he stops at the last cross walk before arriving at the gang hideout. He could pretend he was this great moral compass and everything. That the only reason he refused to kill anyone was because it was simply wrong, but he knew the real reason. The real reason lay in the deepest part of his mind, shoved so far back that whomever chose to venture back there to try and find it was, in all definitions of the word, doomed.

    He shakes these thoughts from his mind as he crosses his final obstacle, walking just a mere thirty yards until he comes upon their hideout. There he pauses, carefully examining the house. It was his routine, being an observant and strategic person, he always checked for a sign that something was wrong. All he noticed, however, was the slightly trampled bush on the left side of the house. As he continued to stare at it, the bush rustled once. A movement so slight that if you weren't examining it, such as he was, you were sure to miss it.

    He smiles to himself, realizing that it was only Remi, up to he usual shenanigans. Walking up to the door, and still being cautious despite his thorough examination, he knocks on it lightly. How he hated simply barging into a house, it seemed impolite to him.
  13. [​IMG]

    Cas hummed softly, filling up the supposed silence between him and Luca. No doubt about it that the blonde was cursing him under his breath, but he ignored said conclusion in favor of thinking about a catchy melody that he couldn't get out of his head. What's even worse is that he had no clue what the name of the song was, or what the lyrics were. It was going to be stuck in his head as a catchy melody forever, making him sigh internally. Not being able to figure out things ended up bothering him to the bitter end, if he dwelled on them. Fortunately for him, he doesn't. So, he'll continue his cheerful humming as he walked, swinging Luca's and his joint hands. Or wrist and hand, more like it. His gaze wandered, observing their surroundings. They were getting closer to the hideout. He could tell, seeing how they took the same route majority of the time. Suddenly, they—well, Luca stopped walking, causing Cas to stumble into him, backing up after gathering his bearings.

    He was tempted to say something, but opted to tilt his head to the side in curiosity, eyes shining with said emotion. Exactly what was going through Luca's mind? There had to be a good reason that he stopped so suddenly. He rarely does. The reason that he got was more than he expected, but, in all honesty, he wasn't complaining in the slightest.

    Tracing his lips with a finger, his eyes danced with slight amusement as he thought about Luca's words. That's not what I was aiming for at all, but he doesn't need to know that, he thought with a smile as he watched said blonde stomp off. Not really wanting to get left behind, he began to walk towards the other, catching up. It didn't take long before they were side by side again. He would have said something, but came to the conclusion that Luca was probably at his limit. So, he kept his mouth shut and let his mind mull over just how adorable Luca can be, no matter how much he might try to deny it. It's honestly unfair, he thought, oblivious that he probably had the same effect on his boyfriend.

    Before Cas knew it, they had finally made it to the hideout. They entered and he wasn't surprised to see their leader already sitting on the couch. He grinned as he greeted her, shutting the door behind him and Luca. "Hi, Tanaka-san~!" He sing-songed, feeling in an 'honorific' mood today. Sometimes, he'd add honorifics to the end of everyone's name if that's how he felt, but it was rare. Unless it was Luca. He always added '-chan' to the end of his name.

    Without waiting for a respond, Cas bounded towards one of the single chairs that decorated the living room. He had been able to wiggle his wrist out of Luca's grip so that he could intertwine their fingers together. Now, he was gently tugging him along to the seat that he had silently chosen as their own. Letting himself flop into it, without a moment of hesitation, he had let go of Luca's hand and gently gripped his waist, dragging him forward until he was seated in his lap, just like he was for every other meeting. Well, majority of the time, at least. Though, he was facing him, which wasn't quite normal, but Cas deemed that there was something that he had to take care of.

    With the only clue being how intently he stared at the gas mask covering the lower half of the blonde's face, he reached for it, slowly tugging it down until it rested upon the other's chin. Keeping the same slow pace because he liked to draw these sort of things out sometimes, he leaned closer to Luca until they seemed to be centimeters apart and could feel each other's breath fanning against one another's lips. It took another moment before he actually pressed their lips together in a soft kiss that lasted longer than the one outside, yet didn't go past pressing their lips against one another. He pulled back soon enough, but not without a gentle bite towards Luca's bottom lip, staring up into his golden eyes.

    "That's what I wanted you to do," he said so only the two of them could hear, referring to his question earlier on when they were still walking. Before placing his gas mask back in its rightful place, he pecked the tip of his nose, oozing happiness. Still having time, he decided to relax as they waited for the others. He had a feeling that some were already there, yet not in the house yet. Like Remi. I swore I caught a glimpse of her in those bushes we passed when we came. Not wanting to dwell on it, he rested his forehead against Luca's chest, arms wrapped loosely around his waist. He soon lifted his head up so that his chin took the place of his forehead. "Lulu," he started, "cuddle me," he finished, eyes shining with his plead. He felt like cuddling, but couldn't explain why. "Please," he added in a way to drive his somewhat of a command further.​

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  14. As the hideout came into sight, Hilda gradually slowed down until she smoothly came to a complete stop in front of the ominous, yet familiar, abandoned house that she had come to appreciate and treat as a home rather than just another house. It was quiet, naturally, as the area around wasn't inhabited by anything other than ... probably insects, scavengers, and the odd fox or two, most importantly, the only people that should have been around these parts were those who were part of the gang. In Hilda's opinion, the gang as a whole were pretty quiet. Sure, fights and arguments always happened, but they weren't a seriously rowdy, house-wrecking crew, and ever since her first dip into the streets and the nightlife, Hilda was only glad that the gang wasn't that much of a stereotype. Heaven forbid she allowed herself join something that felt like it came right out of a gag manga of sorts.

    Wherever she was, Hilda knew if word got out and she heard of it, the green haired racer would never be able to live it down.

    Shaking the unnecessary thoughts aside, Hilda straightened herself, pulling away from the tank cover entirely, her arms also pulling away from the handles as she reached up and over her head, pulling off the helmet. Wind rushed through her hair, making a mess of it, but that was something she experienced on the regular, she only smiled as her skin finally had the chance to just breathe after having to be stuffed inside the helmet. It wasn't like it suffocated her, but there was just something about the helmet that always took away some of the fun when she tore through the streets, breaking several traffic laws by each streetlight that was passed. Running a hand through her tousled hair, Hilda swung herself off the bike with practiced ease, landing quietly on the ground.

    Swinging the helmet to hang off the handles, Hilda then took her time to simply walk her bike over to the garage. Of course, there were probably already a few others inside, and from past experiences, Hilda knew better than to just open the garage electronically, causing unnecessary agitation and whatnot, so the racer simply pulled it up by the handle, a lovely new added mechanism from ... well, someone had to have done it, and Hilda was willing to bet it was Quentin. The green haired woman ducked her head under as she wheeled the motorcycle inside, and as she kicked the stand down, she couldn't help but to smirk at the rather empty - no, not really, there was a bunch of shit lying around everywhere - place. Looks like she had beaten Faith here, even with the head start. While there hadn't been any set contest or anything, the immature competitive nature was too deeply in her to be supervised at this point. Not that Hilda truly regrets it, of course.

    Opening up the trunk, Hilda was quick to retrieve her bag. Slinging it around her shoulders once more, the green haired girl heaved a long silent sigh as she pulled the garage down once more, just as silently as she had pulled it up. As she rounded her way to the front though, she caught sight of Quentin just walking across the street, and decided that waiting up seemed like a mighty fine idea. As she did though, she couldn't help but to wonder if she had somehow missed him on the way to the hideout ... damn, she could have at least picked him up for a ride or something, but then again, the 'shortcuts' she used rarely ever stuck to the main road and streets.

    As Quentin stepped up to the door, knocking, Hilda laughed, quickly joining him up the steps. Of course, the laugh held no ill will, but the green haired racer had been with this guy for ... what were they now? Seniors? Hilda had been watching him do the exact same thing since the beginning, when they had all joined, and although she - and many others - had probably told him to just open the door and make a grand entrance of sorts, he insisted on knocking. It was probably a lost cause, and Hilda had long since accepted that Quentin was just ... better, in terms of these smaller details. Better than them, a lot better than the average punks on the streets. Knocking him lightly on the shoulder, Hilda had a teasing smile to proudly present to him, "Lost your keys?" she jested, playfully raising an eyebrow.

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  15. * Quentin Connels *


    Quentin waited near the door for a few seconds, grinding the toe of his tennis shoe into the sagging wooden step. Sometimes the gang would comply and open the door for him, other times they simply ignored it and he ended up opening the door anyway. It was always different, so no matter what he waited a bit each time.

    He went ram-rod straight suddenly, as if he was in the middle of a devious act and was caught by his army supervisor. He had unintentionally driven his hand into his pocket, where it was already clenched around his small pocket knife, the only weapon currently in his possession. After his brain processed that it was only Hilda, not some burly mugger, he relaxed, slowly drawing his hand from his pocket. Not that Hilda wasn't a threat. He'd much rather deal with a horde of muggers than an angry Hilda. Or an angry girl, period. His thoughts skipped to something Alex had told him a few years ago, something along the lines of bitches be crazy. For once he found himself slightly in agreement with the little snot.

    "Lost your keys?"

    Quentin smiles, making a big show about digging into his pockets to find the imaginary keys, which he knew he didn't have. He turns to her with a small shrug. "Guess so. Any bright ideas?" He asks, leaning against the white painted door, which was already peeling despite the fact that a fresh coat of paint had been applied recently. He knew the door was unlocked, as it usually was, and he could simply open the door and be on his merry way. School had been a drag today, though, having nobody to talk to in most of his classes could really interrupt the fun of his educational experience. So, he was eager to talk, and group talks really didn't compel him because he hated to interrupt anyone, and he usually had nothing to say. Besides, if he had to choose anyone to talk to, it would be Hilda. Not because he was crushing hard, he had stopped that a while ago, but simply because he had known her the longest.

    His gaze landed on the bush that he assumed Remi was hiding in once more. At least, he sure hoped it was Remi. He had always liked the young girl, thinking her to be unique in fashion and thought. Most of what she did differed from the normal, and he liked that she could be so expressive and not bound by what everyone else thought standard. His eyes tripped along the scenery until finally coming full circle and landing on Hilda once more as he patiently waited for an answer.


  16. [​IMG]
    "H-hey! Cas!" Luca complained as the blue-haired boy entwined their fingers, pulling Luca behind him. Way too suddenly, Cas had taken the complete control of the situation, leaving Luca with nothing to do but stutter out protests as he was firmly dragged along into the hideout by the hand of his boyfriend. Somehow, he knew what was gonna happen. He let out a yelp when he was yanked down by the waist, finding himself in a straddling position across Cas' lap. He blushed, pout forming on his face as he sought to remain stubborn. It was hard, with those blue eyes staring him down so lovingly. Honestly, he wouldn't be able to avert his gaze, and at the same time, he couldn't get himself to meet it. It was this kind of painful dilemma that left him with a red face, trying to locate his eyes in the right direction.

    He was too distracted to even greet the others there; not that that was anything new. No one blamed him for having a hard time with people, and perhaps he would learn eventually, but for now, it was fine. Suddenly, he found his gaze locked on those blue eyes, staring him down, making him feel powerless. Some kind of omen made him want to desperately reach out for his gas mask, but his arms were lifeless at his sides, the inner side of his elbows brushing against Cas' arms. He could feel those arms keeping him in a safe grip, almost making him want to just give up already. But he wasn't sure how to go about that. In the end, he remained in a trance, trapped by Cas' gaze, and before he realized it he had already given in to the trap. He should've probably noticed this sooner, and he felt like an idiot for not noticing.

    Cas' fingers made swift process of his gas mask, dropping it to hang loosely around his neck, and his face was exposed. He felt extremely naked without it, but it wasn't like anyone was really looking at them. His face was flaming red, and he was caught up in staring at Cas, unable to tear his gaze away. He bit his lip as he clenched his fists, slowly raising his arms. He put his hands on Cas' chest, bringing them even closer as he leaned his head forward a little instead of backwards like he had been doing before to get away. He was probably losing it at this point... and no matter how stupid it was, no matter how embarrassed he would always feel, Cas someone managed to dig out his deepest desires and make him act on them. Be it small or big desires... Cas helped him deal with all of them. And perhaps, he did want this right now... but he did feel a little embarrassed that it had to happen like this.

    Cas captured his lips, and perhaps, in that moment, time stopped a little. It felt like much longer than it probably was (which was perhaps no more than ten seconds) but those ten seconds were much more precious than anything else, and while he could admit this to Cas, he felt like he would never be able to voice it, this indescribable feeling of happiness, that tranquil feeling of "everything will be alright". He didn't need to bear everything on his own anymore, and perhaps, one day, he'd be able to be honest and open with people, instead of this shut-off existence. Perhaps Cas was leading him in this journey. He wasn't really sure. But what he did know was... that he wasn't really ready for that.

    In response to the kiss, Luca tore away from Cas, covering the lower half of his face with his arm as he stubbornly positioned the gas mask back into place and put it on again. At least it hid his embarrassment just a little bit. "W-w-what the hell do you think you're doing, you pervert.... I'm going to kill you, seriously, I'll just... i-i-idiot, s-shut up. G-go away." Yet, he didn't make a single move after saying all of these incredibly rude and perhaps mean things, because he knew that Cas would just hug him until he complied. Somehow, he was feeling a little happy at this whole ordeal, and at the same time, pissed at himself for being too weak. He had given in again. Perhaps Cas liked him because he gave in? He didn't really know, and maybe it wasn't in his right to want to know about it either. Regardless, he distracted himself of it all by going out of his way to turn around in Cas' lap, pouting as he leaned his back against Cas' chest, scooting slightly to the side so he wouldn't block Cas' face. Even if Cas was taller than he was, the difference wasn't that large between them.
  17. Natsume

    Natsume looked over to see Cassius and Luka coming in, no surprise, they always came in together, they were dating after all, everyone knew that whether they believed it or not. “Hey.” Natsume replied to them when, giving them a small smile as a warm welcome. She was always kind to friends after all. A few short minutes after, Natsume heard the sound of someone knocking. She knew right away who it was, he always did it every time. He always waited for someone to open the door for him.

    The gang leader got herself up from the couch, seeing that Cas and Luka were a bit busy at the moment kissing. She went to the door and opened it up to see Quentin and Hilda standing there together. “Come on in.” Natsume stated, then looked over at the bushes. “You two Remi, we have things to discuss as a group.” Natsume had been inside when Remi had shown up and went into the bushes but it seemed the gang leader knew she was there, as expected from someone who was leading a gang.

    After that, Natsume headed back inside, heading back for the couch. “We have a few things to discuss. Hopefully everyone will get here soon. This is important and needs to be taken care of. We have a threat to our gang, trying to take our territory and I don’t like that at all. ” She stated as she pulled out a lollipop, took off the wrapping and put it into her mouth.


    “Aw!” Remi suddenly said as the girl stood up from the bushes, a few leaves sticking to her costume. “But I want to stay in the bushes and wait until everyone else is inside and then scare you guys by doing something to the window.” But, Mad Prism couldn’t go against her dear leader, so she walked out of the bushes and started to follow the others into the house.

    Once inside the girl took a seat down, mopping a bit because she wasn’t able to make a scene when entering. Though, at least it was a bit strange of an entrance since she came out of the bushes. Yes! See, how many people came out of bushes all the time?! ‘Mad Prism’ was suddenly happy again and ready to go. “Important!? Alright, then what’s the issue? Mad Prism will help in anyway.” Remi was always quite energetic and it could be easily seen through her speech manners and her actions. After all, she was fist pumping in the air while she was talking about her helping out with anything. “I see, so someone doesn’t understand that this is Tanaka turf, what fools.” Remi made a strange evil like laugh. “I can’t believe how foolish those ants are, they should know not to come and mess with us. I can’t wait until everyone else is here, they better get here soon! They’re all taking so long. What are we even supposed to do in the mean time?!”

  18. Just as Hilda turned to answer Quentin, no doubt with something witty and maybe with a tad bit of harmless flirting, the door was eased open, revealing a familiar face that Hilda had come to appreciate and recognize as family over the past few years. Of course, many people did fit into that particular criteria as well. Quentin, for one, was probably one of the few people she was truly close to, in a platonic sense of course - that mess had been cleaned up fairly quickly back when the gang had first formed. He was a silent guy, but Hilda was more than fine with that. Back in the beginning, trust was still something that seemed hopeless to find, family wasn't made in a single sitting, or a single night of raiding, it took time, and Hilda understood that well enough. She didn't pry, or stir up anything too much, and now it paid off, not only did the bonds grow strong, those that were old were firm, reliable, and perhaps carried a secret or two that Hilda knows would be carried to the grave - never to be spilled in any circumstances ... not that she had such a grave secret, no.

    As Natsume, their leader, addressed Remi, Hilda turned her head to look just behind her shoulder where, lo and behold, Mad Prism popped up from the bushes. Admittedly, Hilda had failed to notice her there ... not that she had been looking closely, there was simply very little need when they were gathered at their house. After all, what was the point in a gang house if you couldn't truly let go, kick back and relax? If it were in a more dangerous and populated place, Hilda might have felt the need to keep an eye behind her back, but no, never here. As the younger girl went off to complain, and ... was that a pout she saw? Probably not, but Hilda allowed the younger to pass through the doors all the same before stepping in herself.

    Once inside, Hilda was quick to just give her shoulders a slight shake. Natsume had spoken very little, but her words had revved up her blood all the same. There was a reason that their gang was feared, well known but untouched in the area, it certainly wasn't because they had an army of younger helpless kids playing gangsters, but because they had Natsume who truly did not give a shit to those who dared to order her around, she was a force of nature that should not be messed around with, after all, that's how her moniker, the Demonic Angel, came to be. It was evident in the way she spoke as well, how she addressed those who opposed, those who were a danger to the overall well being of their family, a threat, something that needed to be exterminated. While Hilda wasn't too violent a person, such words always gave a kickstart to the adrenaline in her, the same that usually carried her from rooftop to rooftop on cold twilight evenings.

    As everyone settled into the living room, perhaps elsewhere, Hilda herself was quick to head for the fridge, digging out three cans from within. As she headed towards the living room with the items, the first thing Hilda did notice was how their resident lovebirds were getting the room all hot and steamy, something to tease them about later, perhaps. They did seem a bit lost in their own world, so Hilda decided she'd save the greetings for later, walking up towards Natsume who was seated at her usual seat, Hilda dangled a soda can just at eye level, a silent offer before she set the can on the coffee table in the middle of the living room, the chairs and couches surrounding it. She turned, preferring to stand behind the couches instead, her elbows leaning against the back of it. She wasn't sure when the others were coming, but if Hilda were to take a couch, the green haired woman would not be able to resist lying all over it, taking up all the space where three people could have easily sat in. That, and she had a horrible record when it came to trying to stay awake on the comfortable couches, especially after a long day back at school.

    With two cans in hand now, Hilda tilted her head as she held one out for Quen, it was chocolate milk, she knew how the other adored chocolate, and besides, this one was expiring soon ... better he drink what Hilda was pretty sure was the last can before someone else took it. While her arm was still stretched out, she turned back to her own can, Calpico, an very sweet and odd japanese soft drink that Hilda was simply addicted to. For now at least. With practiced ease, Hilda carefully opened the can with one hand, although it certainly did take a bit longer and much more effort than the simplicity would suggest. As soon as it was open, Hilda smiled brightly and turned to Natsume, though her voice was serious, and just generally quiet, husky perhaps, "Been awhile since something like this happened, come to think of it," she started, "how serious do you think this is?" she asked quietly, addressing everyone ... nearly everyone, those who were listening in anyway. Hilda herself was thrown for a short flashback to the one time, perhaps in their earlier years where a small scale, but nonetheless a brutal, gang war had broken out, their newly budding gang unfortunately wrapped up in the middle of the two. Kicker was they came out relatively unscasthed, with more power, and a bit of fame to pretty up their names.
  19. [​IMG]

    Cas was torn between pouting and smiling. Pouting because Luca totally ignored his request of cuddling in favor of turning away from him. Smiling because he could never get enough of his boyfriend's cute reactions to the things that he does. While they were cute to him, he was certain that they would make anyone else uneasy. Luca isn't exactly the nicest person, after all, but that was okay with Cas because he knew that he never truly meant any of his threats or insults. For as long as they've been together, he's grown accustomed to them and knows how to read through the lines.

    Deciding to settle on a small frown, the blunet let his chin rest on Luca's shoulder. His eyes was trained upon the door as he watched Natsume open it. A small smile graced his features as some of the other members entered the home. He would never understand Quentin's habit of knocking upon the door. He owned the place as much as any of them did, but he never questioned it. If it made the other happy, then he just let it be. There has been times, though, where he would come to the hideout and see Quentin just standing there. Most of those times, he would just open the door and stare at the blond expectantly. He's never waited outside of the hideout and he doesn't plan on starting anytime soon, really.

    He was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Natsume's voice. Unfortunately, he missed what she said, only able to catch the last few bits. Luckily, Remi pretty much repeated it and, involuntarily, filled Cas in on what was going on. He was silent as he mulled over the new information. So, a new gang think they can just swipe the territory that Natsume, and them, worked so hard for. Who did they think they were? The only way they were going to give up their territory was over a fight. And, even then, it still would be difficult to gain it. Cas was torn between wanting a fight and wanting everything to be settled peacefully. It had been quite a while since Maddie and him got sent out to take care of "suspicious" people, after all. He couldn't help feeling a little bit restless.

    "How serious do you think this is?"

    "I don't think it's that serious," Cas responded. Blinking owlishly, he continued. "Maybe they don't know exactly what we're capable of, so they think they can just take our territory...?" He theorized, trying to give the other gang the benefit of the doubt. He did hope that was the case. Otherwise, if they did know, then they didn't think much of them, and that was the only reason Cas needed to do what he did best. "I'm sure that we can settle this fairly easily," he finished. It was quite strange for him to be saying such things since his role in the gang contradicted with his peaceful words. But everyone practically knew that he was itching for a fight.​
  20. Nicolas was woken up by the soft sound of a bell. The sun shone down on the sleeping boy as he lay on the roof to the school. Nic slowly sat up from his nice warm spot, he rubbed his eyes as he adjusted to the light a little. He could hear and see kids streaming out of the school, and the sound of the bell suggested it was time to go home. Not that it made much difference since he didn't take part in his lessons. Nicolas had only moved to the area about a week ago, and had only turned up to one lesson. Since he had moved he had talked to anyone, however he did over hear talk about a local gang. He had only talked to the leader, Natsume, a few times and hadn't really met with any of the others. However today he decided to go to their hideout.

    The boy slowly made his way down the steps from the roof, he walked through the halls and down more steps till he was outside the school. He began to make his way down the streets, he didn't really know where he was going since he had only been told roughly where it was. It seemed the gang did well hiding the place. Eventually he got to an abandoned area. The, still rather sleepy, boy noticed some people walk into one of the houses. He guessed that that was where he was going. Nicolas made his way to the house and knocked loudly on the door, unsure of what to expect.