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  1. There is already a steam group for iwaku but I am not aware of anything for other platforms.

    What are your various ids for things like steam, origin, uplay, playstation network, etc.?

    I am Jared555 on Steam/Origin/PSN and Jared1155 on uplay.
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  2. If you wish to find me else where outside of Iwaku, please investigate C92cool on Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, XboxOne, Twitter
  3. I'm Minibitx on steam, how do I join the Steam group?
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  4. I play Avabel and made an Iwaku guild, free MMORPG for mobile devices and also computers.

    I won't let anyone join my guild lol

    It's a tad repetitive but it seems to flow better when playing with others, those with mobile devices and wifi, I also can't complain because I, well, play for free @_@ Those on Iwaku are Free to join me and I play about every night before I sleep.

    Search in the App Store : Avabel

    Or search google for: Avabel online MMORPG download it for PC

    ~ is currently dumping points into the Iwaku guild point bank ~

    EDIT: my username is Fijoli o.o
    And I always play on ch9
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  5. Click here, milove.

    Pssssst. You should say something in the aforementioned Steam group about your game.
    We like free things ^o^
  6. Hmmm ok searches for steam App.
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  7. I never use the same name for anything.

    Steam I'm RedDevil

    Xbox One I'm xAgent Caboose (Yes there is a space)
  8. I don't want to die! I want to be alive! Or. . . A cowboy!
  9. I have an X-Box Live account, on X-Box 360. I'm StarN1ght, and I usually play either Skyrim or Lego games. :)
    I have parental controls restricting my friends list, though. :|
  10. Steam: Butterflyzilla Only one I use for multiplayer.
  11. Steam/Origin is dj4aces. I don't use Origin very often, though, so be warned.

    Otherwise, you can find me via as dj4aces#1156
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