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  1. A nod to @Minibit since this topic is based off her movie topic. What are some game endings that just NAILED it or set up a great trilogy? Obviously this topic will contain SPOILERS.

    Mass Effect 2:

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    God...that epic setup for Mass Effect 3

    Red Dead Redemption:

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    R.I.P John

    The Last of Us:

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    Joel lied to Ellie in the end and she knew :'c

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  2. Saints Row 4 ended gloriously.
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  3. Bioshock, the first one, was pretty good, I thought
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  4. Metal Gear Solid: 3

    Red Dead Redemption

    Final Fantasy 6

  5. Soul Sacrifice. Both endings really weren't the greatest and were a bit melancholy. Good story deserves good endings, Soul Sacrifice delivers.

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Another melancholy sort of ending. You can let the dragon keep your heart and rule the land. Or slay him and break the eternal cycle, bringing about the end of days only to face the Seneschal and claim your place as a God. Or.. Past that. Sacrificing your God-hood to let your pawn have a soul and live a full life. As you.

    Both games have the whole repeating cycles/eternal recursion theme. Love it.
  6. Well, but minutes ago I finished The Last of Us.
    And it certainly nailed it.

    Two other games which immediately come to mind were Halo (the first one) and Max Payne (the whole damn trilogy).

    Half-Life (entire series). We can't deny this.
  7. Red Dead Redemption is pretty much the most perfect a ending can be. From the subtle nod the devil (Man in high hat), to the tragic of your past catching up to you, to the way you go out true western style, hand on your gun. The Afuckingplus of a Game Soundtrack. Everything, fucking perfection.
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  8. Mass Effect 3.
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  9. Fallout 3
    Fallout New Vegas
    Dark Souls
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  10. A lot of people hated the ending, but I was really happy with it after the Extended Cut ending. It was one of the few times I really felt like I came to the close of a really amazing story I'd been following for years and I could only think about all the good memories I had with it. It's still satisfying in subsequent playthroughs, although it obviously lacks the impact from the first time through.

    I'm going to join the chorus of praise for RDR. That game was unflinchingly some of the most incredibly realized and believable characters set in a very memorable setting. You actually came to care about John Marsten and his family, and I wish I didn't have the ending spoiled for me, but it still hit hard.

    The Telltale Walking Dead games were absolutely incredible and the ending of the first game just left me sitting there staring at the credits for like 5 minutes coming to terms with how goddamn sad it was. So good!

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will forever go down in history as one of, if not my favorite endings for any game I've played. Edward looking back on everything and everyone he lost while saying goodbye to the only friends he had left after finding out his wife had died back in England but had a daughter was really, really well done. The final scene at the theater with his family was great, and it alluded nicely to the introduction of III.

    I don't care what anybody says, I fucking love Gears of War and the series is special to me because my best friend and I played the shit out of coop when the games came out and we really became invested in the characters, and honestly, they're great. The ending of 3 was a really a great way to wrap things up, and the events leading up to it were memorable. Even something as simple as Marcus removing his armour and doo rag before collapsing with grief with the sunset really was powerful in showing how much of a toll the past 14 years of constant war against extinction had taken on him. He just found out his father was alive after thinking he was dead for that time, which doubly sucked because he was given a life sentence for going AWOL to try and save him at the cost of a key location and several soldiers, and then his father dies to save the world because he had infected himself with the imulsion to study how to cure or kill it. Throw that gut punch up with his best friend and closest thing he had left to family sacrificing himself to save his friends after suffering for years after having to euthanize his tortured and broken wife he spent years looking for and Marcus is having a very bad day. He helped save the human race, but dispairs to think at what it cost and if there's anything left. It's actually really layered the more you think about it.

    And finally, Halo 3 was such a goddamn phenomenal ending for the trilogy and the excellent musical score really gave everything such an emotional weight. It wrapped up the Flood and Covenant threats rather nicely and the final Warthog sequence was such a nice allusion to the ending of Halo CE that I really can't think of anything that could have made it better. I did love Reach and ODST, but if Bungie stopped at 3 and left the story there I would have been perfectly happy. I tend to pretend Halo 4 isn't a thing because it just felt really wrong, although that could largely be due to the baffling Covenant redesigns. It's almost like you're fighting different aliens altogether and seriously, the whole Forerunner returning shit was awful. One thing I hate in sci fi and fantasy is when you talk about a mysterious all powerful race that disappeared without a trace and then suddenly, you bring them back. Lolnope.
  11. ME3's ending was a farce, as far as I'm concerned. The extended fixed some but not all the fuckups of the oringal endings. That is all I have on that matter.

    Not a game, but the Shamo manga has real gut punch ending.

    Which reminds me, Yakuza 3 has a fantastic ending
  12. FF6, full stop

    Chrono Trigger, full stop -- all the endings!
  13. In that Veing Raz. FF9 and FF7
  14. Shadow of the Colossus - it's just all around my favorite game of all time, and a suiting end to everything you've done through the game.
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    Time Splitter: Future Perfect - It's a goofy game with a goofy end, what more is there to say?
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    Darksiders -
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    Batman: Arkham City -
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    The Ghostbusters Video Game - All I can say is 'we eat gods for breakfast'
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    Metro 2033 (Good Ending)
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  15. Oh yeah, I forgot Halo 3.

    Honestly that is my favorite ending of all time.

    "Wake me up when you need me." - Master 'Motherfuckin' Chief

    This remains the pinnacle of badassitude I use to judge all other game quotes.
  16. I totally miss Time Splitters. Future Perfect is one of the funniest games I've ever played.

    And I absolutely love the Metro 2033 games. I don't usually do post-apocalyptic settings, but that one really appeals to me. The novels they're based off of are wonderful reads, too.
  17. Bastion and Transistor both had extremely solid endings.

    Despite the extreme overhype, Braid also had a cool ending that worked well for the game.
  18. If VNs count, then Little Busters because a lot if not all the endings had me crying, and It's hard to make me cry....

    But if we're talking like, game games, hmmm... Metal gear Solid 2 was fucking solid, Bloodborne's endings explained a lot, and were very whoa for me. Fire Emblem: Awakening also has a fantastic ending if you knowingly choose not to let Chrom kill Grima.
  19. I'm gonna ditto Halo 3. Seriously, just... hnnnggg.

    I'd also say that Jak III had a fucking awesome end to the trilogy - the consequences of the time-travel aspect at the end of the 2nd game are expanded on, and Jak (and the player) finally learns a little about his past. Some of the twist reveals (that Damus was Jak's father and died before he ever realised he'd found his son, that the Precursors are Ottsels like Daxter, that Jak is the founder of Haven City, etc.) just absolutely threw me for a loop. They're in some ways rather cliche, but the game itself is so un-cliche for the majority that you're just astounded by them. I remember having serious goosebumps and feelz when I first completed the game as a kid/teen.

    ...Fuck it, I'm gonna play it again this summer, I only ever completed it fully once.
  20. I thought Bioshock Infinite had a pretty kickass ending (Not the Burial at Sea DLC, it pretty much dashed away the original end).

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    It left me going "Wow" for awhile, and made me look up a couple explainations.
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