Games for the Broken: The Mind-Broken World

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    No one has ever seen this coming when the world went dark, no sun, no moon nor stars, or even the wind that brought life. The world as we knew it was dead and the people there were dying just as fast as the Earth was. But some people were taking advantage of this dead world, turning things into apocalyptic clans and killing each other for food or supplies. People gone insane losing their minds leading to extreme paranoia eventually taking their own lives in fear of dying in the most painful way. Only half of a year passed and the population of humanity has decreased dramatically from 6 billion to a few thousand, there was no hope to survive so we thought. On an average cold dark day, a woman appeared before a one of the few towns with the biggest population, New York. There she stood fully clothed in runic robes, glowing emerald eyes and short blond hair. She was different from the rest of us, healthy and beautiful. Then she spoke to us in a strong voice that carried out almost like an oomph of a Dragon's Voice.
    "Petty humans, I have come to give you a chance to save your world from extinction! I stand before you with a Gate to your chance of salvation. Come through and fight for what you love!"
    We all were convinced this was our chance to have things go back to the way they were. Rebuild our broken world, save our families and live once again. She explained that their world was full of life and things beyond belief as dragons were the main rulers of such place. That when we step through this gate, we will not be the same as we are now. Their world held the key to their salvation. But what this mysterious woman didn't tell us was that their world was just as broken as ours and that we may not even return from their games...
    This world of theirs was just as dangerous as our own, full of dangers and events. There lived tribes of different species, a kingdom ruled by dragons and we were just pieces to a chess game. Even if the world was more developed and nourished with life, those who stepped through the Gate did not get to enjoy the world for long. We were instantly transformed, forced to pick sides and forced to "play", but how was this going to save our home, Earth? Some of us were treated like slaves, others were warrior puppets like pawn on a chess board. It was all just a game in another broken world, and we were going insane from disbelief.
    You as a human have willingly stepped through an unknown Gate in hopes to save your world from
    extinction but now you are stuck in another world slowing breaking in the inside. Can you save your world? Escape theirs? Hold up your sanity?

    Kingdom VS Tribes (open)

    Kingdom Clawdrun and the three tribes are going head to head in a game known as "The Broken War" were humans have been gathered from the dimension where Earth is located to unknowingly partake in such game. Unfortunately this time around, Earth has suffered an apocalyptic phase making humans desperate to wander into their Realm. Upon entering this Realm you are greeted by four messengers who offer to take you on a journey to save your world but you can only choose to go with one, unless you decide to leave on your own. The three tribes are joined as one but three separate species.

    This RP is still be worked on and I would love if someone could help out. I would also like to know if anyone is interested~
    Humans were deceived in hopes they could save Earth by a beautiful woman who asked for them to step into a portal if they wanted to save their loved ones. During this trip they soon realized they are being used as chess pieces in this new Realm of Dragons and different tribes with various of species, some people have gone completely insane while others struggle to hold on. All I got so far. Thanks!
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