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  1. It’s been years since King Joffery sat, and died on the Iron Throne. Years ago, the rebellious, self proclaimed King of the North, Robb Stark was defeated in battle. His rebellion died with him and harsh consequences were paid to the North. All of the northern lords’ lands were sized and redistributed. The only Starks to survive where: Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rikkon. Sansa eventually escaped King’s landing and went into hiding, no one ever found her. Arya made her way to the Brotherhood, along with Gendry, where she trained and joined their ranks after she turned of age. She married Gendry and had an unknown number of children with him. Bran and Rikkon traveled north towards and past the wall, where they eventually met up with the Jon Snow, their bastard half-brother and joined him. The Wildlings managed to breach the wall. However, not long after, White Walkers came and did the same. A war erupted, and is still being fought.

    The now king, Ragor Lannister, is a cruel man and has no mercy for those he rules. The White Walkers now hold the northern half of the continent. All of the humans, living ones anyways, hold the south. A border has been set up along the Trident River. There’s a constant war every night and the border is slowly, but surely being pressed further South. And on top of the White Walker threat, theres rumor that another rebellion is brewing…

    The rest can be worked out as a group because my brain refuses to work today. ><
  2. Name:
    House and House Description/ History:
    Personal History:
    Best Skill:
    Worst Skill:

    feel free to add as you see fit.
  3. Will eventually be making a character, so - holding this spot. Playing somebody from House Bolton.
  4. Oohhhh I definitely want in on this one.
  5. Anyone is most welcome to join.
  6. Name: Alize Wylde

    Age: 21

    Appearance: She stands at six foot and has dark emerald green eyes. minus the fingernail polish and anything else out of place. She wears men’s clothes.

    House and House Description/ History: “House” Wylde
    She doesn’t have a noble house, but a middle class one. She has her own emblem, a grey fox on a black background. Her family hasn’t ever actually used an emblem, she made this one up when she was young. She is a descendant of John Snow and she has a lot of Wildling blood in her.

    Personal History: She grew up on the edge of a small town between Harrenhal and Kings Landing. Her father went away to fight at the border when she turned 16. She learned to hunt before he left and kept food on the table for her family while he was gone. He died at the border after she turned 17. Her mother died not long after. She managed to keep her little sister alive for awhile longer. A few months after turning 19, raiders raided her home while she was in town trading furs. Her sister was raped and killed, the house burnt to the ground. She has refused to live in a single place since. She began wandering since then. She found a fox kit a little after her home was burned down and she raised him. Now she has a fox that acts much like a dog that follows her around. She's heard whispers of a rebellion. She's decided that it's either the border line for her or the rebellion.

    Best Skill: Hunting and survival.

    Worst Skill: Sewing

    Weakness: She may be tall and fast, but if someone can get a good hodl on her, shes stuck. She isn’t all that strong. Politics, she hates them.

    Strength: She’s quick and has some damn good reflex’s

    In her Pack: She keeps a small tent that instead of using in the typical manner, shes fashioned it to hang from tree branches so she stays off of the ground. A flint stone along with a couple hunting knives are a permanent resident. She keeps a small hatchet tied to the outside of the pack. A waterskin hangs from the pack and she keeps an emergency ration of jerky that she tries not to touch except for in dire emergencies. She has a good length of rope in the bag as well.

    Other: The Fox’s name is Swift.