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  1. In one sentence, describe a Game of Thrones character whose name no one bothers to remember. Don't use their name, and don't repeat.

    No spoilers. If you've read the books or seen the Anime or bought the comics or had George RR Martin whisper sweet plot secrets into your ear while penetrating you, then fuck off and die. No one likes you.

    The old blind Targaryen dude in Castle Black.
  2. That little delinquent who demanded a violent thug carry him after being injured and got Needle through the throat for his trouble.
  3. The guy who can't die, as long as the other guy blesses his corpse a few moments after he dies.
  4. That dude who was distracted by whores and then a little later got a knife in the eye.
  5. Woman who got turned on by dragons and taught Daenerys HOW TO SEX then randomly betrayed her and got locked up in a vault.
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  6. Dude who tried to poison the Khaleesi and then got tied to the back of a horse all naked and with his dong flopping around till he died.
  7. The Funion Knight
  8. Dude who got his hand bitten off by Rob Stark's wolf but seemed to be pretty cool with it.
  9. That guy who sang for Joffrey and then got his tongue cut out.
  10. That uncle guy who got roped into a marriage at the red wedding.
  11. That septa Sansa was a whiny bitch to all the time who saved her ass and got her head put on a spike for it.
  12. Lord Friendzone.
  13. That Night's Watch dude that was going to take Arya north.
  14. The Sneaky Guy and the Sneaky Bald Guy
  15. Ser "The laws of my fist are about to compel your teeth" who shoots arrows at funerary boats like a boss. (Fun fact: Hardly anyone remembers his name even in-universe.)
  16. Guy who cut off Jamie's hand then got Hodor-choked.
  17. That pirate guy who wanted to screw Cersei.
  18. Son of Onion Man.
  19. Truffle Shuffle
  20. Cranky Night Watch Second in Command
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