Gallisima (Planet X)

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  1. Is our life here near to end? I am not the only project X scared of the future... scared of some humans. We have suffered, but we may revolt! Some of the humans aren't so bad... yet some are more monster-ish than myself. I fear our planet is in danger, I fear that it may become lost to the humans, we must not it happen. From the sitting room I write this letter hoping any Project X will read it, and know of what has come to pass! Will this planet be destroyed by the burning of humans, or taken by them, or will it lay in our hands? It is up to you my friend, my ALIEN friend.~A fellow Alien.
    I am a child, just a child. But I am friendly to the Gallisimaians; how amazing they are, with their pure colored eyes... and skin and all! I don't think we should ruin Gallisima, as we did Earth. How horrible we can be! So with all my heart I tell my species to not take their planet, we know the pain, and we shall not bring it upon them. Please let them keep their world.~9 Year old girl to the general.
    The paragraphs you have just read are parts of letters, one from a human and one from a Gallisimian (yes, yes it sound weird). The child is the general's daughter and loves the "aliens". The fate of Planet X lies in your hands... the rules are simple I will say them:
    1): Do not make extreme battles (such as one that affects everyone) without consulting me or [MENTION=3336]RomanticWinter[/MENTION]
    2): Cussing is allowed!~Don't use it if your character does not fit the part
    3): Interact with people!--don't be a "forever alone" character
    4): (this is just additional)> @KaMeKaZiKaI is out of this roleplay v.v
    5): HAVE FUN
    6): Do not post more than.... 2-3 times daily!
  2. Echo watched from the shadows, waiting for the right time to move. The humans were wrapping up their daily business and heading to bed, but she was wide awake. It felt like hours before her moment came. The roads were clear enough for her to slip out, heading straight to the meeting grounds. She found her way to the secluded patch of woods where they had agreed to meet. There many of her fellow Gallisimaians had gathered to plot and plan.

    "He attacked my daughter!" one woman with fiery red eyes yelled in outrage. Many of the others shushed her. But she would not be silenced "He did awful things to her, that she wont dare speak about, not even to me! The humans must go!" A mumble of agreement passed over the group.

    One man was pessimistic, "But what can we do? They have taken our weapons and leave us defenseless. And they watch us, constantly!" His doubt pained the others.

    "But we have numbers! And this is out planet! They have no right!" the woman who called out received great approval.

    Echo slid into the group unnoticed and listened. Then decided to voice her opinion, "We destroy them from the inside." Full and curious eyes turned her way, curious. "Many of them keep their 'slaves' close, too close. We could easily get them with their backs turned." Echo sat back with a big grin on her face while the others warmed up to the idea. There was much discussion that night. Nothing was concluded, but there was progress. But Echo knew even if they, as a group didn't take action, she would. She would not stand this insult any longer.
  3. Namifia stood at a corner, silent and watchful. She listened in on the group's conversation... yes it was very dreadful, and every--well lets not say every--most aliens (at least the smart ones) hated the humans. Namifia slowly moved into the group "I would participate in this plan..." Namifia paused. "But I am the general's servant. They have stolen our planet, well, almost; and I do believe we should stop them."

    At this same time the general sat in a great chair in his study, looking over papers and such about the wars. General Dufaga was a strong man with a weird personality, think of it as mood swings. "Where is Namifia? She should be here, I wonder if she has gotten herself in trouble." he mumbled to himself as he went on reading. "It is a true shame to have to take away her planet, but I and the rest of us need it. I hope she understands."
    The general was a good general, and treated Namifia as if she were his child; since he himself could not have children, but the people hated him. But he never saw what he was doing... what he was going to do, and what he had done. Already Gallisima was falling to him, already the aliens were suffering, and instead of trying to put a stop to it all he studied in his little locked up rooms with low light and specticals.

  4. Zehn had been dragged to the meeting, he sat on the floor and was told to stay. He wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do here, normally he just hid away in the ally's and scavenged for food. When one of the Gallisimaian's told him to follow them, that they were planning for a better life he just assumed they were going to give him food. When he got the the small meeting area he was disappointed to find that their was no food and most of the time he just watched his feet on the ground as he leaned on his knees. He didn't know they were going to drag him into a war meeting.

    The girl next to him stood up and walked forward, she seemed a bit shy and kept correcting herself when she spoke. It didn't sound as great as the confident girl before her but she still got her point across. He had subconsciously stood up and followed close behind her. When he noticed he was in the center of the group with the two girls that supported a plan that was announced he realized that his actions said he supported it too. He wasn't a servant, more or less a forgotten child... maybe this would somehow get him food? That was all he was concerned about.
  5. Siyad
    siyad usually came to the meetings as a spy for the humans. at most of the meetings nothing ever happened so once time came for him to repport to them he would not get rewarded but punished instead.. but things were looking good for him tonight. as the girl stood up with the idea he felt a litle guilt aas he smiled . to himself he speaks am i really going to be the reason my planet is going to be over run by the humans. "do i go back i hae no where else to go"

    Siyad not knowing what to do walks up to the female who spoke out who had the awesome plan. in hopes that he could find the right path and help .. he taps her on the arm .. "hi umm " looking to his feet "i would like to help with the plan but i need help first.. im a spy for the humans but i feel asthough im doing the wrong thing " he raises his head