Galbadian Army (FFVIII)

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  1. So, I know there were plenty of FF RPs that focused on the heroes, but why not focus on the other side?
    I want to do a focus on the Galbadian Military, and how the dictatorship of President Vinzer Deling affects the soldiers' mindset and belief.

    It can be set during the Sorceress War and after when Deling decided to oppress the other powers, like Dollet and Timber (the FF VIII storyline and onward, which is around 17 years later), or it can focus primarily on the war itself.

    I want the focus to be on a small group of soldiers, with a diverse background and belief as to why they joined the military, such as the belief that Deling is absolute, or because the Timber rebels later on affected their family in one way or another. One person can be an orphan from the war, who later developed hatred against Esthar, later enlisted into the Galbadian military. Another person can be raised up by the education system/propaganda, or by upbringing from the family. One can be a sympathizer in a way, believing that the Estharian people are under control from Sorceress Adel and believed that he/she must save the people. Something like that. Characters like these have a lot of freedom to write about!

    This group of Galbadian soldiers are essentially part of a special forces branch that deals with some of the high class missions during the war and after (during the FFVIII plotline, though not directly affecting the FFVIII storyline for more freedom).

    If possible, I want the squad of soldiers to be up to 6 (with me including) with some needing to fill in the roles of recon, sniper, close-quarters combat and explosives specialists. If possible, a balanced ratio of men to women is preferable.

    I can explain more of the story/details (such as equipment and vehicles) if people are interested!
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