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Come Explore the Galactic Frontier

The Imperium Auream, governors of the galaxy. Lead by the Lord Emperor, who has divided his galaxy into states. Each state is lead by a council, with a member for each sovereign planet seeking representation. These councilors control what happens on a galactic scale, and the Lord Emperor has the final say. Those that would disobey the Imperium Auream reside at the very edge of the galaxy and avoid contact with the council. It is quite well known that planets at the center of the galaxy, such as Moonerth and Cinrunus, have prospered more than any other. Their close proximity to each other and the Lord Emperor has made trade far easier. Whereas planets like Bacryria avoid the politcal weight of the council due to how away from the center they are. Such planets on the edge of the galaxy can get away with breaking laws and defying the will of the council. But if they ever went too far, pushed the Lord Emperor's patience into wrath, then they would burned from their solar system...

A newly opening role play based of off the space opera genre, Galactic Frontier is a sandbox style roleplay. You create your story, no major plot set by me or my collaborator. Though there are some things still in progress, we are hoping to attract like minded writers who can help us expand the little plot in space that we have created. Regulations are enforced and while not on Iwaku, understand that your being held to the same standard. We hope you had a safe journey galactic citizen, now please make yourself at home.