Gaia a world of superhumans

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  1. Gaia, Superhumans, mutants, and Metahumans, are a common sight in this world, not that every human is a super, nope, Regular humans outnumber them by a sizeable amount, but supers make themselves known, either through heroism or villainy. Now, supers, have been around for quiet sometime, and have a long history, so sit down son, let me give you a history lesson.

    Ancient and medieval times-The first recorded supers where the heroes of the Ujan war, such as Hector, Krator and Kjax the greater, these supers fought and killed each other for ten years, before Ujan fell. There where no heroes or villains, just guys fighting for their country. It is said the founder of the Sydious empire was a Super, through this is just a theory. Many tales tell of great warriors, these where probably supers.

    Through just a theory, the Unitier of Contra, Borducia,was said to be a super.
    16th-19th century-Another uneventful few centuries, just supers fighting for king and country.The Explorers of the Amcar's where mostly supers, the only Super of note was Sir George Cartier, who lead a Britcanish war on the Jex tribe, killing many of their greatest warriors.

    20th century to modern times-The first Super who has been name was Kraiser Muller, who lead his people to greatness, and took many land for his countrymen,this was the Kraiser of Zeinbrad. During the First Grand war, Supers where noted to be the only ones to survive going over the trench, due to their abilities. The Super Patriot(James Walker) joined the Amcarian forced during the later years of the war.

    During the years prior to the Second Grand war, super terrorist in Zeinbrad showed their hate for the government by burning down the Ruthmebag(The Place the Zeinbrad Chancellor lives). During the Spoin civil war, a super named Edward became famous during a the siege of Marro military academy, but fighting his way to the roof of the academy,and raising the Rebel flag. The picture was called one of the most empowering photo of the 20th century. During the Second Grand war, a Zeinbrad super, General Mertz was said to lead from the front, and use his powers to win countless battles for the Fuehrer.On the opposite side, was William Johnson, a super who spent the whole war behind enemy lines, leading Resistance against the Zeinbradians. There where so many supers, that I don't have time write them down.

    After the war, The Tundran Union and Allied Nations tried to create counters to Supers, or make Supers into the perfect soldiers.Through this was just a arms race, it saw the creation of Mutants.

    Some Politicians have been advocating for supers to register so the government can keep the track on them, others use more violent methods, such as attacking them.

    A Group called the Holy crusaders is anti-Superhuman group. Who go around killing and ruining the lives of Supers.

    A group of supers, called the League of Heroes,was created, I think you can guess what they do.

    Test on Friday.

    In this RP, you get to control your own Superhuman, good or bad, and create your own country (Through you won't control it). So anyone interested?
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