GAH... RP please? ^.^

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  1. I'm not new new to the site but I only have one RP going right now and would like to start a new one. I'm not sure of a plot I would like to try something different and challenge myself with my writing. I have a character in mind, she is an elf so there would obviously have to be some fantasy. Her name is Zairee and she is incredibly shy.

    Another idea i have bubbling about is a mob related rp. I'd like to play a kick ass chick who isn't afraid of no one and nothing not just cause her dad's a mob king.

    So... just pm me or comment back on here... whatever floats your boat :3 if you'd like to start an rp and have some plot ideas floating about your skulls ^.^

  2. How about an elf-faerie romance? I could play a quiet and reserved male faerie who somehow comes across Zairee while out on a hunt? They immediately click, but since there is a strict "no fraternising with elves" policy among the faeries - due to some feud between the two - they keep their budding friendship a secret, but it soon blossoms into romance.
  3. I'm really up for anything as long as I can keep my Vampire-Werewolf hybrid character ^_^
  4. I do have a vampire I haven't used in at least six years ^.^ time to dust her off? If you have any plot ideas shoot me a pm :3
  5. Nuuuu problem :)