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  1. Grand Ultimate Adventures of the Really Depraved
    Long ago; in a land much like this one, back when magic and a sword was the only way to go, there resided a group of "Heros". These Heros wheren't like most, they lacked the morals of Heros said, the motivation, the equipment, and just about everything that makes someone a good Hero.

    However, this did not stop them. No, it only made them more determined to prove themselves. So let us start with our "Heros" first, shall we?

    Racial Traits:
    [b][color=red]Health:[/color][/b] Dice Rules: You have a D20, D10, and D6 to roll on these stats.
    [b][color=blue]Mana:[/color][/b] You pick which dice you're going to use on which stat.
    [b][color=yellow]Skill:[/color][/b] And roll! Whatever you get you stick with. Honor Rules!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.