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One hundred fifty one years ago, humanity was at a social peak. A powerful system called the Glory System (or the G System), which can create just about anything, from food, to gigantic walking platforms of distruction called Moble Suits. It was a time of tense peace.

Unfortunately, that time had to end, however, it did not end in a man made way. It was ended by asteroid which blanketed the Earth with dust and cut off the sun. Most of the surviving population retreated into shelters and the G System bunkers as the surface burned.

Eventually the population left the shelter and began to rebuild. That was one hundred years ago.

In the years past, two nations have constantly been at ends with each other. The empire-nation of Eisengrad and the colition of nations collectively called the Dark Alliance. The two have a history of armed conflicts and both sides are the primary clients of mercanary groups, specificly Unicorn and Salamander.

This current armed conflict is over G System 4 which is capable of producing super massive weapons, possibly turning future conflicts in favor of either side.

Either way, its good money. Really good money.

Ok, character sheet time.


Gender: (...Do I need to explain?)

Age: (There are teenaged mercs but the best are usually in their 30s and 40s.)

Mercany group: (Unicorn tends to be more fast ranged fighters while Salamander tends to be more close ranged, heavyly armored fighters. There are exceptions.)


Appearence: (Discription or pic.)

Mecha: (Pic/discription and what it is suited for. Don't Sue Mary it.)

History: (Just come up with it and I will accept or deny it.)

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Name: Lance Silver

Gender: MAN

Age: 30

Mercenary group: Salamander




Brave and forthright. Believes strongly in his purposes and agendas. Iron clad nerves due to spending many years under fire. Where many people break and bend, Lance has learned to keep his head in stressful situations.


Born to poor scavengers and raised in the dirty trenches of a post apocalyptic world. Lance spent his youth homeless and in constant search of the bare necessities of survival: Food, shelter and goods. He was quick to realize the only way to survive in such a hostel environment was to fight, and master the new forms of technology pertaining to warfare. He joined up with the Salamanders at age 23 and was trained to operate a Mecha. He has since become one of the most prize fighters in his unit, showing bravery and valor in the face of danger.