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  1. Rules!

    I. No 18+ stuff, since i'm a teenager.

    II. I expect at least two to three well-written paragraphs. If you have writer's block you sometimes can just write one.

    III. The age range is between 15-19.

    IV. I expect you to be serious about roleplaying. If you're busy with school or anything else that's fine, just PM me about it. If you want to drop to roleplay also PM me.

    V. You're free to add new ideas or pairings for the roleplay!

    VI. I'd perfer to be on good terms with roleplayers, maybe we could be friends?

    VII. I prefer anime pics.

    VIII. I only do FxF. No MxF or MxM.




    Tsundere x Friend
    Student x Student
    Stranger x Stranger
    Outsider x Friend
    Friend x Friend
    Gamer x Gamer
    Denying x Friend
    Rule 63


    Winter Break
    Summer Break
    Spring Break

    Vactation ( Beach, Foregin Country, Cruise, Home )
    Sports Break

    Character Sheet: ( PM This or Post )

    Job ( Opt. )
    Personality ( 3-5 Paragraphs )
    Biograph ( 3-5 Paragraphs )
    Likes / Dislikes

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  2. I'd be interested in a student x student in college or high school. :)
  3. Okay. Shoot a PM with your char.
  4. Do you do fantasy plots or do you like to stick to realism?
  5. I don't like fantasy romance.
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