FxF Pairing RP

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  1. I haven't done an rp like this in a while, but when I did do it, I found it to be quite enjoyable! A lesbian roleplay where there will be plot and sex, sex and plot and everything else in between. For this one, I'm going to use one of my favorite characters, Giavanni, because she would just fit the rp so well.


    Two young women, both hailing from noble and prestigious families, meet at a tea party held by the daughter of a fellow noblemen. Giavanni's family comes from old money, a Blue Blood family, while Your Character might be more of a new money kind of family, their fortune having come in the last generation or so while Giavanni's family fortune dates back hundreds of years. They are intrigued by each other, entranced by the other, and take to spending an exceptional amount of time together. They become close, very close, affectionately so until they find themselves writhing about in bed together. Giavanni cares little for scandals or societal rules that dictates who she can and cannot love and thus boldly continues to show Your Character love and affection while scandals arise, pain is inflicted, rumors are spread and drama ensues.

    That's the basic idea that could always change as time goes on. I require a partner that will be active daily; at the very least one post a day if you cannot do more. I would definitely love it if my partner could do more, but I understand life and school and everything. So my only requirement in terms of posting: at least once a day. Any partner that I take that fails to meet that requirement will be dropped.

    No one-liners. That's it. No negotiation on that. Try for two paragraphs, at the least.

    If anyone is interested in this rp, please send me a pm. Do not respond here, I will not answer. Thank you!