FxF or MxF please. :)

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  1. I have been craving a particular plot lately that I have tried before and really enjoyed. I will be playing a female character but my partner can be male or female, completely up to them! So, here goes.

    Your character is getting married in a few days so they are out on their bachelor/bachelorette party trip. They go out and party and that is where they meet my character. My character and your character immediately hit it off, dancing, singing, drinking or whatever. They end up getting lost from the crowd, go home with one another and sleep together. This leads to an interesting morning between the two of them and then they have to figure out if they really have feelings for one another or if they must never see each other again. We could add the twist that my character is going to the wedding with a family member and they run into one another there, or something of that sort.

    I would also be willing to change it up and have my character being the one getting married instead.

    As always I am open for other ideas. If you have one feel free to let me know what it is! Thanks so much for reading. :)
  2. I like your post a lot and I am interested in playing a male for this RP if you wouldn't mind being the female that is about to get married?
  3. That's awesome. Thank you for your interest. Please PM me. :)