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    • Over 18. I am in my twenties.
    • A fellow Adept or Advanced writer. Someone who is proactive.
    • fxf only.
    • Communicative - tell me if you're going to be away, even a quick "Sorry, busy rn, tty on Sat." You and I can work out plots together. We can have a chat through PM or IM. All of the usual stuff for a partnership. You can count on a prompt response OOC or PM from me within a day or two. I will never drop a game without informing you.
    • Consistent rate and good quality - no novella posts, no one liners. 2 to 4 paragraphs or more or the like; an IC reply every 2 to 3 days. I want to keep writing as a habit, hence the pace, and I want to enjoy reading your posts, so please don't waffle or throw out bad spelling. I tend to mirror length and depth.
    About the RP
    • Romance is nice but not strictly necessary.
    • Fade to black. Libertine can be discussed (see my lib intchk for more info)
    • Crossovers welcomed or to combine one element with another.
    • OCs only unless otherwise stated.
    • Thread preferred or PM if needed.
    • Real life face claims only, or drawings if you must; no anime please.
    Fandom inspired
    • Animorphs
    • Ender’s Game - first book
    • Everworld
    • Harry Potter
      • Adults OC: A pair of new Hogwarts teachers discover the rising threat of Lord Voldemort aka what if Harry had died during infancy?
      • Slice of life (6th or 7th year only cos young'uns are a bit icky)
    • Penny Dreadful
    • Person of Interest - Root/Shaw ***
    • Dying Light / The Last of Us
    • The 100 - Lexa/Clark, Lexa/Costia, Lexa/OC
    • Tomb Raider (2013)
    • XCom
    Available genres
    • Gothic horror (I will need convincing by a plot/premise)
    • Magic realism - eg The Golden Compass' daemons (haven't read the books or watched the movie, will modify the original idea to suit our needs); I'm open to different sorts of MR.
    • Pre/post-apocalypse - zombies and other monstrous mutants (can be combined with OC superpowers) or fatalistic prevention of the destruction of the world a la Werewolf: The Apocalypse.
      • Has a plot outline ready for discussion, to do with dream/reality, past&future, saving the world and star-crossed lovers angst.
    • Sci-fi - spaceships, weird alien species, pew pew.
    • Slice of life - modern, with some kind of twist.
    • Survivalism - stranded on a dangerous island; exploring the psychological aspects of terror.
    • Urban fantasy - supernatural related, eg vampires, angels/demons (for this, more towards world building), etc.
    Otherwise, I will consider any genre, premise/plot or setting I didn't list out. :)

    I don't do
    • Abuse/trauma
    • Anime/manga
    • Family/pregnancy
    • Hard sci-fi
    • High fantasy
    • High school
    • Historical
    • Superheroes
    • Western
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  2. I'm almost 18 pls don't kill me you just sound really cool and I'd love to write with you <3

    Anywho, I'm a total sucker for urban fantasy and/or slice of life. Also I haven't written fandoms in forever and a day but something Harry Potter sounds intriguing.
  3. Can't check atm. I'm not too sure on the rules of this, are we allowed to write together, without any hanky panky?

    Do you have a writing sample? PM me if so.
  4. Pulled directly from the FAQ page
    Are users younger than 18 able to write non-sexual roleplays with users who are 18+?

    Yes! You can play almost anything with people outside of your age group, with the exception of sexual content. Sex scenes are segregated to protect people from legal issues or predators.
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  5. Still looking.
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