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  1. ok, ladies and gents, and everything in between, this thread is dedicated to a craving i've been trying to get my hands on for few days, but haven't really had much luck. hopefully this will change things.

    a few things about myself: i promise i type with capital letters most of the time, i was just trying to stylize my post here... durr. i'm old enough to have the pink star, and i've been roleplaying long enough to at least kind of know what i'm doing. here is a list of samples and SOME profiles (i'm in the process of moving them over, blah). here is my "inspiration" blog, and here is my normal tumblr.

    i would actually kill a child for the chance to do a serial killer x victim plot, or something along those lines. i have these twins i'd like to use (as my main character), that happened to have some murderous tendencies.​

    i have two characters that i'd love to use in rp dealing with drug abuse and mental illness. we can go with one theme, or both, it doesn't matter, i just want these characters to suffer.​

    i have the worst craving for something involving slenderman or something similarly paranormal, with lots of conspiracies and cameras.​

    i've had a very bizarre, very intense desire for a nitty gritty crime related plot for a few days now. i'm talking bar fights, crime families, smokey rooms and tense card games.​

    i'm literally dying for an all OC fandom RP, specifically naruto or the persona series. i want some gritty drama and stories of betrayal and blood everywhere and psychological trauma. i have some half formed plots for these two universes, but i won't bore you guys with them here.

    i'm definitely up for trying something involving the gifted / superheroes trope. i'm a little picky in how i'd like this plot, so if you're interested, go ahead and pitch me your ideas and i'll pitch you mine and we'll go from there ;3​

    list of appealing keywords and phrases: blood, tears of fear, tears of frustration, choking, sneaking out late, knocking on bedroom windows, more than friends but less than lovers, casual make outs, coughing up blood, violent possessions, not being yourself, running in the rain, shadow people, being alone in the dark, ghosts and spirits, hair pulling, bloody noses, broken bones, kicks to the ribs, hair cutting as a symbol of submission, casual drug use, smokey rooms​

    this will more than likely be m// (with one exception in the drug abuse and mental illness plot or the persona plot), and even then i might need convincing, just a heads up to everyone. if you're interested in roleplaying with me, shoot me a pm or post here :D
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  2. I'll do that one
  3. coughing up blood is always appealing. I was wondering your character/plot ideas for drug use and mental illness?
  4. Would you like to do the OC Naruto RP with me?
  5. Still looking, if anyone is interested!
  6. I'm still looking for all these plots :D
  7. HI
    i adore persona (well, SMT in general tbh) and i'd love to talk plots with you, if you're still interested! i've already toyed with some ocs in the past but never had a chance to do anything with them so this would be super fun for me.

    also: picture me giving like 20 thumbs up to everything in your last bullet point lmao

    ALSO #2 i mostly disregard punctuation when typing ooc but when i write For Real i capitalize, punctuate, and use correct grammar like a normal person (i promise). dont be dissuaded by this bullshit, im just lazy when its unimportant
  8. still really craving a mental illness / drug abuse rp kdflj;afdsfs
  9. I'm interested in both the Naruto idea and gifted/superheroes idea.
  10. Made a slight update. Still looking for almost everything :O
  11. Still searching for everything that isn't crossed out ;3
  12. Hey there! I'm new here, so just yeah, just a fair warning. xD
    I'm would LOVE to do a Slenderman roleplay! I've been planning to make one for quite some time! Of course, with some serious proxy action. ^u^ With cameras involved. And conspiracies. And knocking on bathroom windows.

    For drug abuse/mental illness; one of my characters is a schizophrenic dealing with literally all the problems, and I'd love to use him for something like that ^^ and he has a choking fetish yeees

    I also have an idea for the Gifted/Superheros plot if you're willing to message me :3
  13. Still dying for more roleplays.
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  14. I might be interested in giving the serial killer one a shot, although I am a little disturbed you would kill a child to do it...but pm me of you're interested
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