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  1. Ok, ladies and gents. I'm on a super duper search for a new RP partner. In this thread you're gonna get to know a little bit about me, and hopefully something magical will happen.

    about me
    My name is Katy, I'm twentyone, and I like reptiles and horror movies.

    I have profiles and sample posts, just ask me about them (because they're currently stored on another website).

    I try to mirror when it comes to my posts, but I always give something to work with.

    I prefer to play male characters, but I'm unopposed to doubling in most cases

    Right now, I'm only looking for an m// plot.

    I enjoy having a romantic aspect in my roleplays, but it isn't necessary, and it's always better when it comes in a dysfunctional flavor.

    It's very important to me that my roleplays have some aspect of violence and dark themes.

    I loooove OOC talk, and have some IM systems to do it over.

    I'm very negotiable, so I'm not gonna do a section about "what I want from you". Tell me what you want from me, first ;3

    keywords and phrases


    paranormal (open)
    Rebellious teens getting into trouble with ghosts and demons. This RP would be super heavy on the mind games and scary monsters, with an added touch of adrenaline packed romance.

    drug abuse and mental illness (open)
    I have two characters that I'd love to use in rp dealing with drug abuse and mental illness. We would double in this scenario (or decide on one of the characters for me to play). One is a recovering mental patient, and the other has a history with severe drug abuse. Pick your poison:O

    fandoms (open)
    I'm only really interested in oc oriented rps in either the naruto universe or the persona universe. I have pot bunnies for both of these, but will expand on them if anyone shows an interest :D

    pairings and plot bunnies

    All of these are interchangeable and I'm super willing to combine any of them.
    beside any idea means I'm not currently looking for this kind of RP
    beside any idea means I have a plot, character, or further explanation in mind - go on an ask
    beside any idea means I'll probably sob uncontrollably from pure joy if you would like to do this

    modern/realistic (open)
    drug abuse and recovery
    ✔★mental illness and recovery
    model and photographer
    magicians (the vegas kind)
    high school musicals (not the movie kind)
    organized crime
    ✔★serial killers
    ✔★rebellious teenagers getting into trouble
    rebellious teenagers and oppressive parents
    age gaps
    best friends
    sibling x siblings' best friend

    unrealistic (open)

    ✔★ghosts and demons
    scary monsters
    Slender Man mythos
    Greek God incarnates
    ✔★humans with demonic / paranormal / otherworldly powers
    contracts with demons

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  2. I like the drug abuse and mental illness :3
  3. I have a few plot bunnies if you wanna shoot me a message :D
  4. I'm still looking for partners!
  5. I'd love to try the paranormal one, iif you'll have me as a partner.
  6. It's just an idea, but what if we did a Paranormal Naruto RP?
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